24th May Friday Update on Young Love

Saanchi snapping at Anandi in a disrespectable manner. Anandi is shocked by her rude behavoir. Shiv enters and warns Saachi and asks her to tone down her language. He makes it clear that whatever Anandi has been doing is for her betterment on Doctor’s advice. Saachi speaks rudely with him and says no one shall interfere in her life. Shiv is shocked and shattered. He asks her to mind her language. Saachi repeats and says no one shall interfere in her life especially those who don’t have any right on her. Shiv couldn’t bear the insult and gets hurt. Anandi asks Saachi whether she forgot to respect elders. Anandi says Shiv is your brother. Saachi says he is not her real son. Anandi gets angry and warns her that she will not tolerate if she hurts Shiv again. Saachi sees a spark in Anandi’s eyes.

Anandi comes to Shiv and tells him that Saachi is childish and asks him to forgive Saachi. Shiv says he has been forgiving her since months and says he is hurt as she didn’t accept him as her brother. Anandi tells her that she may be meant that and says sister and brother relation didn’t ends. Shiv says he loves her very much and will always be caring towards her and hopes she understands his love and care. He tells her that he didn’t talk to choti maa till now. He cries and says he doesn’t know how to talk to her. Meenu comes to Shiv’s room. Anandi asks her to come inside and excuses herself. Shiv faces her awkwardly. Meenu apologizes him and asks him not to be tensed about what he shall call her or Ira. She says what matters is feelings,love and togetherness.

Shiv says he is proud of her and her sacrifise. Shiv says it is not easy to sacrifise and I am proud of myself to born in your womb. Meenu blames herself for his troubles. Shiv tells her that she did her everything and gave him a good upbringing like a good mother. Meenu says I thought you are angry on me. Shiv says no and says he was trying to understand and accept the reality. He tells Ira mom is very upset. Meenu hopes that Didi understands soon and forgives her. Meenu asks him to be happy as always. Meenu asks, you are with us naa while placing her hand on his cheek. Shiv nods his head while holding her hand.

Pasha is watching army parade on the TV. He gets up and tells the soldiers on TV to straight right. Jagya comes and sees him watching the parade. He asks her, whether you was in army. Pasha was shocked and sits. Jagya says you might be commander of army. he says reports have come and soon you will discharge. Pasha is shocked. Jagya asks, where you will go? Pasha says he can’t go. Jagya says we will take police help to search your family. Pasha says no. Jagya asks him to remember anything. Pasha says he can’t remember. Jagya tells him that he can stay here for 2-3 days more. Pasha thanks him. Jagya thinks may be he came from outside country or he might be from this nation. Pasha thinks to do something to stay at the hospital. Ganga tells Jagya that he might be from a decent family. Jagya says he can’t remember. Jagya says he knows very well about Udaipur and says he might be connected with Pichola lake. Ganga suggests we shall give money to him. Jagya praises her thoughts. Nurse comes and asks Ganga to come in the children’s ward. Ganga leaves.

Pasha intentionally slips from the stairs to stay at the hospital for some more days. Meenu is looking at Shiv’s photo and says she has hidden the love and mother’s feelings for so long but couldn’t hide it anymore. She says I am desperate to hug you. Ira sees her crying.

Saachi comes and asks Ira, what she is thinking. Ira says she is thinking about Meenu’s sacrifise and says it isn’t easy to give away first baby to someone else. Saachi says, you are feeling you are guilty. Ira says she is keeping herself on Meenu’s place and says she might be pained. She was crying miserably. Saachi says it is not pain but her guilt. She did a mistake so she did it to correct it. She says she was guilty of you as you lost the baby. She provokes Ira against Meenu. Saachi says she unburden her heart and gave you the baby. She says only you are at lost and not her. She says, now choti maa will show her right on Shiv bhaiyya. Ira is tensed and flows in Saachi’s words.

Nurse bandaging Pasha’s feet. Jagya asks, where he was going? Pasha says he thought to go to the garden but slipped on the stairs. Jagya says you didn’t have a fracture and it is just a cramp. Pasha asks, can’t I go tomorrow. Jagya says no, until you get fine. Nurse comes and tells Jagya that Bhairov and Basant came. Jagya leaves. Pasha thinks he have to do something to stay in the hospital. Jagya asks Basant and Bhairov after their purpose of visit. Bhairov asks for Ganga, Jagya says she is attending the childrens in childrens ward. Bhairov starts the conversation and asks Basant to proceed. Basant says there might be a solution for your happiness like you found a solution for Gehna’s problems. Jagya appreciates them and says Ganga’s uterus is very weak and they can’t think of IVF. He says there is a way but we can’t proceed with it and tells about the surrogacy with which he and Ganga can become parents. He explains about the surrogate mother who will carry the child of the couple. He says, people are going for surrogacy. Bhairov says we shall talk to maa saa. Basant also thinks to talk to Dadisaa. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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