22nd November Friday Update on This is Love


22nd November Friday Update on This is Love

Sudha telling Parmeet that she couldn’t meet her son just because of him. He says you did a good thing to come to meet me. She says you did my work, I have paid you double for it. He says I did what I could do, I m in prison, what should I do of your money, I don’t want the money, I want freedom, I want to take revenge on my enemies. She asks have you lost it, you have committed many crimes. He says I know it and you know too that when people like you think of doing something, then they do it, I m not an innocent and foolish man, I m a very mean person, think about it, if you don’t get me out of here, I will the truth to Simmi, just decide what you want to do. She says how dare you, am I mad to get you out of here, I have given money to lie to Simmi. She says

I have the ability, I m willing to join hands with you.
She says don’t try to meet me again. He thinks you will be my partner now. He acts to fall down. She gets shocked and asks what happened to you. Constable comes and says I will call someone. He goes. Parmeet smiles and gets up. Sudha gets shocked. He asks how was my acting, this is a small example of my real abilities, I will tell you what will happen next, they will take me to hospital, tell them to take me to Survodaya. She refuses. He says I m the best partner to take revenge on Bhallas, you will get your sons if Ishita is out of your way, do you want your sons or not. They shake hands.

Amma talks to Appa and asks him to get fine soon, a Christmas party is kept for him, Nisha has been caught. Nurse says he is sleeping, you also go and sleep. Amma says no, I will be here. Appa gets conscious. Nurse calls Ishita there. Appa cries and apologizes to Ishita and Amma. Ishita consoles him. She takes Amma out. Raman asks how is Appa now. Amma says look at him, I can’t see him like this. Ishita cries and goes to her room. Raman comes to her and says don’t cry, you are their strength. She says Appa is harmless, he is a very good man, how could someone attack him, he was trying to help her, what did he get in return. He says he is a nice man, its not his weakness, but strength, you have got a lot from all this, you get these genes of Jagat Mata from him. She says I want to beat that woman. He hugs her and says everything will be fine. Ruhi comes. Raman says you always come here on wrong time. Ruhi says the door was open, so I have come, I need your help, come. They leave.

She says there should be games and gifts in Christmas. Raman says lights should be there. He fixes the connection. Ishita says you have done lovely decorations. Raman says we will be playing secret santa this year, we will write down names on chits, you need to buy the gift for the person whose name came on the chit. Ruhi says I will get chits. Simmi says we will add Karan and Rohan’s names, they are also family. Raman says I told you ten times. Ishita stops him. Raman says for the first and last time. Simmi agrees.

Sudha says Parmeet needs medical attention. Jailer says ambulance is on the way. Sudha says his state is getting worse, he will slip in coma, take a call, he is suffering from brain ailment, shift him to Survodaya hospital. He refuses. She says if he dies, would you take his responsibility. She calls commissioner and tells him. Jailer gets a call and agrees. Everyone writes names. Raman jokes on Mrs. Bhalla. Raman asks them to gibe chits. He puts chits and picks one. He gives his name chit to Ishita. She smiles. He picks another chit and sees her name. They smile. Ruhi asks Mr. Bhalla to pick her name chit. Mr. Bhalla says we can’t reveal the name. Karan says how insensitive, my brother is ill, you guys are planning a party.

Raman says Simmi has called doctor for him, what shall we do, where is your mum, she isn’t here. Karan goes. Ishita says calm down Raman. He says come on play the same. They laugh. Karan says we will call the doctor. Simmi says Rohan will be fine. Karan says mom didn’t come to see him, I m feeling tensed. Simmi says nothing will happen. She sings lullaby. She recalls Ananya. Rohan sleeps. She says if Sudha calls, make Rohan talk to her, he is missing her a lot. She gives phone and goes. Parmeet is taken to hospital. He holds Sudha’s hand and smiles. She asks doctor to check him fast. Jailer says you took permission from commissioner, you have to ensure that he is safe, he is a prisoner of law, the constables will keep a watch on him. She says you don’t need to worry. Sudha goes to Parmeet and says they have left, you are a good actor. He says your hospital is impressive. She says I don’t need your certificate, don’t dream big, I have got you here, you aren’t free forever, tell me what’s your plan. He says be patient, I have a fool proof plan. She says I don’t want any problem. He says just wait and watch, how I ruin Bhalla family. She smiles.

Raman talking to Appa and asking him to open his eyes. He says you are a great person, we need you, Nisha got caught, you are a free man now. Appa gets conscious and holds his hand. Raman smiles. Appa asks is it true that Nisha has confessed, all the allegations are cleared. Raman says no one will blame you. Appa talks to Amma. Raman goes out and cries. Ishita sees him. She comes to him and says you are the best son in law, I have seen how you got Appa conscious. He asks just best son in law, I want to know the things I m best at. She says best husband, best father and best son. He says you have to buy me a good gift, you are my Secret santa. She asks how do you know. He says I have written that chit. She asks when did you do this. He says its called smartness.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2




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