23rd May Thursday Update on This is Love

Raman refusing to get Pihu. Simmi says Ishita is creating new drama, no one can raise a finger at my brother, he has a right to win this award. Ishita says I agree he is a good businessman, but he should prove if he is capable to manage his business and family well, we will know this if he calls his daughter here. The man says this is just a felicitation, just give him the award and end this matter. Mrs. Kapoor says Ishita is not demanding anything wrong. Shagun says I totally agree with Ishita. She clarifies Ishita’s point. She says our society believes a woman should do mum’s work, a working parent should create a balance between work and family, we all know Raman is a great businessman, but does he fulfill his family responsibilities, I think we should call.

Raman’s daughter, so that we can know he is a good father. Mrs. Kapoor asks him to prove this, call Pihu. Ishita smiles and thinks Simmi has to get Pihu now.

Mihika comes home angrily and says Romi can’t cheat me always. Ruhi asks what happened, where are you going. Mihika complains about Romi. Romi comes home. He says very sorry, listen to me Mihika. She asks will you say any other story. He says I m saying truth, I was coming to you, I have seen Nikhil there. They get shocked. Ruhi says no, this can’t be true. Raman asks Simmi to get Pihu, they have to answer Ishita. Mihika says wow, this is another lie, it was my mistake to marry Romi, I knew he is a fraud, did he see Nikhil or Pooja.

He asks her to believe her. She packs her bags and gets leaving. Mrs. Bhalla stops her and says you won’t go anywhere, Romi will go if needed. Romi says why don’t you all believe me. They go. He says I have done such things, why will they believe me. Ruhi worries. Parmeet talks to Nikhil on phone. He says you did good to fool Romi. He gets Simmi’s call. She tells everything. He says relax, get Pihu, then we will talk. Shagun says Raman would be angry on me. Raman asks her why did she support Ishita, she is mad, she said she is his wife. Shagun thinks to tell him.

Ishita comes and sends Shagun to Mani. She says you are running away from me. He says I don’t like you. She says you saved my life. He scolds her and says I wish you died, I regret to save your life. She asks really, you were the one who could hear me, who knew I m alive. He says shut up, I hate you. She asks him to ask himself, does he really hate her, does he not think of any connection between them. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…. he gets silent. Shagun says Simmi has come with Pihu. She says I will not lose, I will get you close to me, I m doing this for you and our children.

Ashok gets checkup done. Doctor says you are ignoring your health, you should have someone with you, you should get admitted. Ashok says no, I have to finish many things. He suddenly faints. Doctor worries and calls….. Raman introduces Pihu and taunts Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing Pihu.

Ishita says Pihu will felicitate Raman. Pihu says my Papa is world’s best Papa, he is my hero, I love you Papa. Raman smiles. She gives the award to Raman. Everyone claps. Shagun says Raman doesn’t realize Ishita has given him this happiness.

Ishita thinking Simmi was snatching my daughter, thank God everything got fine. She shares her happiness with Simmi and says Raman will get his memory soon, you will never get successful. Simmi says you think you are very smart, stop flying, you think Raman will remember everything, once Pihu goes, nothing will change. They leave. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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