26th July Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts at Anand dham old aged home. Suhasani sings the bhagan while all the old age home residents join in the prayers. They praise Suhasani’s singing bhajan. Anandi comes. Kaka praises Suhasani’s bhajan. Anandi says, I hope you took good care of Suhasani ji. Kaka says, she was sad but we made her dance. Anandi asks, did you like Anand Dham. Suhasani says, I have to return to Mumbai. Anandi asks, who are there in Mumbai? They betrayed and left you here. Why do you want to live a insulted life. Suhasani says, you can’t understand my pain. Anandi says, I understand your pain. You are not alone. She tells the story of Dilip Kaka.

Dilip Kaka says, my sons have named my property on their name and then threw me. Kusumji says, my daughter in law made me a servant and insulted me. I was broken. One of my friend suggested Anand Dham. Suhasani says, I don’t want to listen anymore. My son loves me a lot. He won’t do anything with me. She goes inside. Anandi says, let her be alone for sometime. Suhasani sees her family pic and says I am ready to beg you. Please take me back in your life. She kiss on the photo and cries.

Suhasani comes to Anandi and says I have understood. She says, I have decided to spend rest of my life here. Anandi smiles. Everyone applauds for her. She says, your words helped me to take my decision. I can’t get insulted anymore. I will be happy. I want to go to Mumbai for the last time. She asks Anandi to come with her.

Makhan Singh comes and returns 2000 Rs to Basant. Basant feels ashamed as he suspected Nandu. He hugs Nandu and says sorry. Basant asks him to keep the money with him. Mannu comes with Ganga and Jagya. Dadisaa and everyone are happy. Nandu gives him new bat and ball. Jagya says, play with her later. Let him rest now. Dadisaa asks Ganga to take Mannu to the room. Sumitra asks Ganga to take care of Mannu. Ganga says, Jagya will handle him. She goes to the kitchen. She thinks I have to maintain distance with Mannu.

All the Shekhar’s sit for having dinner. Saachi cooks the food. Everyone get mesmerised by the flavour. They start eating. Ira says, how did you think to make Mumbai special dish? Saachi says, Bhabhi talked about Suhasani ji. Anandi tells Daddu that Suhasani ji agreed to stay at Anand Dham, but wants her to come with her. Shiv asks, why you? Anandi says, I couldn’t refuse her. Daddu says, ofcourse you shall go. Shiv offers to come with her. Anoop says, leave not granted. You are a collector. You are not going with Anandi and that’s final. Anoop says, I will go to Mumbai. Anandi says, you can come. Anoop asks for Meenu’s permission. Meenu says, you go with Anandi. Saachi asks them to eat the Puri. Daddu praises the dish.

Ira is happy that Saachi is learning new things from net. Shiv looks upset. Anandi packs her bags. She tells Shiv, you don’t want me to go. It seems you aren’t happy. Shiv says, you didn’t ask me to come. Anandi says, I will be happy if you come along with me. I will talk to chote papa. Shiv says, I don’t want to come. He asks her to do one work. He asks her to bring Vada Paav from Mumbai. Anandi looks stunned. Shiv says, why I would stop you? I want you to meet people. We can spend time together whenever we are free. Anandi says, you scared me. You will get punished too. She asks him to drop her to the airport. Shiv says done. He asks her to come back soon. Anandi looks smilingly at him.

Ganga asking Gehna to feed Mannu as she has to pack tiffin for Jagya. Gehna asks her to attend Mannu first. Ganga says, I have to cook his favourite dish. Gehna agrees and feeds Mannu. Ganga watches from far and cries as she is distancing herself from Mannu. She says, I wished you will become like Doctor Saheb. Anandi, Anoop and Suhasani come to Mumbai. They are in the car going to Suhasani’s home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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