26th July Friday Update on This Is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita getting shocking seeing the lemons and chillis in the tiffin. She calls Neelu and asks her what did she pack. Neelu says I have packed food. Ishita asks Amrita about it. She sees Sonakshi Gupta’s bag and thinks. She says I did the puja for her. Amrita asks are you fine, I will check with the reception. Ishita says its fine, do one thing, ask the delivery boy about the tiffin. She cries. Ruhi asks everyone to leave, its lunch time. Raman says we have a meeting. Ruhi says no, its lunch time. She calls Shweta and says Raman shouldn’t have any disturbance. She says this is Ishita’s order for you, she knows you, you forget everything during work. Raman sits to have food.

Amrita says the delivery guy said he can give us the address. Ishita says fine, I will go fast. Amrita says I will come along, please, you look worried. They leave. Raman reads…. don’t shout on Ruhi and staff, I told Ruhi to discipline you, have food, let staff have food too. He smiles and says Ishita knows me so well, its her first day at clinic, I will surprise her. He calls Ishita. He says she is not answering. He calls the clinic. The receptionist says Ishita was worried, her tiffin was exchanged, she went to meet the delivery guy. Raman says what. Ruhi says maybe she went for emergency, have food. He thinks what’s the matter.

Mihika asks Aaliya about the pics and shopping. She makes her sit and asks are you upset because of Roshni. Aaliya says yes, we didn’t enjoy in London, Adi wasn’t with me, he was with Roshni, when Romi had that diamond problem, Adi was with Roshni, I was with Amma on this trip, everyone was praising Roshni there for her success, I appreciate that, the way Adi ignored me, I really felt bad. Mihika says I have a solution, Adi liked Roshni as she went to London and is working there, even you were such at some point in life, work is crucial for one’s betterment, you should join office, your misunderstandings with Adi will end. Aalua says it will get weird for me. Mihika says so what, Ruhi, Adi and Romi will be there, you can do it, I will speak to Romi, he will help. Aaliya says no need, I will talk, thanks. Neelu gets a plant.

The man says this is the house from where I picked the tiffin. He goes. Ishita looks around and goes to knock the house. Amrita says we shall leave. Ishita says no, its imp to know, you can leave if you want. Amrita says I will stay with you. Raman comes to clinic and asks lady if Ishita came back. The lady says Ishita went with her assistant, she is new here, I don’t have her number. Raman scolds her. He says sorry I m just worried for Ishita. Ishita knock the door. A woman opens the door and scolds her. Ishita says Sonakshi… the woman asks how do you know her. Adi says I forgot the file, I should get it fast. He sees Roshni watering the plants. He says Roshni, you…. when did you come, don’t throw water at me, I have to go for meeting. He smiles and says you didn’t listen. He says where did she go, she was here, who is throwing water at me. He sees Aaliya and shouts are you mad, I have to go for meeting. Aaliya apologizes. They argue.

She says I decided I will go office. Adi asks why, is there anything which I can’t give you. She says you mean women should work only when they need money, everyone should use their talent and education. He asks her to stop it. She says I want to make my own identity. He jokes on her. He says your identity is that you are Aditya Bhalla’s wife. Raman looks on and asks really, I m ashamed Adi, you are a pathetic thinker, you respect Ishita, she is my wife but also a doctor first, that’s her identity, its Aaliya’s favor that she is your wife. He says Aaliya you don’t need Adi’s permission, his identity is by me, I own the company he works for, I want you to join the office. He asks Adi to go office and handle all the meetings. Adi says clients want to meet you. Raman says go and make me proud. He goes. Aaliya asks Adi if he needs any help. Adi says no need and goes angrily. Simmi comes to Mihika’s room. She says this is the right time, I will look for envelop. She gets Ishita’s pic with her face color-lined, and says who hates Ishita so much, I have to tell Parmeet.

Ishita says I got Sonakshi’s tiffin. The woman hurts her and says how did you get it. A girl comes and says mom stop it, are you fine, mom is not mentally stable, I m Sonakshi Gupta, who are you. Ishita asks what, actually, I got your tiffin, there were strange things in it. Sonakshi says yes, mom does that for my protection, she believes in superstitions. Ishita says sorry I disturbed you. She sees the cab driver’s pic with garlands and gets shocked.

Ishita getting shocked seeing the cab driver’s pic. Sonakshi says he is my brother, he died in a car accident. Ishita says so sorry, I had travelled in his taxi, I had to go to airport, there were strange things happening, I went London few days back, I went to airport in his taxi. Sonakshi says how can this happen, he died two years back. Ishita asks what. The old lady says its his spirit, he won’t leave you, be careful, everything will be ruined. Ishita and Amrita leave. Ishita recalls their words. She says I had seen that man. Raman asks Neelu did Ishita come. She says no, she called to ask about lunch box. Ishita comes. He says I was worried, is everything fine, inform me and go. She says sorry, come to room, I shall say. They go. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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