24th April Wednesday Update on Young Love

Basant telling Dadisaa , Sumitra and Gehna police has taken Jagya to Udaipur now whatever will happen will happen from there . Basant tells them what happened in police station Shekhars false blames on Jagya he is a womanizer and the inspector telling them this case has especially been registered from the high authorities of Udaipur and Rajasthan. Dadisaa is very angry hearing it and says have they gone mad ? How can they say this? How can they put such false blame on Jagdish he is a womanizer ?Did they not have any little bit shame while saying so. We thought our son did a mistake so kept quiet and took all their tantrums but these people have taken wrong meaning from our silence They did not do right Now time has come to give them right answer as well . Dadisaa asks Basant to call Shekhars and let me talk to that Ira jee

Basant takes out his mobile and was about to call when Gehna says to Dadisaa our anger is at its place but we should keep this in mind this house’s daughter is their daughter in law Anandi is already in trouble if now things messed up more then what will happen of her ? Dadisaa remembers Ira threatening her in the hospital perhaps you are forgetting your daughter is in our house Pray that i don’t become this much weak that in my anger and revenge i start giving pain to her . Dadisaa asks Basant no don’t call Leave it . Dadisaa says now what we should do i never felt myself so much handicapped before Seems like i am tied up completely

Basant says Masaaa we cannot call Ira but we can call Shiv i trust him he will listen to us . Dadisaa nods in No he won’t listen

Shiv’s office :-

Shiv is sitting in his office fuming up in anger and in his revenge . A man comes and informs Shiv Inspector Rana has called and told they have arrested Dr Jagdish Singh and they are on their way to Udaipur with him. Shiv ‘s feels happy hearing it and nods ok to the man The man leaves Shiv remembers in FB’s Jagya saying to them he cannot marry Sanchi, Sanchi shouting and asking Jagya do you even know what you are saying ?You only love me .Jagya saying to her no i don’t love you. Jagya filling Ganga’s Maang , Sanchi cutting her wrist , They all seeing her unconscious in her room Jagya saying Sanchi and I are two complete different persons Sanchi saying when Jagdish broke up with me it broke my heart Alok saying to Shiv promise me you will punish Jagdish Shiv saying i wont take rest until i won’t give Jagdish punishment for what he did

Basant ‘s call bring Shiv out of his thoughts but he does not attend the call seeing its Basant’s call Shiv is fuming up in his revenge

Badi Haveli:-

Basant tells everyone Shiv is not attending the call. Dadisaa says i knew it he won’t He is also with his mother and sister in all this . Dadisaa asks Basant to call Shiv’s Daddu and talk with him but controlling your anger . Basant says ok Maasaa . Basant calls Daddu

Kesar Bagh and Badi Haveli:-

Ira comes to join Daddu , Anandi , Alok and Meenu who are sitting together in hall Daddu asks from Ira how is Sanchi now . Ira says she has given medicine to her and also tuned her favorite music channel on TV to her . Daddu says to everyone i think we should talk with psychiatrist as soon as possible whom the doctor advised us . Alok says i have talked with him and told him about Sanchi’s case i think i should call him again to ask when he is going to start the counselling . Daddu says fine. Alok is about to call when Daddu receives Basant’s call on his mobile

Daddu fumes up in anger seeing Basant’s name but attends the call and asking yes tell Basant jee why you called . Rest are shocked to hear Basant’s name from Daddu’s mouth. Basant greets Daddu and asks from him about Sanchi how is she ? Daddu says better than before we have brought her back home from hospital . Basant says thats good she will stay in home with her family members it will be good for her . Basant says i have to talk something important with you You must know police has arrested our Jagya They have taken him to Udaipur The inspector was saying because of Sanchi and you all ‘s complain the case is filed on him and Rajasthan’s high authorities you have also approached we all wanted to request to you we both families can sit together and try to solve this issue

Daddu angrily says we cannot do anything now You must got to know from police on Jagdish this case has been registered now , now the case has gone out of our hands .Basant says i can understand what you are saying but you can take the complain back see Samdhi saa We also feel the same sorrow as much you all do for the breaking of this alliance of Jagya Sanchi but why affecting all the relationships for breaking of this one alliance ?You and us are samdhis and this relationship is older than that one relationship which was about to be made . Daddu angrily says you are saying right but this thing Jagdish should have thought before breaking this alliance First you all started to break the relationships Daddu says with irritation ok now leave it we cannot do anything now in this case i have already told you and we all decided to file this case after thinking properly and after taking suggestions of each other we all agree on this There might be some houses where some people take decisions of lives according to their wishes their moods This does not happen in our house .

Basant says i accept samdhi saa Jagya did a mistake but as adults isn’t it our duty to forgive our children , show them the right path . Daddu says absolutely thats why you all should have shown Jagdish the right path not to break this alliance , thats why we came to Jaitser to clear Jagdish’s misunderstanding and get everything alright but he did not give us the chance for this and you were there when he filled that Ganga’s maang His this act broke my grand daughter we still kept quiet did not say a word Sanchi was not able to tolerate this and tried to take her life and after seeing his daughter fighting with death no parent in the world can be so open hearted to distribute forgiveness Jagdish will pay the price for what he did He will get the punishment

Udaipur Police station :-

Inspector is interrogating Jagya in interrogation room asking him to tell him there must be some reason why he broke the engagement just few days before marriage?Jagya replies i have told you the reason i felt Sanchi is not right for me neither for family Inspector says how did you realize it suddenly at last moment You got engaged with Sanchi till six months and so much time you took to realize Sanchi is not right for you and your family ?Jagya replies i was not comfortable with Sanchi from the start I agreed to marry her because my family wanted it, for them only and i was only trying to make myself understand and this marriage would have happened if i would not have heard Sanchi saying all that with her friends that day .Inspector asks what you heard that made you break the alliance ?Jagya in Flash backs tells the conversation of Sanchi with her friends to inspector that he heard . Jagya says to inspector if you want then you can ask from Sanchi’s friends interrogate them Inspector asks was there anyone else with you too there in coffee shop who heard this conversation so that we can trust you ?Jagya remembers Anandi and becomes silent now whether to take her name or not Finally he decides not to take her name and says no i was alone there Inspector says sorry then without any witness how can i trust you ?Jagya says why i broke the engagement i told you the reason truly i don’t have any other reason after hearing all this i could not do this marriage and thats why i had to break this engagement

Inspector asks from Jagya so you must have felt really bad how your going to be wife thinks about you and your family . Jagya says yes i did not expect this from Sanchi i was shocked i felt bad Inspector rudely asks from Jagya this much bad that within two days you married someone else that too in front of whole Jaitser with full drama Have to accept you did great planning First you waited for Miss Sanchi to come there then when she came you filled Ganga’s maang in front of her You must be feeling very happy in taking revenge from Sanchi for insulting your family . Jagya says i didn’t know she was coming there How would i know she would be coming with her family there i didn’t expect that and whatever happened its.. Inspector rudely interrupts Jagya stop making lame excuses you did all this intentionally this was your pre-planning to take revenge on Sanchi and any girl will break seeing the man she loves marrying someone else and Miss Sanchi felt so much sorrow for this that she tried to commit suicide, you believe it or not but you have forced her to do this and you have no witness to prove your explanation thats why abatement to suicide attempt case is filed one you Poor Jagya is shocked

Shiv coming to police station . The inspector gets up from his chair to greet his Boss Collector sahab Hello Sir i am senior Inspector Suresh I have taken all details from Inspector Rana now Sir i will handle this case . Shiv asks from Inspector can he talk with Jagdish ? Inspector says Yes Sir Come .Inspector takes Shiv to Jagya who is sitting in lock up Inspector respectfully opens the lock up door for Shiv Shiv is angrily vengefully glaring at Jagya . Inspector leaves Shiv comes inside. Jagya gets up Both are standing face to face . Shiv asks from Jagya have you accepted your crime ? Jagya says i did not committ any crime Shiv is shocked hearing it .Jagya continues when i did not commit any crime then there is no question of accepting it . Shiv says to Jagya do you remember i told you long back your attitude is your biggest problem .Change it but you did not redeem thats why you are here .I never involve my sister and family in court cases but your acts forced me to do this but i am glad which wound you gave to Sanchi’s heart and mind she is trying to overcome it and because of her statement you are today standing behind theses bars because one thing you need to realize this world does not go around on your gestures Because of your one act many people got life long pain . Jagya says i have already said i am heartly feeling sorrow because of me so many people got sorrow but this pain this sorrow would be more bigger ahead if i would have married Sanchi . Shiv says you are right these pains will be more ahead but only yours because when you will come out after completing your punishment then Sanchi and us would have moved on after forgetting everything but you will be a lot behind gathering the pieces of your scattered life then you will realize how difficult it is to move on forgetting the past life . Jagdish i am not among those persons who feel happy in taking revenge and giving pain to others and i am feeling a lot ashamed while saying this but i will very happy and relieved when court will punish you

Jagya says i am happy about this no matter whatever the reason is You will be happy because of me Shiv is speechless hearing it and is enraged more He storms out of from there

Jagya says Wish you could understand me Shiv if now i would not have taken the decision of getting separated from Sanchi then don’t know how much everyone will have to face Conditions would have become this much worst it would have been difficult to bear them Everyone ‘s life would have been destroyed , scattered but now the relief is only i will have to start new again not anyone else

Inspector is telling Shiv Sir, Mr Jagdish ‘s case is a lot weak He has nothing solid to say to prove his point No one can stop him from getting punished but in order to make this case more strong we should send summon to Jagdish’s both ex wives and the one he is married now Shiv asks To Jagdish ex wives also? Inspector says yes Shiv asks but why ?Inspector says because he has been divorced with both and i am sure they will talk against him against his behavior If they gave statement against him then our case will become more strong . Shiv is lost in thoughts now Inspector asks him Sir there is a request to you i wanted to ask one question from you When you all were fixing this alliance with Jagdish and his family Was there any mention about his ex wives ?Do you recognize any one among those two women ? Shiv says My wife Anandi was Jagdish’s first wife Inspector is shocked hearing it Inspector says then Sir in this case Anandi jee can play a very important role Shiv agrees

Jaitser Hospital :-

Ganga is checking fever of a patient and tells her mother your daughter is fine now The woman says to Ganga its all because of you The woman blesses Ganga God keep you always happy Ganga goes from there Ganga says to herself perhaps these all people’s blessings and prayers help doctor sahab Ganga is worried for Jagya and says to herself one one minute is becoming very heavy i am yet not been able to know how he is ?I cannot call Kakusaa now since he will be busy in getting Doctor sahab bail i cannot disturb him In this situation if anyone can tell me about doctor sahab is only Anandi jee but will be it right to call her at this moment ? Ganga remembers Anandi saying to her i told you before too now again say to you if you need any type of help you can ask from me anytime without any problem . Ganga wipes her tears and take out her mobile phone She calls Anandi,CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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