25th Oct Thursday Update On True Love

25th Oct Episode

Gunwanti telling Damini on phone that they got the dryfruits but from next time onwards no need to send these cheaper stuffs ;Damini puts down the phone and is worried and asks Pushkar whether he got everything properly on which Pushkar puts all the blame on Damini since she only asked the driver to deliver the dryfruits to Bundela house as that was her responsibility.

Veer takes Ichha to a shopping mall so that he can introduce his new client to Ichha ;Ichha is pleasantly surprised to see Satya as Veer’s new client ;Ichha then sees Satya’s sister Saanchi and decides to surprise her by closing her eyes from behind when Saanchi freaks out in terror and pushes Ichha ;So then Satya comes and tells Saanchi that this is Ichha and her hubby Veer whom we met earlier on which Saanchi recognises them and also says sorry to Ichha; Saanchi then tells Ichha that she is scared of darkness and so she freaked out ; After this both Veer and Satya asks the ladies to go for shopping while they will have some business chat..(I still fail to understand the purpose of Satya and Saanchi’s character in the show )..

At Bundela house, Tappu is roaming happliy in the corridoor when Nani comes and tellls Tappu in anger about how Veer and Ichha hv gone out for shopping on which Tappu with a smile tells Nani that she is no more worried about these small things because now she has understood that one day Veer will himself come back to her In the shopping mall,Saanchi asks Ichha to buy something for her hubby on which Ichha tells Saanchi that till now she has never done any shopping for Veer since he himself selects his own clothes ;So then Saanchi pushes Ichha to go ahead and buy some stuffs for her hubby now ;Finally both Saanchi and Ichha selete few clothes for Satya and Veer respectively.

At Jogi’s house,Pushkar informs Jogi about how Gunwanti was upset with the cheap dryfruits quality that was delivered in their house by Damini ;Poor Damini is also present there and tells Jogi that she had checked everything before sending them to bundela house on which Pushkar tells Jogi that Damini is good with all the cooking and house related work but such type of responsibilities should not b given to her from now on as this will put our family reputation to shame in front of our Samdhis ;Hearing this Jogi doesn’t react much and tells Pushkar that he will look into this matter; After saying this Jogi walks away from there on which Pushkar is again pissed off and tells to himself that even after so much fiasco,Jogi doesn’t say anything to Damini..its high time Divya didi comes back and sees what is happening here (I think Jogi got a doubt on Pushkar )

Satya and Veer r shown roaming in the shopping mall searching for their respective sister and wife ;While searching,Veer comes across a baby toy shop and decides to buy something ;Just then Ichha sees Veer buying something from that shop and goes towards him ;Ichha is very excited to see Veer buying toys but she tells Veer that “Right now they won’t buy anything for Tappu’s baby because its considered apshagun to buy anything for the baby before delivery but once the baby takes birth they will do lots of shopping for Tappu’s baby” Hearing Ichha’s words,Veer gets a bit frustated and tells Ichha that he wanted to buy something for their baby and not anyone else ..;Ichha is surprised to hear this ..

Just then Satya and Saanchi comes there and congratulate Ichha and Veer since they feel that Ichha is expecting as both were buying toys in baby shop ;Both Veer-Ichha r shocked and dunno how to react.

Saanchi thinking that Ichha is pregnent seeing her and Veer buying toys and so she congratulates them on which VeerIchha feels embarassed in front of Satya and Saanchi ;But Saanchi goes on telling Ichha about how she saw in films that during pregnency girls feel like eating khatta ;Saanchi goes on with her blabbering when Veer tells Satya and Saanchi that Ichha is not pregnent ;Ichha then tells them that they were buying toys for one of their friend’s baby on which Saanchi and Satya understands and finally they leave from the mall …READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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