28th June Friday Update on This Is Love

Everyone worrying for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to be happy. Simmi asks Mihika not to worry and get ready. Mihika says I have a small request, I want Raman to make me wear this nuptial chain, I married Romi according to Punjabi customs, I want Raman to make me wear this chain instead sindoor. Simmi says give this to me, I will give this to pandit, don’t worry, get ready quickly. Mihika smiles. Appa says where is Ishu. Bala says we will find her. Aaliya says I will call Ashok, he will help us, he will have clue about Ishita. Pihu asks Shagun is Ishita in danger. Shagun says she is fine, I lied as I wanted to stop the marriage, don’t take tension. Ruhi and Aaliya go. Shagun asks Pihu to stay here, they will find Ishita.

She sends Pihu with Kiran. Pihu asks will Ishita come. Shagun nods. She says sorry Pihu, I had to lie to you. The man asks Ishita to get quiet. Ishita says don’t lock me in here, I have to stop the marriage. He says you can’t stop the marriage, Parmeet has given me last chance.
Adi looks for Ishita. Shagun and others try to find Ishita. Ishita asks the man to let her go. He locks her and goes to Parmeet. He gives him the keys. Parmeet says go and keep an eye on her. The man checks lock. He hides from Adi. Adi calls out Ishita. Ishita asks Adi to let her out. Adi doesn’t hear her and goes. Ashok scolds servant for not waking him up when Ishita called. He calls Ishita. Aaliya calls Ashok and says Ishita is missing.

Ashok asks what, she was captive in Bhalla house, don’t worry, I will find out, nothing will happen to her. Adi asks dhol artists to stop dhol. Pihu says Ishita didn’t come till now. Ruhi asks what happened, I didn’t get Ishita. Aaliya says rasams are starting. Simmi gets Mihika/bride. Amma shouts Mihika and stops her. Raman asks them not to spoil their celebrations. Bala says this is not that Mihika we know, come lets go. Simmi says but do kanyadaan. Appa says why should we perform it when we have no relation with her. Mr. Bhalla says let them go, I will perform her kanyadaan.

Simmi says okay, pandit chant the mantras. Pihu says where is Ishimaa, dad is marrying Mihika. Bala asks Adi did he find her. Shagun says no, her phone is off too. Pandit asks groom and bride to get up and exchange varmala. Raman gets flashes. They exchange varmala. Pandit asks them to do ghatbandhan. Simmi does ghatbandhan and smiles. Raman and Mihika take wedding rounds. Simmi asks pandit to let Raman put the chain necklace instead sindoor. Raman recalls the past. He puts the chain necklace/mangalsutra around Mihika’s neck. Everyone claps. Iyers and Shagun get sad. Pandit says you are husband and wife from today. Shagun says I just hope Ishita is fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I m very happy.

Simmi makes Raman and Mihika sit. She says many people tried to stop the marriage, but it happened what we wanted. Parmeet says you manage here, I will go and see Ishita. Simmi asks everyone to come for mu dikhai rasam. Parmeet goes to the chest and says I have to get rid of Ishita and that money lender too. Bala says we should leave now. Shagun says what will Ishita go through. Parmeet hears Ishita’s voice and says poor Ishita, congrats, Raman and Mihika got married, Mihika is now your sautan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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