30th September Monday Update on Young Love

Gulli telling Anandi that she wants to do work and impress Subhadra. Anandi praises Subhadra and says she has the right to get angry on them. She asks her not to worry. They talk about their relation. Anandi says, I am like your maasi. Gulli recalls her childhood memory with Anandi. Anandi says, I am very happy for you and you will get everything you deserves. Gulli touches her feet and takes her blessings. Anandi hugs her. Gehna gives tea to Dadisaa and Basant. She asks Basant to drop her at the temple. Basant agrees. Gehna asks him, what to cook for him. He tells her to make khichdi. Dadisaa and Jagya ask her to make that for them. Ganga comes and gives prasad to them.

Dadisaa tells Jagya that she is worried about Gulli as she is with new family and new people. Basant says, Anandi and Shiv are with her. He says, but Subhadra is also there. He calls Anandi and gives the call to Dadisaa. Anandi tells her that she knows that she is tensed about Gulli. Dadisaa says yes. Anandi says, she is fine and happy. She is making tea now. Dadisaa says, she is relieved now. She tells her that Basant brought some tasty sweets for us. Anandi asks her to give the call to Basant. Anandi asks him to get sweets for her. Basant asks her to come to have sweets with his hands. Anandi says, very soon.

Subhadra recalls stopping Hardik from marrying Gulli. He recalls Daddu’s supporting words for Hardik and even Ira supporting them. She thinks Gulli did a black magic on Daddu’s family. She thinks Gulli is like Anandi and talks sweetly. Gulli brings tea for Subhadra and is about to touch her feet. Subhadra turns. Gulli asks her to take tea. Subhadra throws the tea cup and says she will better die than taking the tea from her. Anandi comes. Gulli makes an excuse. Anandi says, she will bring tea. Subhadra says, not needed and asks her not to show her face.

Gulli and Anandi goes from her room. Dadisaa and Basant come to the temple. Panditji says to Basant that you visits less these days. Basant says, he have to look after the work as his brother is not here. Panditji blesses him. Basant asks her to stay for aarti and goes for work. Gulli’s phone rings. She speaks to her grand parents and says she will call later. She cooks the food. She then thinks to call her grand parents. Subhadra comes and checks the food in the kitchen. She thinks Gulli prepared so many dishes in short time and thinks she can’t eat with everyone. She gets food and rotis from the plates and thinks to throw the remaining food.

Gehna prepares Sabodana Ki Khichdi for Basant and tells Nandu that your father will be happy today. Nandu goes to play. Gehna thinks she never thought she would get a lovely husband and prays God never to take happiness from her. Subhadra eats the food cooked by Gulli and thinks the food is tasty. She hears Hardik’s voice and hides the food. She pretends to be sad. Hardik comes and hugs her. Subhadra smiles and asks him not to express love. She says, I am not talking to you. Hardik says, Gulli made food for everyone and asks her to come to have food. Subhadra turns her face and agrees. She thinks I will come to see her hard work gone in waste.

Dadisaa tells all the ladies that she will wait for Basant. The ladies asks Dadisaa to hear the bhagan. Dadisaa says, she has to take care of kids. She thinks to start walking on the road as Basand would be coming to pick her. A lorry is coming from the back side, Dadisaa doesn’t hear its horn. Basant comes in his jeep and sees the lorry coming from the back side. He shouts Dadisaa to move from the way. Dadisaa gets shocked. Basant jumps from his jeep and pushes her from the way. He gets crashed under the lorry wheels. Dadisaa cries aloud for him. He takes his last breath.

Basant jumping from his jeep to save Dadisaa. He pushes Dadisaa from the lorry’s way and gets crushed under the wheels. Dadisaa gets shocked and asks the villagers to call Jagdish. Basant tells her that his time has come and says he just wants to lie on her lap. Dadisaa asks him not to speak. Basant asks her to listen to him carefully and says everything should be same as before. Nothing should be changed. Everyone should be happy. Kids should be happily playing else my soul will be…….He asks her to remember that he loves her……..He closes his eyes shocking Dadisaa. Dadisaa cries. She rushes him to the hospital. Jagya takes him to the OT. Ganga assures Dadisaa that everything will be fine. Dadisaa awaits outside the operation table and prays to Devimaa. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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