25th March Monday Update on Young Love


25th March Monday Update on Young Love

Jagiya reached gangas home at Mangalore. Ganga is surprised. She called him inside. Ghanshyam greeted him n asked his well being. He went to bring tea for him as J wanted. Ganga gave him glass of water. When ganga asked him how he is here, J told her that he wanted to come here with her that day also. Ganga replied no one will like him coming here. J replied he didnt do any wrong thing by coming here but if she felt bad. Ganga cut it by saying nothing like that. Jagiya gave her all the gifts from haveli. He gave a gift for mannu too. Ganga was emotional seeing sattu from DS. Jagiya asked her abt the fast as she is nomore with rattan singh. Ganga said once a girl started the teej fast she cant stop till her death.

Saanchi called DS. She informed ds that she is fasting for teej n she needs her blessings. Ds is very happy n asked her to call her often. Ds informed sumi abt saanchis fast. Sumi got irritated on jagiya that he went to gangas place forgetting all things. Here saanchi was happy with her pretending drama. Ds came to gehena n gave her food to eat. When gehena replied abt her fast, Ds asked to eat for babys sake. Basant too asked her to eat otherwise she will get dss scolding.

At KB, anandi was showing saanchi how to make sattu. She told her its not necessary to keep fast for every gorl. Its just a way to show the affection n love towards her husband. So if she wants then she can have fruits or milk, there is no need to fast forcefully. Saanchi refused saying her feelings is much stronger for J than her hunger but in mind she was thinking it will be her first n last fast. She will never do it again. Anandi went out of kitchen to ask something to nathu. Saanchi wanted to eat the sattu but stopped.

At KB hall, shiv told anandi that he will come late as he has some meetings. Dadu scolded him saying then how will he break fast of anandi. Shiv smiled n left saying he will try to come fast. Saanchi asked anandi how she didnt tell her that husbands break the fast, she wud have called jagdeesh. Anandi told that he can break the fast only after their marriage. But Saanchi made her mind that j will break her fast anyhow.

Saanchi called jagiya n told that she is fasting for him n wanted him to break her fast. Jagiya stunned first then told that he was at Mangalore n went to meet ganga. Saanchi was furious n asked him rudely what relation he has with ganga or he has any affair with her. Jagiya shouted at her n cuts the call. Then he kept the cool n called her again. He said he has some responsibility towards ganga n for that only he came there. saanchi was still furious but didnt say anything.

Saanchi took some fruits in anger n came to hall where ira was asking anandi abt teej preparation. saanchi started eating. Anandi n ira stunned. Anandi asked her how she is eating as she is keeping the fast. Saanchi thought if she will say the truth then again her n js rista will be in problem. So she lied that she cudnt control the hunger n tahts y she was eating. Anandi was bit confused recalling her words where she refused to have fruits. Saanchi again said she is not strong like her. Anandi said its understandable as its saanchis 1st teej fast.

Jagya asks Ganga why she is cooking for him when it’s her fast today, they could have ordered from outside. Ganga says, you should always try to cook by yourself for the guests. Jagya says, there is Anandi whom no one can beat in talking, and then there is you as well. Both glare at each other. The doorbell rings.

Jagya’s friends are at Ganga’s house. They tell Jagya that Ganga is very bright. They continue their conversation. Ganga gets surprised when Jagya’s friends say that he was doing a lot of masti in college. Then there comes topic of Gauri. Jagya says he has left his past behind. His friends then ask him why he doesn’t go for MS degree. Jagya says it’s not his age to study anymore. His friends tell Ganga that he used to be most intelligent student in their class, but still didn’t finish MS. Ganga tells Jagya that he should finish his studies. When she can start studying at this age, then why can’t he finish his. His friends agree with Ganga. Jagya now says he will think about it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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