26th February Tuesday Update On True Love


26th February Tuesday Update On True Love

Jogis car gets stuck and he sees damini on the road waiting for an auto in the rear view mirror. He gets down and calls her name. She sees him and starts walking away. He follows and catches up and asks her if she is so angry that she did not hear him calling her. She says nothing. Jogi says if she forgot everything of 20 years, she has given so much to his house, took care of tapu and managed Divya and him, and he thinks he has a right to know why she is evading him.

Damini says she did not want to complain to him about his wife but now that he is in front of her she cannot control herself. She says she bore all insults from every member of his family for 20 years yet kept quiet but when her character was questioned she could not stop herself. She goes onto saying that he should ask thakurain if her duties for 20 years were not good, or if she replied back ever for all of nani and Pushkars cheap insults, in fact she gave away her daughters suhaag dress on her wedding day too, whether all this was not enough to malign her character?

Jogi is apologetic but Damini says he need not ask for forgiveness infect she joins her hands and says she is sorry that she thought she could be family with thakurs. She should have understood that difference and she and her daughter have lost a lot because of that. Her daughter lost her family and her husband only because she wanted to bring out the truth about tapu. She says she will never forget how jogi gave Ichcha a fathers love, but now there is no looking back.

She mentions how last time he had a heart attack when she tried to leave and that’s why she left without a word this time. She suggests not to come looking after them. She goes in an auto while jogi says from behind that veer has realized his mistake and that tapu does not live with him anymore.

Damini comes home and is upset she insulted jogi in the middle of market and told everything which she hasn’t told Ichcha either. She feels bad that jogi did so much for them and yet she could not control her emotions and anger.


Tapu is sleeping while rats is getting ready. He goes and kisses her on the forehead, she wakes up and asks him about early readiness. He says he always wales up early exercises and has meetings. He will be back for lunch and that they have to go for a party the dress for which is with dai ja. He does mention if she would come with him to the party but before she could say anything he takes it as a yes. He then plants another kiss on the forehead saying now she is awake, she smiles and he leaves.

Nani comes in all praises for the kingly rats. She tells tapu how he is authoritative and how she feels she married tapu to a prince. She goes on praising rats about his hospitality for her. She asks tapu about where she went yesterday which she evades. Nani advises tapu to not be so careless now even if rats loves her lots she needs to be sincere in the relationship. She compares rats with VSB that he did not have courage to make decisions and to keep relations, for every small thing he looked out for Mai or Ichcha. A husband should be like rats, tapu gets a headache with nanis words and decides to get coffee. Nani asks her to get ready and behave like a queen. She says she will check on her coffee.

Damini is in queue for milk as she spent the night thinking about Divya and jogi, and could not wake up on time. Kanha must be troubling Ichcha for milk and she is so late. She buys milk and then runs behind the previous person in queue to give back his paper. She spots ichchas photo and the message. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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