27th September Friday Update on Young Love


27th September Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Dadisaa worrying about Gulli and says Hardik is good, but Subhadra ji did a drama. She says, Subhadra is stubborn and worries for Gulli. Gehna tells her that Anandi is with Gulli and Hardik loves her very much. He will make her Dadi agree. Ganga says, Hardik is so different from his Dadi. Dadisaa says, he is like Daddu and prays for Gulli.

Daddu asks Subhadra what is this? Subhadra says, she won’t allow Gulli to enter with Hardik. Daddu says, this is a limit. What wrong they have done. Subhadra says, she won’t listen to anyone and refuses to accept Gulli as her daughter in law. She says, she won’t enter our house. Daddu asks her to use good words for her bahu. Subhadra blames Daddu for getting Shiv married to Anandi. He says, Gulli walked on Anandi’s footsteps and came here. Daddu asks her not to do any drama. He asks her to keep quiet and asks Hardik and Gulli to come inside. Hardik and Gulli are about to enter, but Ira stops them. She says, our bahu will be welcomed with all the customs. Everyone smiles except Subhadra. Daddu praises Ira. Subhadra asks everyone to celebrate her insult and goes inside. Daddu tells Hardik not to get tensed as he will handle Subhadra and asks him to start his new life happily. Meenu asks Anandi to inform Saachi and Vivek.

Basant brings new bat for Nandu and says Jagya told me how to handle the bad boys. Nandu thanks him and goes to show his new bat to Mannu. Gehna gets emotional. Basant says, what happened to you. Gehna says, she is happy and wipes her tears. Basant asks Gehna to help him with the calculations. He gives her register. Gehna looks at him. Basant says, I know that I didn’t realize your capabilities soon. He says, you are capable as Anandi and Ganga. He says, I wants you to live your life beyond this house too. Gehna looks on.

Hardik and Gulli get welcome by Daddu and family. Gulli and Hardik step inside. Saachi and Vivek comes. Vivek gives the sword to Hardik. Gulli picks all the plates as a part of ritual. Daddu asks Subhadra to complete the ritual. Subhadra goes inside her room. Meenu tells Gulli that Hardik is like their son and asks her to give the plates to her. She blesses and gifts her necklace as a shagun. Anandi hugs Gulli.

Subhadra calls her son and tells him about Hardik’s marriage. Her son disconnects the call. Subhadra then calls her daughter in law.

Anandi, Shiv, Vivek and Saachi decorates Hardik and Gulli’s room. Subhadra’s daughter in law tells her that she will send money to her and asks her to buy gift for Hardik’s wife and disconnects the call. Subhadra thinks, they are bad parents. Daddu comes and asks Subhadra to bless Gulli. He gives her Saachi’s example. Subhadra says, Saachi belongs to big house and Gulli’s mother was characterless. Daddu asks, what is Gulli’s mistake in this. Subhadra says, she doesn’t want to listen or say in this matter. Anandi says, we will have dinner and then will bring Hardik and Gulli here. They close the door. Subhadra goes inside the room.

Dadisaa puts flowers in the plate for puja. She thinks she forgot to ask Basant to bring dhoop. Basant brings dhoop surprising her. Dadisaa says, I didn’t tell you. Basant says, you shall have everything. Dadisaa hugs him and gets emotional. Basant asks, what happened. Dadisaa says, don’t know. She says, I never showed affection for you all. I have some strings attached to you. Basant says, I am also like you. I gets angry on people, but couldn’t tell you that I loves you. Dadisaa hugs him.

Alok reminiscing his marriage. Anoop says, Hardik won’t face any problem as we are dropping the room. Saachi asks Hardik to give nek to Saachi. Hardik gives her 500 Rs note. Saachi asks him to give 5000. Hardik takes out 1000 Rs and gives 1500 to Saachi. Shiv tells them a surprise is waiting for them. They open the door and find the room messed up. Daddu says, Subhadra is the culprit. Subhadra accepts to have done it. She asks Hardik to come with her and tries to forcibly takes him with her. Daddu asks her to accept the truth. Subhadra refuses. Daddu angrily asks her to go to her room. Subhadra taunts Gulli and blames her for separately her from her family. Daddu asks her to go. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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