28th May Tuesday Update on This is Love

Adi and Aaliya talking. He says we didn’t find a tree in any nursery. They tell this to Pihu. Pihu says we don’t need to cut any tree to make a Christmas tree, we can decorate any artificial tree. They smile and praise her. They buy the tree. Aaliya thinks I know what to gift Adi. Mr. Bhalla looks for any gift for Mrs. Bhalla. She comes and complaints about Amma. He encourages him. She makes a plan and asks him to just see the drama. He says I should get ready for the drama. Ishita comes in the party. Simmi thinks her house will be vacant. She welcomes Ishita. Ishita wishes her. Pihu hugs Ishita.

Ishita gives the house keys to Amma. Parmeet looks on. Bala, Kiran and Shitija come. Ishita wishes Shagun. Shagun says Pihu looks so happy. Ishita says I m very

happy. Shagun asks whom are you finding, Raman? Why are you hiding this? Ishita smiles.
Mrs. Bhalla and Amma go to the drinks counter. Mrs. Bhalla gives her juice. Raman comes in Santa’s getup. Everyone smile. Mr. Bhalla receives a gift and keeps aside. Everyone dances on Swag me swagat….Amma drinks the juice. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to finish it. Amma goes for dance. Simmi gets keys from Amma’s purse. Parmeet dances and then leaves. Aaliya sends Pihu to Raman and Ishita. Pihu takes them aside and runs. Aaliya tells them a tradition, that the couple than ends up standing under the mistletoe after the music stops, they are supposed to kiss each other. Shagun says yes. Raman asks what’s wrong with you. Ishita says not a big deal, we will kiss. He asks are you mad, are you not ashamed. She says I m traditional. He says your parents are standing here, have some shame. She stops him and kisses on his forehead. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. everyone claps. Simmi thinks once I know about that papers, I will see you. She sees Parmeet.

Amma comes back and finishes the drink. She says its good, give me more. Mrs. Bhalla says you will be fine now. Pihu and Ruhi see gifts. Ruhi gets shocked seeing Nikhil’s gift. She goes to her room and checks the box. She finds red gloves inside. She recalls Nikhil and cries. Everyone gets their gifts. Pihu shows the gift with no name. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be mine. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to open the gift. Pihu opens the gift and asks what’s this. They all laugh seeing romantic shackles. Raman says what’s there to laugh, it shows dad and mum love each other a lot. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I wanted to show our strong bond. Raman asks them to go for dinner. ishita’s dress gets spoiled. Pihu takes her to her room. Parmeet says I didn’t get the papers. Simmi says maybe Ishita has it in her purse. Parmeet says we will get it anyhow. Raman hears them and thinks to find the papers.

Raman comes to room and sees Ishita’s purse. He checks it. Ishita asks him what is he doing, is he planning to accuse her. He says no, I have invited you here, I was just finding papers which Simmi was talking about. She tries to snatch the purse. Pihu comes and says statue. She makes them close eyes and ties the shackles. She says no one will free them now, it will be fun. They call out Pihu. Raman asks her to give keys. Pihu says no, I won’t free your hands till your fight ends. Raman and Ishita argue. He gets his phone to call someone for help. Pihu takes his phone and says I won’t release you till you both end the fight. She takes a photo of them and leaves, switching off the lights. Ishita recalls an old moment and smiles.

Raman and Ishita arguing. He asks her to come along. Pihu thanks Lord and says this was best Christmas gift. Aaliya asks where is Ishita, even Raman didn’t come. Pihu laughs and says I have locked Raman and Ishita. She shows the keys. Aaliya asks you handcuffed them, how did you do this. Pihu shows the pic. Aaliya laughs.

Raman gets itching. She asks him to remove the clothes. He asks are you mad, you stay away, you always badly eye me. He removes Santa clothes. Ishita gets scissors. Raman asks her to turn away. He gets off the costume. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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