26th March Tuesday Update on This is Love


26th March Tuesday Update on This is Love

Ruhi talking to Adi about work. Mihika says she started keeping herself busy. Ishita says I want her to stay in front of us. Aaliya goes to Ruhi and takes the phone to talk to Adi. Mihika takes the phone and asks Adi to tell Romi to settle in Bangkok, are they not ashamed, they should be here in marriage time. Simmi looks on. Mihika says we will also go on trip after Bala’s marriage. Ruhi asks them to give her phone.

Amma comes and asks Ishita about her plan for Bala and Kiran. Ishita says sorry, I promised we will do mehendi today, but we are not capable. Mihika says don’t worry, Ruhi will see all arrangements. Amma asks Ruhi to do something. Ruhi says no, I have to go office, there is much work, please manage, I have to go. Ishita says sorry, I promised

Amma, but we are not able to, you can arrange such a big function, atleast think of Shitija, else leave it. Ruhi agrees.
Mihika says I planned a surprise for Kiran, but I will tell later. Ruhi says we will plan later, I have to go office. Ishita thinks just keep smiling Ruhi. Ruhi manages the arrangements. Amma thanks Ruhi. Everyone meets Kiran. Shitija and Ruhi talk to Ananya. Pihu gets Riya’s call. Ruhi hears her. She thinks Pihu didn’t invite Riya because of me, I have to become strong, why is this affecting me. Ishita asks what happened, come and enjoy. They all dance on mehendi hai rachne wali…..Ishita gets Bala’s call. She says Amma said sangeet and mehendi should be there, so we kept the functions, Kiran is here and enjoying. Bala says yes, I had a meeting with interior decorator, I m stuck with lawyer here, can you go and meet him.

She says why not, send me the address. He thanks her and asks her to go quickly. She tells Amma that she is going to do Bala’s work, its imp. Shitija goes to feed Kiran. Ruhi attends some work calls. Mihika gets a call and asks the lady did she reach. She tells everyone that the surprise has come. She asks the lady to come. The lady greets everyone. Mihika shows the surprise, floral jewelry. Kiran likes it. Mihika says this is Shrishti, she has made this jewelry. Ruhi sees Shrishti and asks her what is she doing here. Mihika asks what happened. Ruhi says she is Nikhil’s new GF. She asks Shrishti to leave from her house. Shrishti goes. Aaliya goes after her.

Ishita meets the interior decorator. He says Bala called me and said you are coming to meet me, I know women well and understand what’s in their heart. She says great, we want you to create more space in Bala’s house, can you just hurry up. He says I have to go, you check the catalogue and select the design. The man tells her about Rishi Wadhwa. She thinks of Shagun’s words. Aaliya confronts Shrishti for coming to disturb Ruhi. Shrishti scolds Aaliya. Aaliya says he said he loves Ruhi and now you are his GF, he is not a nice man, he is no more my friend, stay away from Ruhi. Shrishti says what nonsense, just stop it, I m not his GF, he is just my friend, he saw that girl and said we will do acting to be a couple, get this filth out. Aaliya apologizes. She asks for a favor to tell this in front of Ruhi. Shrishti agrees and goes to attend a call. Ishita sees Rishi talking to Nikhil and thinks what’s Nikhil doing here.

Nikhil goes. Ishita asks Rishi how does he know Nikhil. Rishi says he is Nishid, I don’t have time to argue, I m getting late, I got an emergency call. She says you had a meeting with me. He says sorry, I will come your home and see the space, don’t worry. She says I don’t have time to find why he is lying, let him come to Amma’s house. Raman and Bala are on the way. Raman asks is he happy, marriage date is fixed. Bala says Ishu has convinced Shravan. He gets Pihu’s messages and sees Kiran’s mehendi pics. He says girls are so efficient, they did mehendi and sangeet, and we couldn’t do bachelors party, don’t tell girls, else they will pull our leg, Ishu will make fun of you. Raman says I won’t say. Bala thinks I hope Mihika didn’t say anyone.

Amma asks Aaliya where did she go. Aaliya asks for Ruhi. Amma says Mihika took Ruhi to room, she is disturbed. Mihika asks what did Shrishti say, I would have not called her if I knew this. Aaliya says no its good, she will come and tell everything. She goes to see and says where did Shrishti go, it means she has lied to me, she is Nikhil’s GF.

Aaliya tells Ishita that Shrishti has run away, maybe she lied and ran away. Ishita says I don’t understand, I have seen Nikhil talking to Rishi, then Rishi lied, don’t know why, are they together trying to hide Pooja’s sister’s truth, Ruhi can’t know anything. Neelu calls them. Ruhi asks Pihu to wash off the mehendi. Pihu says it should get dark, I want a good husband. Mihika asks Ruhi did she not apply mehendi. Ruhi says no, I m fine. Mihika and others dance. Aaliya sees Ruhi and says we will not let Ruhi get upset.

Kiran showing her mehendi to Ishita. Ishita also gets mehendi applied. Raman and Bala come and look on. Mihika says boys did the party, now its our turn, we should have some fun, I was thinking of some rocking party. Bala thinks Raman will know I told Mihika about our party. Mihika says I heard some people hear classical music on bachelors party. Raman sees Bala. He says we will be gone. Mr. Bhalla and Appa say we didn’t tell anyone. Bala says you are guilt conscious, so you are thinking. Raman says we have to find out, Appa you talk to mum and find out.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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