26th September Thursday Update on True Love


26th September Thursday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Tej is asking someone to trace a car with the number plate and the driver’s name is Raghu. He says I have some really important work. He remembers Mukta in the rain.
(I think he’s trying to trace the taxi she was in).
He sings the song Dream Girl LOL!
He’s imagining the song with Mukta when Chanda touches him. He says, I was just imagining you… and you came already?
She says, you remembered me and I shouldn’t come?
Tej gets upset and says you will come in my dreams too?
At least knock on the door before coming in!
Chanda starts getting upset and says why are you talking like this?
Then Tej calms down and says, I am half owner of this haveli now, I have to think of the business etc. He leaves.
Chanda thinks he looks changed… there’s something I don’t know.
Has he put his eyes on someone else?
She says, Thakur Tej Singh, I wasted half my life on you… I will not let you get away so easily.

Icha’s in the kitchen when the doorbell rings. She asks Mukta to check the door but the bell keeps ringing.
She goes to the door and it’s Vishnu. She calls him inside.
He says, I didn’t see you in the temple today… so I thought I will bring you prasad and will get to meet you too.
Icha asks him to sit and rushes back to the kitchen.
He comes to the kitchen with her. She says no go and sit…
He says, Teacher didi, you’re the one who told me there’s nothing wrong in doing all types of work. I will make aloo sabzi because you’re making pooris. They work together.

Veer in his office talking business. His secretary comes and tells him a girl called you… but you were busy in a video conference.
Veer says I’m still in a meeting, don’t disturb me.
The secretary says, she was very forcefully trying to talk to you. She was talking about some “Teacherji”.
Veer sends the other guys outside and tells his secretary to give the girl his office address and ask her come to meet me at the office.

Mukta in her room thinking Veer would have gotten her message by now. She gets a call from Veer’s secretary saying he has called to meet you in the office as quickly as possible. She tells her I’ll be there in 1 hour.
She says, Icha Ma, I pray to God that I find the solution to all your problems in life. I will make Veer regain his memory and today I will return home when I get you back in Veer ji’s life.

Icha/Vishnu get the breakfast ready and they serve it on the table. Damini gets surprised that she got it all ready so quickly? She looks at Visnhu and says who’s he? Rohini says, a new maharaj to cook food in the kitchen? I will not have to do kitchen work now!
Icha says, Ammo, this is the same angel that saved Meethi’s life. He’s Vishnu. Everyone is happy to see him. He touches Jogi/Divya’s feet. Jogi says, how can I ever thank you. He says, I didn’t do anything to deserve a thank you. Teacherji is the one who taught me everything.
Icha says, you all saw his bravery and politeness… now taste how he cooks too. He made all this today.
Jogi tastes it and says, it’s awesome. Everyone sits down and has breakfast. Kanha and Nani are missing along with Meethi and Mukta.
Jogi asks where Kanha is?

Kanha goes to Meethi/Mukta’s room and sees them both missing from the room. As he’s about to go out of the room, a pen drops from Mukta’s writing table. He picks it up and puts it back on the table. But he sees Veer’s office address on the diary open on the table. He thinks it’s Meethi’s diary, but turns to the first page to say Mukta’s name. He says, did Mukta go and meet Veer?

Veer’s secretary tells him that girl’s here. Veer comes outside looking for her. He sees Mukta and remembers her from jail and thinks Icha telling him that she’s like a daughter to her.
Veer is surprised to see her.

Vishnu serves halwa to the family. Jogi praises him. Jogi asks him where he is from? Vishnu stays quiet and Icha tells him he was in the Satara jail pathshala. Divya and Surbhi gives weird expressions, but Jogi/Damini smile.
Jogi says, this talent, truthfulness and simplicity is hard to find in these days.
He says I’m nothing.
Damini says, whoever you are… we know you. You saved our Meethi, how can we ever thank you?
He says don’t embarrass me by praising me so much. I would like to go now. Jogi tells him to keep coming and think of it as his house.
He leaves.

Veer asks Mukta if she’s alright? Mukta says I have something very important to tell you about Teacherji. He asks her to come to his cabin so they can talk privately. He says, is everything alright? All this urgency?
Kanha comes to Veer’s office and stops Mukta from going with Veer.
He comes up to them while the entire office gathers around them.
Kanha tells Mukta what are you doing? You know very well how serious the charges on Yuvi are? And you came to meet him.
Mukta says, I didn’t come here to talk to him about that matter Bhayya.
Kanha says, legally you cannot meet Yuvi’s family member like that.
Mukta says, you’re misunderstanding me Bhayya… I didn’t come here to talk about that. Kanha says, I know what you came to talk to him about.
Veer says, maybe she came to talk to me about something entirely different. Let her talk please. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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