28th November Thursday Update on Young Love


28th November Thursday Update on Young Love

Ganga serving dinner for her family. Jagya comes for dinner and tells Ganga you didn’t inform me. Ganga says you know naa. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he has no value in his wife’s eyes. Ganga apologizes and tries to touch his feet. Jagya laughs and says it is ok. Dadisaa looks at his wounded hand and asks what is this. Ganga asks him to say. Jagya tells them about the goons forcefully possessing Kashinath’s land and tells everything. Ganga asks him why did you go alone? Dadisaa scolds him for going alone. Jagya promises to go with Police next time. He says I will take you also as goons will run seeing your anger. Ganga says he is teasing me. Dadisaa scolds him. Jagya tells him that he didn’t know that those people are goons. He determines to get Kashinath his land. Niranjan offers his help.

Saachi says, I didn’t know that my party will be a hit. She says it was enjoyable. She tells that her guests have enjoyed the party and their family members enjoyed it too. She says Papa and Mittal sir mingled well. Vivek gets bored and says he needs to sleep. He rests on the bed. Saachi gets tensed. Vivek tells her that he is tired and needs to sleep.

Jhoomer is in the class room. Ramesh sir comes there and eyes her lustfully. He closes the room’s door and goes near her. Jhoomer gets scared with his touch. He sits near her and eyes her. He takes book from her hand and touches her face. He asks her to sit in his lap saying I will teach you. Jhoomer refuses. Ramesh sir gets angry and threatens her. She sits in his lap. Ramesh sir touches her. Just then Jagya, Dadisaa and Police come there breaking the door. Ramesh sir scolds Jhoomer for sitting in his lap. Dadisaa slaps him. Ramesh sir tells Principal that Jhoomer asked him to teach her alone. Jagya asks him to cut the crap and says we saw everything. He gives a piece of mind to him and tries to make him realize his doings. He says you shall be hanged without judgement. Inspector asks constables to dragged him to Police station.

All the students throw stone on him angrily. Jhoomer cries hugging her sister. Dadisaa consoles her. Jhoomer’s sister thanks Dadisaa. Principal thanks Dadisaa and Jagya. Jagya says Jaitsar is ours. It is our duty to think about Jaitsar’s betterment. He asks him to be careful as it is about innocent children. They don’t know what is happening with him and we have to take care of them. Jagya thanks Dadisaa. Everyone applaud for her. Principal requests Jagya to teach students about sex education and so that they can differentiate between good and bad touch. Jagya agrees.

Suman talks to Saachi about the yesterday’s party. Roshan comes and asks when is the next party. Saachi laughs. Suman asks him to call Vivek. Vivek comes and asks for his coat. Saachi looks confused. She tells him that she kept two coats for ironing but forgot to give it. Vivek says third coat is dirty. Saachi says I will iron your coat in 10 mins. Vivek says you will get late. I will do it myself. Saachi, Roshan and Suman get tensed.

Anandi introduces Anoop to their accountant. She goes inside. Anoop asks the workers to work fast. Anoop tells the accountant to write new rates 300 Rs per kg. Accountant insists to speak to Anandi first before reviewing the rates. Anoop gets angry at him. Anandi comes and asks what happened. Anoop tells her that the accountant is refusing to write new rates. Anoop argues with Anandi for supporting accountant. He asks what is the problem. Anandi accepts that she is not opposed to increasing rates and says this client is their first customer so can’t increase the rates. Anoop asks why you are getting emotional. He says there is no place for emotions in business and asks accountant to write 300 Rs. Accountant refuses. Anoop gets angry. Anandi apologizes and says it is about their values. She can’t go against their rules. Anoop says ok and asks her to handle NGO. He says I won’t stay here for a moment and walks out. Anandi looks tensed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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