25th November Monday Update on Young Love


25th November Monday Update on Young Love

Gehna coming to Dadisaa and asks her to come with her and see. Dadisaa gets worried and goes to check. She sees Jagya and Niranjan making juice. Jagya asks Ganga to make Dadisaa sit. Jagya asks her to wait for 2 mins as he is cooking food. Dadisaa asks what is the need for you to cook food. Jagya says I wants to be a good cook too. Nandu makes Dadisaa sit. Ganga praises Jagya and smiles. Dadisaa asks him to get paneer tikka fast. Jagya serves it in the plate. Dadisaa and Gehna taste it and smile. She praises his cooking skills.

Anandi knocks on the door and asks Amol to open the door. Ira and Meenu too insist him to open the door. Shiv comes and asks Amol to open the door. Amol opens the door and comes out. He says sorry and tells that he is angry with Papa. He says you didn’t take us on picnic. Daddu asks what shall you Papa do now. Ira says Shiv shall take us for picnic. Anandi and Daddu say ok. Shiv agrees and hugs Amol.

Next morning Amol asks everyone to get ready as they have to leave for picnic. They come with the stuff and plan to enjoy the picnic. Daddi calls Alok. Alok comes and says lets go. They are seen in the bus happily enjoying. They reach the picnic spot and settles down.

Then they play cricket. Shiv and everyone enjoy the game. Saachi tells that she is not out while batting, but Vivek says she is out. Saachi bats again. Daddu tells that he is happy as Anoop is happily enjoying the picnic forgetting his tension. Subhadra thinks to remind him and thinks to do something. Daddu praises Saachi for getting promotions in office. Shiv says Vivek is behind her success.

Nandu argues with his class mates for throwing stones on a tree. He asks them not to do it as his Dadisaa is around. Dadisaa comes there with her friends and throws stone on a tree to get a fruit. Nandu’s friend smiles.

Anoop asks Subhadra to give him lassi bottle. Subhadra checks and says it is not there. Anoop calls Meenu and asks her to check. She checks and tells him that it shall be here only. Subhadra says Alok came last. Alok brings juice for Amol. Anoop asks him where did you keep the lassi bottle. Alok says it is kept in fridge. Anoop gets angry and asks why didn’t you bring it here. They argue. Alok gets angry too and asks him to shut up. Everyone get tensed. Anandi interferes. Anoop asks her to stay out of it. Alok asks him not to get angry on Anandi. Anoop asks Meenu to come with him now. He says I won’t stay here for a second. Daddu tries to talk to him but in vain. Anoop leaves. Subhadra gets happy and thinks she has done a big work. She thinks to fulfill her revenge.

Nandu on the way to home. Murli comes and greets Nandu. He tells that he helps his father so couldn’t attend school. Nandu looks at Murli’s father who asks him to give the vegetable to the lady. Murli sells the vegetables. Nandu gets sad.

Anoop asks Meenu what I shall have done. I should have argued with Alok Bhaiyya. I know I don’t hold any value in your eyes. Meenu says I don’t know why you are dragging the issue. Anoop says that Alok wants to make me realize that I am not important for him. Alok comes with family and says you are saying right. He thanks him for making the picnic memorable. He says Amol did a mistake for asking to go on picnic. Anoop says it is your mistake bhaiyya as you thinks I am worthless. He goes to his room. Everyone look tensedly. Subhadra asks what happened to him. Meenu says he is angry at himself. His empty mind is making him do this. He will behave this way until he is free. She apologizes to everyone. Ira consoles her. Daddu asks Alok to say sorry to Anoop. Alok refuses to apologize. Subhadra gets happy. She says someone serve me tea please. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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