27th September Friday Update on True Love


27th September Friday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Mukta coming out of her college thinking she’ll go home and spend some time with Icha Ma. She’s walking on the road when Gunwanti opens her car door right in front of her and gets out. Mukta asks her what she’s doing here?
Gunwanti says, I came to give you a present. She gives her a paper and asks her to read it.
Mukta opens it, it’s a newspaper with the headline: “Jogi Thakur’s Grand-daughter – an innocent girl, or a clever beauty” (words to that effect).
She reads the rest of the story that this scandal was hidden from the media for reasons unknown. Why did she go to the hotel room alone? The article basically paints Mukta as a clever, planning girl and Yuvraj as innocent.
Mukta asks Gunwanti why she’s doing that? Everything printed on it is a lie… why are you ruining me and my family’s life? This is all a lie.
Gunwanti says, if this lie gets printed, it will become truth (not sure how it’s not printed yet since it’s already on a newspaper!)…
She asks Mukta to read further… the article will explain how you used Yuvi and what you did to him. I even have photos of the club.
It also says that you’ve been to the club many times with Yuvi and that night how you tricked him into coming to the room, closed the door, made him drink alcohol and then pretended to yell “help, help”. Then Icha came there out of the blue!!!
The question is, what was Icha doing so late at night in that very hotel? Answer me?
Mukta says, you know everything. You know the truth.
Gunwanti says, the truth is something that the public enjoys reading in a newspaper. If you fight the battle of truth or lie in the court, it takes years… I can start and finish that battle right here, right now… then you and your Icha Maa won’t be able to face the world.
Mukta asks, why are you doing all this?
Gunwanti says, I told you and your Icha Maa, that she cannot become my house’s bahu again… then again you went to Veer’s office. I can also say in the article that you and Icha want to get some money from me and Veer, that’s why you keep coming to our house and his office.
Mukta says, just because I went to his office, you’re doing all this?
Gunwanti yells, how dare you go there? What do you think? You’ll do whatever you like and I will stay quiet.
Mukta says, I didn’t say anything to him.
Gunwanti says, that’s why I brought this sample to you… to let you know that you should stop the case where it is and do not interfere in our family’s issues. Otherwise tomorrow’s newspaper will carry this headline. I will throw money like water to do that.
You don’t know the power of the Bundela family yet.
You and your family won’t be able to step out of your house… that much I can make sure! Gunwanti gives her the newspaper and says this is my last warning to you. She leaves in the car.

Nani/Rohini/Surbhi in the kitchen. Nani scolding Rohini that if you can’t do kitchen work properly, why do you bother doing it? Surbhi is listening. Rohini asks what happened?
Nani says, that poor girl went to college hungry and didn’t even take lunch with her. Rohini says, Mukta took her lunch with her.
Nani says, I’m not talking about Mukta… but Meethi.
Surbhi gets alerted!
Rohini says, Surbhi looks after her lunch… isn’t it? Surbhi smiles and says yes.
Nani says, just don’t talk about Surbhi to me. Give me some fruit.
Nani packs some fruit and says, who is worried about that girl… not her mother, not Surbhi. Everyone’s busy in their own lives.
Surbhi says, Naniji why are you boiling your blood over it? You don’t have to worry about her (Damini comes and listens to this). Surbhi says, she’s not taking her lunch for a few days… Nani says, but the elders have a duty, don’t they?
Icha also comes and asks Surbhi what happened? Why’s Nani yelling?
Nani says, no one’s worried about that girl…
She packs the lunch box and says I will go and give it to her in the college myself.
Damini says, don’t do it Mataji. You don’t need to do anything for Meethi. In any case, whatever you do, will not be for the betterment of anyone. I know you very well.
Nani asks her to stop talking… and she ignores Damini and leaves.
Icha says, why is she doing it? What does she get by lighting this fire? How should stop Nani and save Meethi from her?

Mukta sitting on a bench reading the newspaper and remembering Gunwanti’s words. She’s crying.
She remembers Rathore and meeting him for the first time.
She picks up her mobile and tries to call Rathore… gets a message that number is currently swiched off, try again later.

Veer in his office thinking about Mukta’s visit. He calls his secretary to his cabin and asks her to call that girl again and ask her if she can come and meet me again. If she can’t, ask her to talk to me on phone.
Mukta gets a call from Bundela office, she looks at the caller and thinks of Gunwanti’s words about not interfering and she declines the call.
Veer’s secretary tells him she’s not picking up the phone, but actually cut the call. Veer’s disappointed.

Meethi in a mall shopping with her friends. Her friends ask her if she likes anything? Meethi says, no I’m not here for shopping and I don’t have money to spend either.
Her friends tell her, you just pick up whatever you like, we’ll take care of the rest. Meethi gets confused and says do you have gift vouchers?
The girls say, whatever you like, just pick it up and put it in your bag… we do it all the time, on the weekends.
Meethi says, but it’s wrong, it’s stealing!
Girls say, it’s not stealing, it’s shop-lifting. Thieves do stealing.
Meethi says, I am not supporting you in this, and if you do it with me, I will make sure you get caught. They change tactics and say, we were just kidding. Meethi says, okay you shop and I will go to the washroom. Meethi leaves and her friends are annoyed with her.
One of them says, she can’t get us caught… now wait and see how I teach her a lesson!
Nani comes to the college in an auto with lunchbox for Meethi. Asks the auto-wala not to leave as she’ll come back soon. She says, now that I’ve come with the lunch, it will light a fire and it will definitely burn that chuhiya.
Behind her auto, Tej singh comes out of his car in a red suit and is telling someone on the phone that he’s at the college now.
Did the taxi come from here? I will find her.
He climbs the steps singing, Dream Girl. lol
Nani walks up the steps and Tej is right behind her.
People are giving weird looks to Tej. The college people tease him by saying Pranaam Guruji.

Nani comes to a class and says, I want to see Meethi Bharti… but doesn’t find her so she leaves. She keeps looking at different classes. She asks a couple of girls and they rudely tell her, she doesn’t know. Nani bumps into Tej and the lunch box falls down.
Nani pulls the goggles off Tej and asks him if he’s blind.
She asks him to pick up the lunchbox… he says, you pick it up. Nani says, I don’t bow in front of anyone, you pick it up.
Tej looks here and there, then picks up the lunchbox. Nani gives him his glasses back and calls him ‘old man’ and goes away.
Tej gets angry that she looks old herself and is calling me old?

Nani’s looking from upstairs and sees Mukta sitting on a bench in the college compound. She thinks I will give this box to Mukta and she’ll give it to Meethi. Mukta is about to go, when she sees Nani. She asks why are you here? Nani says, I brought tiffin. Mukta says, I already have it. Nani says, not for you, but for Meethi. You already have your new mom to take care of your tiffin. Tej sees both of them talking and sees what is this old woman doing with my dream girl?

Meethi comes back to her friends… one girl distracts her and the other puts something in her back. Meethi says, I will go now, you continue shopping. She steps through the scanners and they start beeping. Everyone starts looking at her. Security lady asks her to show her the purse. Meethi says, I didn’t buy anything.
The manager asks her to show the purse because when alarm rings, we have do it.
The lady checks her purse and finds the necklace that her friend had put it in. Manager asks her if she has a receipt or payment voucher for that? Meethi says no.
Her friends at the back start saying things like you should have not done this. Didn’t you have enough money to buy it?? You could have told us, we could have bought it for you.
Manager asks Meethi to come to the security room.
Meethi keeps saying, I didn’t steal it… she’s crying and tries to explain…
Vishnu comes from the back and says, I know who did exactly what. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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