28th August Wednesday Update on Young Love


28th August Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Shiv telling Anandi that they shall make Buaji understand. Anandi says, she won’t listen to us. Shiv gets concerned for Amol. Amol says, I always respects her, but she ill treats me. Dadisaa gives the holy thread to Sumitra and tells the do’s and don’t. She asks Bhairov to take care of Sumitra. Sumitra asks her not to worry. Dadisaa shows the food and asks her to take it. Bhairov says, food is not allowed. We will get food in the plane. Dadisaa says, food should be home made. Basant asks him to take the food. Anandi comes and asks Bhairov to take Potato and Zeera.

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Everyone are happy. Anandi hugs them. Dadisaa blesses Amol. Amol smiles. Anandi hugs Dadisaa. Shiv looks at the food and tells Dadisaa you didn’t pack the milk. Dadisaa scolds Shiv for teasing her. Everyone laughs. Shiv greets her. Basant asks Bhairov not to worry. Bhairov asks Jagya to fulfill his new responsibility as a MLA. Jagya says yes. Sumitra and Bhairov meet everyone and leaves for the airport. Shiv says, we will go now. Anandi says, we will come next time. She hugs Dadisaa. They leaves.

Anandi comes home and sees Subhadra praying. Amol gives rose to Subhadra and says sorry. Anandi too says sorry. Subhadra says, who am I? Amol and Anandi apologize to her. Anandi and Amol leaves. Subhadra holds the flower and smiles. Anandi and Amol see her happy.

Shiv is working on the laptop. Anandi asks, why you are doing this work. Your PA have to do it. Shiv says, Rasika is behaving strangely because of her marital life. Anandi says, I can understand. Anandi says, my family is supporting. Shiv says, work is suffering and I can’t compromise. Anandi says, maa asked me to take rest. Shiv says, you take rest. Anandi smiles. She lies on the bed.

Shamer Bhai comes to haveli. Jagya greets him. Shamer says, I came to meet Maaji. Jagya takes him to Dadisaa’s room. Jagya says, I want Dadisaa to get freed of her guilt. Shamer says, she will be freed from the guilt when she wants to. She can only help herself.

Shamer asks Dadisaa to recall what is bothering her. Dadisaa says, I couldn’t forget. Shamer says, you freed him from doing sins. Jagya and Ganga listens. Shamer says, you have done a good thing. He asks her to take a deep breath and open her eyes. Dadisaa feels relieved and says I found peace. Shamer says, I will take you to some place where you will get peace and relief. Dadisaa says ok. Shamer says, your fear will go away for forever. Shamer smiles.

Shamer taking Jagya and Dadisaa to some place. Dadisaa looks at Het Singh’s house. She says, it is Het Singh’s house. Shamer says yes and asks her to come. She says, I can’t go infront of them. I killed his son. I can’t go and asks him to take her back home. Shamer says, your guilt have to come out. He asks her to apologize to them to lower her guilt. He asks her to have strength. Dadisaa comes out of the car and goes inside. Ajay’s mom opens the door. She is shocked to see Dadisaa. Dadisaa says, I came to share your pain which you got because of me. She comes inside. Ajay’s mom looks at her son’s photo. Dadisaa recollects the incident. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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