24th April Wednesday Update on This is Love

Amma crying for Ishita. Raman says I will get Ishita out of jail, I know she can never do this. Simmi asks what are you saying. He says I understand you lost your child. She asks what if your Ruhi or Pihu died instead Ananya, what happened, did you feel bad, you can’t even hear it, I have lost my daughter, Ananya is dead, because of your wife. She cries and says one who lost child can understand this pain, not anyone else. He says I know, but there is some reason Ishita is saying so, she always saved children’s life, how can she do this with Ananya.

Mrs. Bhalla says she did that with her children, we can’t forget Simmi lost her child because of her, I can understand Simmi’s pain, I decided none will take Ishita’s name here, she is dead for us. Amma
asks her not to say this. Raman says I know mum loves Ishita as daughter, don’t worry, I will do something. Amma says get Ishita back. Appa takes her. Simmi stops Pihu. Pihu asks what did judge say in court, will Ishimaa come. Simmi says she will never come back, she has killed my daughter. Pihu recalls the promise and says no. Simmi scolds her and goes. Pihu hugs Ishita’s pic and cries.

Romi talks to Adi and says Raman is not in office, I will call you. Pooja comes there. She says you maybe feeling bad as Ishita is a murderer, she is a fraud. Romi asks her to shut up and not say anything. She says she was giving me gyaan, relax this is good chance, chill. Amma comes and says what a family my two daughters got, Ishita didn’t care for her life, you are with other woman, you want to leave Mihika. Romi says you are misunderstanding, listen to me. She goes. Romi asks Pooja to just leave. She asks him to relax. She leaves. Romi says what’s happening.

Raman sees Ishita coming. Dil kahin rukta nahi……plays….. She asks why did you come. He says I had to show something. He shows family pics and asks remember, you saved Adi and Ruhi from fire, memories are great, you saved everyone when bus driver kidnapped everyone, you saved even Shagun’s life, you always think of others, so I call you Jagat Mata, you can’t take life of Ananya, you think we are fools, say the truth, I won’t believe you killed Ananya, tell me.

She says I saved everyone, fine. He asks whom are you saving this time. She says I can’t save always, I m human, mistakes happen, I lost senses in anger, Simmi was supporting Ruhi, Ananya was misbehaving, I pushed her, I killed her. He asks whom are you saving, mummy, Pihu? She shouts enough, how many times shall I repeat this. She asks constable not to let Raman meet her again, they ruined her life, they should never come back. She goes. Raman shouts then fine, if you want this, I swear on our relation, I will die but not come to see your face. They cry. She thinks Simmi will get Pihu punished for the accident, I can stay away from you but can’t let anything happen to Pihu.

Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi ask about Raman. Adi says he went to jail, but left much time before, don’t know where is he. Raman comes. They all get relieved. Raman says I m not a kid, I m fine. He sees Simmi. Simmi says you would be happy, you met your wife, you are trying to get Ishita back. He says I met Ishita for the last time, no one will go to meet her, she is dead for this family. He goes.


Simmi says Raman said he hates Ishita and none will take her name, Ananya will get justice when she stays in jail. Parmeet asks don’t you think when Ishita can go to this extent that Raman hates her, its something else, Ishita is hiding or saving someone. She says no, she is not so great, she hates me and took Ananya’s life. He thinks I have to find out whom is Ishita saving, she is saving someone she loves a lot. Pihu recalls the incident and shouts Ananya. Ruhi wakes up and asks what happened. Pihu says I have to go to Ishimaa. Ruhi says listen to me, we will go tomorrow some way, we will not tell anyone, this will be our secret, promise. Raman hears them and thinks maybe Ishita changes her mind meeting them.

Mrs. Bhalla crying for Ishita. Amma says you all have made her leave the house, my Ishu did a lot for this house. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, but she has snatched a lot. Adi asks Amma to leave, Dadi is in stress. Simmi says tell Amma not to come here, else I can kick her out. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to be quiet. Amma goes. Ruhi and Pihu meet Ishita. Dil se dil ka…..plays…..They hug Ishita. Ishita sends Ruhi to get water for Pihu. Pihu says let me tell everyone, please, I can tell truth, then you can come home with us. Ishita says you don’t have to say anything, forget this, move on in life, just listen to them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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