22nd November Friday Update on True Love


22nd November Friday Update on True Love

Vishnu asks Mukta what does she want to prove by asking about his passport and ID proof’s papers in front of the family members. Mukta says no jiju, its not like that. I know that you are…but Vishnu cuts her off mid sentence and says Akash Chatterjee, my name is Akash Chatterjee. Vishnu looks up at her. Mukta is very nervous to hear all this.

He relaxes and tells her that what will she do now as there are very few days left in his marriage with Meethi and how will she prove it all in such a short time that he is infact Akash Chatterjee. And maybe if you tell everyone now then Meethi might react differently and say that it is she who wants to marry Vishnu that is why she is doing all this. Mukta cant believe her ears and is fidgeting. Vishnu sees her all nervous and bursts into laughter. He tells her that he was kidding and that they share a brother-in-law sister-in-law relationship (jija-saali). Everything is fair in the relationship that they share. He is coming soon to take her beloved sister away from her and she should hurry up with the arrangements. He goes from there leaving a worried Mukta behind.

Mukta wonders aloud that whatever that man said every word of his had a different meaning. He definitely is a dangerous man. She will have to hurry up and save Meethi from him.

Meethi sees Yuvraj’s pic in the house and has flashbacks of her first day in college when Yuvi was ragging her. Then another one of the party night where he had called her chutki and had stopped her from drinking hard drinks. Baba sees her there and tells her about his elder brother. She replies that daddu, I have in fact met him in college as her senior and that he used to call her chutki fondly. She has another fb of Yuvi pushing Mukta and how she had scolded him for that. She rues that back then she dint knew that they were siblings. She was unaware of the relationship and the parents that they shared.

Baba feels mixed emotions and calls it destiny. We also dint knew that we had a granddaughter who looks just exactly like her mother. Nobody can equal or repay what your mother has done for you or this home but it was good that destiny kept you away from us or else…. He stops midway and Meethi asks the reason. He tells her that else her grandmother would have inculcated the same ideas and hatred in her as she had in Yuvi against her own mother Iccha. He would have been better off with Iccha and if that were the case, he wouldn’t be in jail today. He would have been his support in this old age but… He starts crying but Meethi assures that now she will support him. Pakka wala promise. She asks him to smile and both hug each other.

Mai sees them from behind. She approaches them and asks Meethi if she wont hug her. Meethi takes her blessings but doesn’t hug her. When Mai asks the reason, she says that I have come to stay with you all and enjoy. But now after seeing how you treat my mom and behave with her, I’m feeling bad. So why do you want me come near you now? She seeks her forgiveness for not doing what she wants and goes from there. Baba who was witnessing all this silently comes to her and says, Gunwanti hope now you would have realised the difference between your’s and Iccha’s upbringing. He too leaves from there. Mai is disappointed.

Mukta is waiting for Kanha outside. When he comes, Mukta tries to tell Kanha about Vishnu. But Kanha asks her to stop it. He was a fool that he believed her and doubted Vishnu. She has no proof against Vishnu. Not he has also come and given all the necessary documents, why does she still doubt him. He asks her to stay away from Vishnu. Mukta still protests but Kanha warns her this time that if she does anything that will ruin Meethi’s happiness, then no one and especially he will never forgive her for it. Surabhi is listening to all this worriedly. Kanha leaves from there. Surabhi still tries to convince her as all the doubt is clear now. Mukta is adamant and Surabhi too leaves from ther.0

Mukta’s phone rings. Its Anita (some college girl) who informs her about the ceremony organized in Shraddha’s memory. Flashback of Shraddha doubting Vishnu & police checking her hostel room. She realises that if Shraddha’s body is handed over to her family then her things plus that laptop would be there too. She decides to go there.

Meethi looking around the house when Tappu spots her and asks her what she is looking for. She cutely replies her parent’s room. Tappu smiles sweetly and takes her there. Fondly tells Icchki that their doll was searching for you. She is excited that they will now decorate her room together as she doesn’t know her likes/dislikes. Iccha sees Meethi upset and asks the reason. Meethi shares about seeing Yuvi’s pic in the house and enquires if he is the same guy who tried to misbehave with Mukta. Tappu’s smile vanishes. She repeats Baba’s words about Yuvi’s upbringing and how Mai spoiled him with her overtly love.

Meethi says that daadu was saying the same thing. She tells Iccha that you will never share with me or anyone whatever you did for me. I saw how much Daadu respects you. His eyes tell it all. You endured so much in life just to make everyone’s life happy. She asks Iccha to promise her that from now on, she will never hide anything, any pain from her. The mother daughter duo will now fight together and overcome every obstacle. Iccha promises her. Tappu is overwhelmed with emotions.

Iccha smiles and tells tappu that both of their daughters have become so matured and responsible now. Iccha makes her sit and wants to decorate her room with Tappu’s help. She is also sad that there are very few days left for her marriage and she will leave them soon. Tappu also says that this is the only ritual that she hates where a daughter has to leave her house where she has spent her childhood, her parents and everything and go to someone else’s home. Iccha shares how important is to be patient, giving and ready to do anything for her in-laws after marriage. Tappu intervenes that you must also remember that a woman should also have the capability to turn into Ma Durga when required and fight the evil. Meethi says that she will remember both her mother’s and Badi ma’s teachings and always follow them. All 3 smile.

Mourning prayers going on at Shraddha’s place. All girls still wonder the reason for Shraddha taking such a huge step. Shraddha’s dad asks someone to take the diya to her room. Mukta takes this opportunity and goes to her room. She finds some packed cartons and understands that it is the stuff that has been sent by the police. She checks it and finds the laptop. She finds a draft mail addressed to her and reads it.

She reads how Shraddha had a doubt about Vishnu and that she has met him before somewhere. She states that the guy is in fact Akash Chatterjee and not some Vishnu as she believes it to be. He and Shraddha’s brother used to study in the same school. In 10th class, he had had a fight with someone and had hurt that child very much. Akash had left the school after that and his address back then was… The mail ends. Mukta is disappointed but then wonders if he was Shraddha’s brother’s classmate back then, then at that time Iccha Ma’s Vishnu was in Satara Jail. This person is definitely not Vishnu but someone else, Akash Chatterjee. Episode ends on her determined face.

Tej sees Tapasya happily busy in the wedding preparations. He asks her to be busy there and that he will turn her happiness into mourning soon. Saying so, he leaves from there laughing.

Mukta in her room putting the necessary things and Vishnu’s childhood picture in her bag. She remembers the things that Iccha had told her about Vishnu’s father and how Vishnu had never met him while the fake Vishnu was sad that he couldn’t spend enough time with his father when he was small. Also recalls Shraddha’s words about Vishnu being Akash Chatterjee and then the joke Vishnu played on her in the morning. She is determined that she will stop this fake Vishnu and lot let him ruin Meethi’s life. Split screen appears where Vishnu says that no one can stop him now. And whoever tries to, he will not let that person live.

Next day, Damini is grinding mehendi for Meethi’s mehendi ceremony. Divya and Surabhi are arranging breakfast on table. Divya calls for Mukta. She comes but cites the reason for an important project submission and is on her way out. When Divya leaves from there, Surbahi goes to her and asks her whether she is going to college or again going to unearth some facts about Iccha? Mukta nods after thinking a bit. Mukta tells Surabhi that she is going to the place where Iccha Ma taught Vishnu. Surabhi asks Satara? But why do you want to go to Satara Jail now when Vishnu has submitted all the proofs. Mukta negates that that is the only reason why she doubts it all the more. Those documents are not real but fake. She wont let Meethi marry the wrong man. Surabhi again tries to stop her but Mukta is adamant. She asks Surabhi not to tell anyone as she has trusted her only with this information. Surabhi promises in affirmative and asks her to be in touch. She wishes her luck. Mukta leaves from there.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2




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