25 October Friday Update on Young Love


25 October Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with a patient stopping Mahendra Singh from harming Jagya and asks him to hurt him first. Mahendra Singh tells him that Jagya, Lal Singh and Ganga are responsible for his son’s death and he is here to take revenge. All the patients surround Jagya. Mahendra Singh’s goon attack them. Jagya tries to stop them. Inspector comes and asks his constable to arrest them. Mahendra Singh threatens Jagya that he won’t leave him. Inspector says, it is proved that they did right thing to save your son but unfortunately he died. Jagya asks the Inspector to leave them. Inspector asks, what are you saying?

Jagya tells him that they can’t understand the pain of losing a young son. He don’t want to increase their pain. Ganga tells that he is saying right. She questions him don’t you know that your son was ill. Mahendra Singh says he had some cough and stomach ache. Ganga tells him that he died because of smoking much cigarette. Mahendra Singh says you are lying.

Ganga asks him to ask Chetan’s friend. He looks at them and is shocked. Inspector asks the constable to free him. Jagya tells him to have trust on them. He tells that they tried to save his son but are helpless infront of God. Mahendra Singh gets teary eyed and apologizes to Jagya, Lal Singh and Ganga. He says he should had brought him here before.

Dadisaa thanks devimaa for solving hospital issue and requests Devimaa to give strength to Mahendra Singh. She tells that she knows that everything will be fine. Ganga won. Jagya teases her and says you loves Ganga much. Dadisaa says, Ganga is yours.

Anandi wakes up in the night and goes outside. In the morning, Shiv gets tensed and continuously calls on her number. Amol cries for his mom. Alok says, she is no where in the house. Anoop comes and says she is not there. Shiv calls again. Ira brings Anandi’s phone and says it was fallen beneath the bed. Anoop says, how we will find her? Subhadra says, why you are getting tensed. She might have went to temple. She says, she will come to eat my prasad. Daddu shouts at her.

Subhadra says sorry and thinks it is prasad’s effect. Amol cries and asks Shiv to bring Anandi home. Shiv wonders where she went. Anandi is sleeping on the rooftop of the house. She wakes up and gets shocked. She wonders how she came here.

Saachi tells Suman that she kept the clothes for drying. Saachi tells Vivek that he made her independent. Vivek says, I will drop you till outside. Suman gives her sugar and curd. Saachi leaves.

Gehna gives the instructions to Munim ji and asks him to reach godown first. She gets call from Munim ji again. Nandu takes her tea and goes to boil it. He tastes the tea and thinks it is sugarless. He looks at the upper shelves for sugar. He opens the shelves and tries to get the box. A snake is shown there. Nandu takes the sugar and is keeping the box on its place, snake is shown again.

Nandu closing the shelve before snake can do anything. He mixes the sugar in the tea and smiles. His hand gets burnt by hot tea. He washes his hand and goes to the hall. Amol cries. Meenu consoles her. Subhadra thinks Anandi left the house. Shiv is tensed too and says he will go outside. Daddu asks, from where you will search her? He sees Anandi coming from terrace and gets shocked. Even Daddu is shocked. Amol cries looking at his mom. Anandi comes to Amol and asks him to stop crying. Shiv asks, where were you? Anandi says, she was on the rooftop. Anoop says, you was not there.

Anandi says, she was sitting near the water tank. Shiv asks, what you were doing there? Anandi thinks to hide the truth and lies to everyone that she went there to have fresh air then fallen sleep. Subhadra thinks, is she saying truth? Amol asks her not to leave him alone. Anandi says sorry and promises not to repeat it. She apologizes to everyone. Anoop says, we all were tensed about you. Ira says, she didn’t do it intentionally. Anandi goes to bring tea for Shiv.

Nandu brings tea for Gehna. Gehna scolds him and asks him to complete the home work. Nandiu says sorry and gives tea. Gehna smiles and gets touched by his gesture. She sees burn on his hand and asks? Nandu says, it is nothing. Gehna is pained to see his hand burnt. Nandu says, it was his fault. Gehna hugs him and goes to bring medicine.



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