26th September Thursday Update on Young Love


26th September Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Hardik dancing on the song Zor Ka Jhatka Dheere Se Laga. Everyone joins him and dance on the same song. Gulli smiles looking at everyone. Hardik then comes to Gulli and says he is very happy for her. He asks her to live her last day to fullest. He says, lets dance and takes her to dance.

Gehna comes and says I wake up today today. Ganga says it’s ok. Nandu asks her to give food. Gehna asks her to wait as breakfast will be ready in sometime. Nandu gets angry and goes to the room. Dadisaa asks Gehna, where is your sindoor. Gehna says, she is put sindoor. Nandu brings bindiya and places on her forehead. He asks her to wear it always. Everyone smiles. Basant says, your mom will always keep tika on her forehead. Dadisaa asks them to have breakfast fast as baraat will come.

Baraat comes. Dadisaa and everyone welcome them. Dadisaa introduces the guests to Anandi and her family. Dadisaa welcomes the groom and his family. Anandi and Ganga bring Gulli to the marriage altar. Dadisaa gets mesmerised by her beauty. Hardik too looks at her. Subhadra says to groom’s mother, I am lucky to meet you. You accepted Gulli. Groom’s mom asks what do you mean? Subhadra asks her, didn’t Gulli’s grand parents tell you everything. She says no. Subhadra takes promise from her not to tell her name to anyone and tells her everything. Groom’s mom gets shocked and informs her husband.

Subhadra looks on after ruining Gulli’s happiness. Gulli is about to sit on the mandap. Groom’s father stands and stops the pandit saying this marriage won’t happen. Everyone get shocked. He insults Gulli’s grand parents for betraying them. Dadisaa asks, what are you saying? Groom’s mom says, you have supported them in their lies. Basant asks, what nonsense are you talking about? Dadisaa asks them to say straight. Groom’s father says, you didn’t inform us about the Gulli’s molestation. Gulli gets tensed. Groom’s father says, Gulli was about to get raped by Het Singh’s son. Her grand parents didn’t tell us.

Dadisaa says, your anger is justified. I accept that they didn’t do the right thing and apologizes to them. Groom’s mom says, they can’t let their son marry her and cancels the marriage. Everyone are shocked. She asks her son to get up. Anandi tries to make her understand. She asks her to keep herself on Gulli’s grand parents place. She says, time has changed. Gulli didn’t do any mistake. Groom’s mom says, she is not great to swallow it. They leaves. Gulli cries.

Subhadra says, who will marry this girl now? Everything depend on God now. Hardik says, Gulli will get married now itself. Everyone look at him with surprise. Hardik announces that he will marry her shocking Subhadra.

Subhadra asks, are you mad? You will marry this girl? Have you gone mad. Do you know about her? She was molested by her ex fiancee. Hardik asks her not to repeat everything and says he is looking for the future with her. He doesn’t mind her past. He asks for her grand parents’ approval. He says, I am saying this as I likes her.

Gulli looks at him. Hardik asks for her grand parents’s permission. Subhadra says, you can’t do this. Hardik says, I know that I am taking the right decision of my life. He asks her to let him marry her. Gulli’s grand parents agree. Gulli cries happily. Dadisaa smiles. Anandi takes Gulli to the mandap. Hardik stops Gulli and says her sorry. He says, I didn’t take her permission and asks will you marry me? If your answer is no then this will end here. Gulli looks at Anandi who nods. Gulli nods in a yes. Hardik smiles. Hardik takes her hands in his hand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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