26th September Thursday Update on This is Love


26th September Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita saying I have got fine, you are losing to me, you have made everyone worried, you have to get fine, I want your taunts, one liners and stupid jokes. Raman is treated in OT. Everyone prays for him. Mr. Bhalla says operation will be successful. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma write the Jaap. Ishita says I couldn’t do anything for Raman. Simmi says we all are praying for him, he will be fine, trust Lord, nothing will happen to him. Aaliya gets a call and says everything will get fine, we are praying. Mihika says take care of yourself, how is Ishita. Aaliya says Ishita is acting strong, you know she is hurt. Mihika says Adi woke up, I will call later. Romi comes home. Mihika says you don’t know what happened here in your absence. He says everything will be fine. She says I will get freshen up, we will go hospital. He says no, I have some imp work. She asks what work. He says its much imp. He goes. Rajat comes out of OT. Everyone asks him how is Raman.

Rajat says calm down, operation is successful. Ishita thanks him. Rajat says I have done my duty, don’t worry, Raman is out of danger, he can go home with you soon, but… They ask what. He says I mean you can go home happily, but I have to face my wife a home, I left my anniversary celebrations. Ishita says sorry, I will personally apologize to your wife. He says relax, I was joking, she is my wife and knows my responsibilities, take care. He goes. Nurse says you take rest now. Ishita says I will meet Raman first. She insists. Amma says we all are here, go and take rest. Nurse takes Ishita.

Romi comes to meet Parmeet. Parmeet and says go and get me bailed out, what happened, just go. He sees Romi and says you here….you were abroad. Romi beats him up. Parmeet shouts for help. Romi says you tried to kill Raman, Ishita, Simmi and Pihu, I won’t leave you. Constable stops Romi. Ishita says nurse, please let me meet Raman once. Nurse says doctor said nobody can meet Raman now. Raman recalls Ishita and gets conscious. Nurse says we had to do your surgery. He says I want to meet Ishita. She says relax, your entire family is waiting, I will get her. Simmi gets Ishita. Nurse says Raman got conscious, he wants to meet Ishita, you all can meet him one by one. Ishita comes to Raman. They smile. She says I was so scared for you. He asks why, did you have doubt that I m gone. She says please… He says I won’t go easily, you have to bear me for many years. She says I m ready, do you remember what I said. He says yes, that I lost. She smiles. He asks is Simmi fine, is Pihu fine. She says everyone is fine. He falls asleep. She smiles and wishes he gets fine soon.

Ishita seeing Raman and coming out. She asks everyone to let Raman rest. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla give written prayers to keep under Raman’s pillow. They see Romi. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and cries. She asks about his wound. He says its fine, I have come back, everything will get fine now. Ruhi takes Ishita to make her rest. Romi sees Simmi. She goes and cries. Romi goes to her. She says very sorry, this is happening because of me, its all my mistake, I m the culprit, as I have supported Parmeet, I m responsible for all this, even then, they love me so much, you hurt me, I deserve this, I don’t deserve their love, sorry.

He gives her a rakhi. He says you aren’t wrong, I m happy you have returned home, I kept it safely with me, I have already forgive you. She ties him rakhi. He says everything will get fine and hugs her. Raman says I want to go home soon, can I have some water. Nurse goes to get water. He removes pillow. It falls down. He tries to get down and get the pillow. He worriedly tries to move his legs. He falls down the bed. He is unable to get up. He calls out the nurse. She comes and asks how did you fall down. She shouts to doctor. Doctor comes and helps Raman get back on the bed. The family members come in. Doctor says let me check. Raman says I can’t move my legs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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