24 October Thursday Update on Young Love


24 October Thursday Update on Young Love

Anandi searching for Shiv’s file. Anoop comes to Anandi’s room and sees the photos on the floor. He gets angry and calls for Anandi. Anandi hears his voice and goes. Jagya comes to Ganga and tells Abhi that his mother is getting tensed thinking about the hospital incident. Jagya says, he is sad about the boy’s demise but they are not at fault. The boy’s relative are wrong to blame you. Ganga says, I know how much you trusts me and Lal Singh. I am really scared. Jagya assures her that nothing will happen to their hospital. He tells her that law is there to do the enquiry. He asks her not to worry.

Anandi comes to her room and sees Anoop picking the photos. Everyone is standing in shock. Anoop scolds Anandi for his precious photos falling on the floor. Anandi is speechless. Everyone is shocked. Anoop asks, how can she be so careless and asks where did you go after leaving pics under the fan. Subhadra asks Anoop to listen to Anandi. Anandi says sorry. She tells him that she went to study to take Shiv’s important file. Anoop scolds her and calls her irresponsible. He says, he can’t tolerate and won’t forgive her. Daddu tells him that she didn’t do it purposely.

Anoop says, he is angry at her behavior. Amol listens to him and cries. He promises to bring new album from his pocket money and requests him not to scold his mom. Anandi says she will repair the album. Anoop says, he will do it himself. Anandi feels sad. Daddu consoles her. Meenu tells Anoop that she felt bad to see him scolding Anandi badly. Anoop acts possessive about the album. Meenu says, you didn’t do the right thing. Anoop says, Anandi is our son Shiv’s wife. Don’t we have the right to scold her. Alok comes and hears everything. Anoop gets shocked. Alok says, Anandi is your bahu first. Don’t scold parents infront of their kids. It is not right. Amol felt really bad. Meenu tells him that he upsets Alok bhaiyya too.

Anandi recalls Anoop scoldings and Amol protecting her. Amol comes and gives her a glass of water. Anandi gets teary eyed and drinks water. Amol wipes her tears. Amol tells her that chote daddu is really bad. Anandi tells him not to say that as he is elder. Elders have the right to show us the right path. Anandi says, he is right. I didn’t take care of his album properly. Meenu comes and hears them. Anandi says, he made me realize my mistake.

Meenu comes inside and tells Amol that Anandi has a big heart. She asks him to feel proud to of his mom. Anandi apologizes to her. Meenu says, she came to apologize to her. Anandi says, he was not wrong. Alok and Ira come there. Anandi promises her that she won’t do any mistake. Alok says, we thought to apologize to Anandi. Meenu says, we all wanted to make her smile. Amol says, he wants her to smile. Ira asks her to smile. Anandi smiles.

Anandi says she will heat the food in 2 mins. Shiv tells her that maa told him about today’s incident. Anandi says, she doesn’t know how can she be so careless. Shiv says its ok. Anandi says, she wants to apologize to Anoop. Shiv says, we will talk in the morning.

Subhadra does the aarti in the morning while Anandi prays. Subhadra asks when did you come. Anandi says just now and asks for prasad. Subhadra thinks she is addicted to this special prasad and makes her eat the laddoo. Anandi says, she remembers Jaitsar seeing her doing Puja daily. She praises her. Subhadra smiles and says she prays for happiness of the family. Anandi says she will get tea for everyone. Anandi goes. Subhadra says, she is doing puja for her.

Anandi bringing sorry letter to Anoop and says she has written sorry for 100 times. He says it is not needed. Anandi says, it means you forgave me. Meenu asks him not to hide his laugh. Anoop asks them to leave him alone. Anandi refuses to eat anything until he forgives him. Shiv comes there. Anoop says, your wife is very stubborn. Shiv says she is right. I won’t eat anything if you don’t come to have food. Anoop agrees.

Saachi gets a letter from company. Suman asks what is this? Saachi tells her that she was offered a post in the company. Suman thanks God. She asks about her salary. Saachi explains. Suman says she is happy. She asks, aren’t you happy? Saachi says, she don’t know whether to work or not. Suman says, we had already talk about it.

Saachi says yes, but I am feeling that you will be overburdened with house work. Suman explains to her that she lived a life as a house wife and asks her to experience the world. Saachi smiles. Suman hugs her and gives best wishes. Saachi thanks her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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