23 October Wednesday Update on True Love


23 October Wednesday Update on True Love

Yuvraj in his house looking scared and worried. Gunwanti comes with a file and asks him to come with her. He doesn’t respond.
Gunwanti asks what happened?
Yuvi says, maybe I don’t get to see this house for years to come.
Gunwanti says, don’t say like that… nothing will happen.
Amla comes and says, nothing will happen. You will come back this evening only.
Amla does aarti to Yuvi and says may you win.
Tapasya comes and says, what happened Bahu Rani? Is he going to LOC to fight for the country that you’re giving such a blessing?
Amla says, he’s going to court and is worried and scared. I will have to do this thing.
Tapasya asks Yuvi if he asked for blessings from his father. She looks at Gunwanti and says, even Veer is not with him today.
What kind of a mother are you? Instead of showing him the right path, you’re patting his back for his bad deeds.
How will he win when his birth parents are not with him today?
Amla gives him dahi-shakkar and asks him not to pay attention to what she’s saying (Tapasya).
Tapasya says, you’re right bahu-rani. Give him dahi-shakkar and all the love you want, it’s the last day today… maybe by tomorrow he gets all this or not?
Yuvraj gets angry and asks Tapasya to mind her own business.
Gunwanti tells Amla to go to the hospital as she may not be able to go herself and leaves with Yuvi.
Amla comes to Taps and says, I am telling you honestly… I didn’t like what you said. He’s my son, I would want him to win… what did I do wrong?
Taps says, I also want the same… but I will tell you one thing… Yuvraj is not your son, he’s Veer and Icha’s son. Amla is shocked.
Tapasya leaves and Amla says, how does choti sasu-ma know about all of us this much? There’s something wrong!

Jogi’s family waiting in the court (Jogi/Damini/Icha/Nani/Divya and Mukta).
Damini says it’s time but lawyer hasn’t come yet.
Nani says, I hope Gunwantiji hasn’t bought her out.
Divya says, I’ve heard about this lawyer she doesn’t fight the case looking at money etc. She only fights for justice.
The lawyer comes and says sorry for the delay. She says now I won’t delay even one minute to get justice for Mukta. It’s not just my duty, but it’s a fight towards women’s self-respect.
She asks Mukta not to get worried or scared… he’s the criminal, not you. They’re about to go inside when Gunwanti, Umed and Yuvi come in the court.
Gunwanti is giving angry looks to the entire family, so is Yuvraj. Jogi’s family is all looking here and there.

Yuvi passes the family, then stops and calls out “Maa”. Icha is shocked to hear it. Yuvi takes Gunwanti’s hands off him and goes back to Icha and asks her Maa, I’m really bad right? The worst son in this world. He goes to Icha’s feet and cries. Says, Maa, I made a huge mistake. I did a disgusting thing… I hurt your heart, and the whole family’s. I know no one will forgive me for it. No one can forgive me for it… can you please forgive me once? Icha’s crying too.
Yuvraj says, Maa, just once – and he cries.
He says, I assure you, I will become a good son. Just once, can you give me a chance to walk on the right path, to make me change myself.
Icha is crying and everyone else is shocked. Gunwanti is disgusted.
She says, why are you begging her? If she had any emotions left for you, then you wouldn’t have had to see this day today.
She asks Yuvi to get up from her feet.
Gunwanti asks him quietly why did you have to do this?
Yuvraj says, because I don’t want to go to jail Dadi… and to stop that I can go on anyone’s feet… and this way, I could also find out if she has any emotions for me… if there’s any little feeling left, then I will be saved, otherwise…
Gunwanti says nothing will happen… let’s go inside.

Court proceedings:
Both families sitting.
Judge announces the case – Mukta Rathore vs. Yuvraj Singh Bundela. He asks Yuvraj to come to the box. Yuvrajs goes and stands in there.
Judge asks the case to proceed.
Mukta’s Lawyer stands up and says I’ve fought lots of rape cases end every time I have seen the woman standing there as if she’s a culprit and the culprit himself stands there as if they’re a winner.
Yuvi’s lawyer objects but the objection is overruled.
Lawyer tells the basis of the case and gives the paperwork to the judge. Asks to call the eye-witness to the witness box.
She calls Icha Bharti to come and witness.
Jogi asks Icha to be brave. Mukta tells Icha not to worry about her, do what she feels is right…
Icha goes to the box and takes the oath.
Lawyer asks Icha what did you see on the night of 6th September in hotel room no. 212?
Icha is quiet and looks at Yuvraj who gives her a little smile.
She has a flashback of what she saw in the room, then a flashback of Yuvi on her feet asking for forgiveness. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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