24 October Thursday Update on True Love


24 October Thursday Update on True Love

Yuvi talking to Icha, He tells her your son is not with you, your husband is not with you, your whole family is not with you… do you know why?
Because you don’t know the value of your loved ones, you don’t care for your loved ones.
You want your own blood to get punished, you want to send your own son to jail… but what about these strangers (pointing at Jogi’s family) whose mistakes you didn’t even think about?
From childhood till now, I didn’t have a mother at all… I only had my mother’s name… and a relation with that name… today you’ve broken that name-sake relation as well.
Icha cries.
Yuvraj leaves the room, Gunwanti leaves after him.
Umed comes to Icha and says, Icha beta, what you did was exactly right. I am proud of you. I am ashamed of what my grandson did… and want to apologise to all of you.
Umed also goes out.
Mukta thinks, Icha Maa didn’t hesitate today either… she took side of the truth today like she always does. I wish Papa and Maa were here too.

Meethi has the pooja thali in her hands and is following Tapasya. Tapasya stops and half-turns with her face covered. Meethi says, you’ve lost something and you don’t even know. Tapasya says, I have lost a lot in life. Even time has been lost to me.
Meethi says, sorry I only meant this thali. You left it back there.
Tapasya says thanks… Meethi says, no one says thanks for the thali.
Meethi goes away and talks to Vishnu.
Tapasya thinks she looks exactly like Icha!

Rathore comes up to Tapasya and sees her crying… he gets worried and asks her what happened? Tapasya points towards Meethi.
Rathore says this is Meethi, Ichaji’s daughter. She looks exactly like Ichaji, but she hates her.
Tapasya is shocked to hear.

He says, you wanted to send something for Mukta?
She gives him a prasad bowl and says give it to all of them, but don’t tell them I sent it or they won’t even touch it.
Rathore says, and what would I tell them? That I went to the temple and got this?
Tapasya says, no one will laugh at you… just tell them you went to the temple today to pray for your daughter. Can’t you do this much for our daughter?
Rathore’s hands are shaking when he takes the prasad… Tapasya asks why are your hands shaking?
He says, the one you hold for support, sometimes it becomes your weakness.
He asks her to look after herself and to call him if she needs anything and leaves the temple.

Jogi and family waiting outside the court, all tense and worried. Jogi says to Icha, Mukta and Yuvi both used to play in our house at one time. One was your adopted daughter, and the other was my daughter’s son… and today…
Damini says, don’t know what to do? One court is here and the second court is up there (looking at the sky).
But God has always put Icha in the witness box, everyone has blamed her, everyone thought wrong of her… but today, her son, her own blood…
Divya says, each moment felt like a century when they asked those questions to our Mukta and we had to listen quietly.
Nani says, it was God’s will so it happened.
Mukta says, it’s all my fault.
Icha says, it’s not your fault… Geeta says, when two loved ones are in front of you, then always take the side of the truth.

A lawyer comes and tells them your lawyer has called you back inside, it’s time for the hearing.
They start going inside when Rathore comes and calls Mukta. Mukta hugs him and says thanks for coming.
He says, how could I not have come? He gives the prasad to Mukta and she asks what is it?
He says it’s someone else’s prayer, someone else’s faith and someone else’s trust… and my hope.
Mukta eats it. Lawyer calls them again… and Mukta asks Rathore to come inside.
Rathore says, you go on, I’m standing right here. I will listen from outside. If I come inside, there will be another case (LOL). I don’t want to see his face. Everything will be alright.

The judge comes and sits down. He says, this court praises the courage of Mrs. Icha Bharti. She didn’t take her son’s side in the fight for a young woman’s justice. After looking at everything, it has been proved that Yuvraj Singh Bundela tried to rape Mukta Rathore. The court gives 5 years punishment to Yuvraj. Gunwanti cries, Icha is shocked. Gunwanti looks killingly towards Icha.
Judge adjourns the court and leaves… all the people leave too.
Both families are still there. Police puts handcuffs on Yuvi and he picks up his hands and looks at Icha through them. He walks past his own family.
Then yells at Icha, you got what you wanted? Are you satisfied now? God gave a mother like you to me, but I wish no one gets a mother like you. I will never forgive you… never forgive you Icha Bharti. Police take him away. Damini/Jogi crying.
They’re all leaving when Gunwanti yells “Icha”. She’s about to slap Icha when Damini stops her hand.
She says, don’t you dare hit my daughter, Gunwantiji. If Yuvraj has gone to jail today, it’s not because of my daughter, but because of you. Because of your love and bringing up. If you had slapped Yuvraj in childhood, then we wouldn’t have to see this day today.

Gunwanti trying to slap Icha and Damini holding her hand. She says, don’t you dare hit my daughter.
If Yuvraj has gone to jail today, it’s because of you not my daughter. It’s because of the way you brought him up. If you had slapped Yuvraj in childhood this way, then all of us wouldn’t have had to see this day today. She puts Gunwanti’s hand away and Gunwanti gives murderous looks to Icha then leaves the courtroom.
Umed comes to Jogi’s family, folds his hands and leaves.
Jogi asks Icha to go. Icha asks them all to leave and she will come later. She wants to be alone for a little while. Jogi takes Mukta and Nani/Divya also leave the room. Damini starts going, then hesitates but Icha asks her to leave so she does too.
Icha remembers Yuvi on her feet apologizing for his mistake, then remembers him cursing her when he got the punishment. She cries and looks at the “Satyamev Jayate” symbol. Song in the background.
She remembers feeding Yuvraj when he was with Rasya. She sits on the floor and cries uncontrollably.

Rathore gets a call on his phone and says Congratulations, your daughter got justice. It’s a big day for her. Tapasya on the other side is happy that her daughter got justice. Rathore says, but no one is happy. Ichaji is fighting with her grief. She’s just like me and cannot share her grief with anyone. I can’t wipe her tears even though I want to. She just gets left alone all the time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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