24th May Friday Update on This is Love

Simmi seeing Ananya’s pic and crying. She says you gave much pain to my Ananya, I will give same pain to Pihu. Pihu sees Ishita’s pic and cries. Ishita wakes up and says why do I feel Pihu called me. She goes to Bhalla house and thinks what to do. Pihu says where are you Ishimaa. Ishita calls Aaliya and Ruhi. They don’t answer. Pihu hugs the pic and cries. Amma asks Ishita what is she doing here. Ishita says Raman has kept Pihu away from me, what shall I do, I feel restless. She sees cctv camera and says I will just come. Amma prays.

Raman gets inspector’s call. Inspector asks him about Pihu, as he has seen some disturbance on his floor. Raman goes to check Pihu. He asks her why did she not sleep. She says I was not getting sleep, I was praying to Lord.

He asks why did you not come to me. Pihu says I couldn’t come because… he asks why, come I will tell you some story. He tells inspector that Pihu is fine, she is at home. Inspector tells this to Ishita. She says I m Pihu’s mum….. Raman and Pihu tell stories and smiles. She sleeps. He hugs her and sleeps. Amma asks Ishita to sleep now, Raman is with Pihu. She says don’t know Pihu is fine or not, maybe he lied. She gets Aaliya’s call. She asks Aaliya about Pihu. She asks her to go to Pihu’s room and check her. Aaliya goes and smiles seeing Raman with Pihu.

She clicks their pic and sends to Ishita. She leaves. Ishita sees the pic and smiles. She says they both have much peace on their face. Amma says yes, just take rest now. Ishita says I really wish that this joy stays forever. Amma says I will pray and hugs her. Simmi sees Raman with Pihu and leaves.

Its morning, Ashok asks Ishita to go home. She asks him why is he not able to take care of himself. She asks the servant not to listen to Ashok. Ashok laughs and says you are Jhansi Ki rani, I heard this from Raman once. Sh scolds him and asks him to take care of himself. He says fine, go home now, else you will fall ill. He gives her best wishes. She asks him to take care, follow the diet chart, call me if you need me. She leaves. Ashok gets a call from office. The man tells him that an investor backed out, he said you have health issues. Ashok says how does this happen, just Ishita knows this, but she can’t do this, just clear this up. Ashok says who would have done this, Ishita would get disturbed if I call her now.

Raman wakes up. Pihu hugs him. He asks her why was she worried yesterday, did anyone say something, what’s the matter. She says actually…. Simmi comes and says Pihu slept along Raman yesterday, what’s the matter. He says she was scared. Simmi asks her to say what’s the matter. Pihu says I was not telling him anything, I had a bad dream, I forgot it now. Simmi asks him not to take her serious. She asks him to go office and come home for lunch. She takes Pihu and says whoever you love, they will leave you, Ishita is nearly dying, think of your dad, do you want that for him. Pihu apologizes. Simmi asks her to stay away from Raman. Pihu says I won’t say this even to Ishita.

Romi meets the counsellor and says I couldn’t come last time because of some problem. Lawyer says sorry, your wife gave you this letter. Romi reads it and asks how can this happen, she can’t do this. Pihu thinks of Simmi’s words and recalls Ananya and Ishita. She says I will not let Raman die, I will ask Mata ji to listen to me. She hears Simmi. Simmi says I m leaving for office. Pihu worries for Raman.

Pihu writing a letter for Mata Rani. She writes keep my family fine, no one should die because of me. Neelu gives her prasad. Pihu asks Neelu to get a kite string for her. Pihu makes a kite and gets on the terrace railing to fly it. Ishita arrives and sees Pihu. Raman comes and gets shocked seeing Pihu. Both of them run upstairs. Ishita stops Raman from calling out Pihu. She asks him to talk to Pihu slowly, till she reaches Pihu. Raman asks Pihu can he help her. Pihu asks him not to come, she will fly the kite alone. He asks her to be careful, she will fall. He says I m your superman, nothing can happen to me.



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