28th June Friday Update on Young Love

Anandi feeling miserable for Saachi. She thinks I couldn’t save her, couldn’t stop her doing the biggest mistake of her life. Why she didn’t agree to my sayings? She cries. Anandi then decides to support Saachi, to get her respect and self esteem back. Ganga is massaging Dadisaa’s legs. Dadisaa asks her to go and sleep. Ganga says, you will get good sleep with massage. She suggests her to let Bapusaa, Taisaa fight against the collector and chemical factory. She says, you don’t have much strength and you will be tired. Dadisaa says, I will not get tired. She says, Jagya gets tired in hospital and you get tired managing the kids.

Ira asks Saachi to eat the sandwich. Saachi is quiet. Anandi says, today she will take fruits but tomorrow she will eat regular food. Anandi makes her eat apple slices. Ira asks Anandi to take care of Amol. Anandi says, I made him sleep. Anandi says, dinner is ready. Saachi asks Anandi to sleep with her tonight. Anandi says, why not. Jagya tells Ganga that he is worried about Dadisaa. We could not make her understand but have to support her. Ganga says, Dadisaa is very happy to help the villagers. Jagya says, no one can stop Dadisaa if she decides anything.

Saachi tells Anandi that her friends didn’t call her at the hospital. They don’t care about me. Anandi asks, did you check your mobile? Saachi says, yes. Anandi tells her about Payal, who cares for her. She says, she got ready to come with me that night. She was with me when we reached the farm house. She was worried about you. We drop her home. Saachi recalls about Payal’s warning about Saurabh. Anandi asks Saachi not to trouble herself and to concentrate on her well being.

Anandi asks her to sleep and closes the light. Saachi gets dream about the MMS and screams. Anandi wakes up, Saachi tells her that he made her video. Anandi is shocked. He asks, who was he? Saachi tells her that he was Saurabh. Saachi hugs him and cries. Anandi says, he saved that video in his phone and threatened me to do the video viral if she says anything to anyone. Anandi says, we will tell everyone. Saachi says, please don’t tell anything. Anandi says, it is very important. Saachi asks her to promise not to tell about the video to anyone else she will die. Anandi promises her that she won’t say it anyone.

Inspector comes to the site and asks the supervisor to start the factory work. One villager listens to their conversation and runs to the haveli. He calls for Dadisaa and tells about the police. Dadisaa says, lets go and asks them. DSP calls Shiv and says they got order from Jaitsar collector that factory work shouldn’t be stop, but villager including haveli people are stopping the work. He says, Kalyani Devi is leading the villagers. We need your help, please explain them not to take law in their hands. Shiv says, I will call Badi Haveli now.

Dadisaa are protesting with the villagers against the factory. He asks Police to show the papers. Inspector says, I am doing my duty. Dadisaa says, you should support us. Basant gets angry. Jagya joins the protests and asks for the villager’s right. Bhairov tells Basant that lawyer will be coming here. He asks the supervisor to start the machine. Dadisaa goes and stands infront of the machine.

Dadisaa stopping the Supervisor, Police and workers and says this land is for college. I will see how to build factory on this land. Lawyer comes to badi haveli and asks about Dadisaa. Sumitra tells her that a fight have initiated at the college place. Jagya says, children’s future will be spoiled. Inspector says, I am sorry. I couldn’t do anything. Shiv calls on the landline number but no one pick the call. Shiv thinks to call Bapusaa. Saachi asks Anandi, whether it is right to confront Saurabh. Anandi says, I am sad that I couldn’t blacken his face and put a plate around his neck. But the thing is the video which is needed now. Saachi cries. Anandi asks her not to get scared with Saurabh, he is very cheap minded guy. She says, I will go and meet him. Shiv calls Sumitra. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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