27th November Wednesday Update on Young Love


27th November Wednesday Update on Young Love

Anandi getting a phone call. She thanks on phone and rushes to Anoop. She asks him to open the email. Anoop gets happy to see the order confirmation mail. He says like I said, our clients won’t have any problems if our quality is good. My brother thinks I am a dumbo. Anandi says you didn’t read the complete mail and says they want to complete the order with us. She says this order is big for us so I think you shall take care of the complete order. Anoop gets happy and says he is accepting this chance. He thinks to take NGO to new heights. They come back home. Anoop praises NGO women.

Subhadra thinks why Anoop is getting happy. Anoop tells about his day and praises Anandi. Daddu is happy while Alok is angry. Anoop insults Alok indirectly. Subhadra thinks Anandi splashed water on her plans. Daddu asks Anandi about her experience working with Anoop. Anandi says it is a proud feeling. Anoop praises Anandi more. Daddu tells that Anandi is his bahu. Ira tells him that they have chosen Anandi in Jaitsar. Daddu says wrong and says Shiv had chosen her. Shiv and Anandi smiles. Subhadra thinks everyone is praising Anandi. I can’t let her win. I have to do something.

Alok tells Ira that he is not angry as Anoop taunted him, but he is worried about Anandi. Ira tells that Anoop felt good working there. Alok says he will feel good until Anandi agrees to him. He will start taunting her once she refuses to agree to him. Ira asks him not to worry. Alok worries for Anandi.

Kashinathji shows the land allotment paper to Jagya. Jagya says this new land is profitable for you. He looks sad. Jagya asks what happened. Kashinath tells him that the land is already possess by someone. He says I don’t have anything now. Jagya asks him to come with him.

Saachi calls Vivek and says shall I call my boss and colleagues home for dinner. He asks about the occasion. Saachi says she have to do something for them. Vivek says ok and asks her to get neighbours’ cook for cooking as his mom is not well. Saachi says we will order food from outside and asks him to order food. She asks him to come home by 7 pm. Vivek thinks his status has lowered in Saachi’s eyes.

Dadisaa is on the way to home. She sees Jhoomer crying and asks the driver to stop the jeep. She asks what are you doing here. Jhoomer says Ramesh sir stopped me for extra class. Dadisaa asks, didn’t you give him your father’s letter. Jhoomer says I gave but he didn’t agreed. Dadisaa asks her to say what happened. Jhoomer says Ramesh sir will beat me if I tells anything and will even fail me in tests. Dadisaa says he can’t do anything and asks her to say. Jhoomer is silent. Dadisaa says I will ask him directly. Jhoomer asks her not to and tells something. A flashback is shown. Ramesh sir molests her. Dadisaa is shocked.

Jhoomer tells her that she gets scared when he touches her and shows the marks on her body. Dadisaa gets shocked to see marks on her hands. She recalls Ramesh sir giving chocolate to Jhoomer. She hugs Jhoomer and thinks what happened to humans that they do such things. She promises her that Ramesh will be punished. Jhoomer hugs her.Jagya reaches the place with Kashinath. The goons sitting there stand up and face him. Jagya tells him that this land is of Kashinath and it is not right to possess someone else land illegally. The goons shows him papers and says it is our MP Shrivastav land. Jagya sees the papers. Kashinath gets angry and says he is lying. This land is mine.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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