29th May Wednesday Update on Young Love

Police coming to the hospital and kills the gangster. Pasha tells the police that he has activated the bomb and once the bomb is activated we can’t deactivate with this remote and says we have to find the bomb. Police asks everyone to vacate the hospital. Pasha requests police to allow him to stay back and says I could help in detecting the bomb as I know how these militants operate. Police signs. Pasha says we have only 10 mins. Everyone rushes out. Pasha along with the police starts searching for the bomb. Basant comes and tells Jagya that I have sent Ganga and Manna home. Jagya says I hope bomb will be found soon. Pasha says, bomb might be here…He gets the bomb and take it off from the roof. Police says only 50 seconds are left. Everyone waits anxiously outside the hospital. Pasha closes his eyes and cuts off the red wire. They take a sigh of relief as the bomb timer stops and bomb diffuses. Police comes out with Pasha and tells his superior that this man have diffused the bomb. Jagya holds his hand and thanks him for his big favour. Pasha says you have favoured on me by saving my life. They hug each other. Basant calls Bhairov and says everything is fine.

Jagya comes home and tells Dadisaa about the militant attack. Dadisaa says Devisaa saved everyone. Sumitra says Shiv called the police and sent them to the hospital. Dadisaa says Anandi and Shiv was coming but I asked them not to come. Sumitra asks Jagya to take rest with Ganga and Mannu. Daddu says Shiv should have called us by now. Alok says he might be busy. Ira says we have to worry about Shiv and Anandi and worries about Shiv. Shiv and Anandi come back, Ira asks him, are you fine? Shiv says yes maa. Shiv says we returned as Dadisaa called us and said everything is fine. Alok and Meenu says thank God. Daddu says I will call Jaitsar. Anandi asks him to call Dadisaa. Daddu calls Dadisaa. They greet each other and Daddu says Anandi and Shiv told him about the wellbeing in Jaitsar. Dadisaa gives the credit to Devisaa for everyone’s safety. Dadisaa asks about Ira. Daddu says I will tell her to call you tomorrow. Daddu gives the call to Anandi. Dadisaa tells Anandi that when I asked about Ira, your daddu got worried. Anandi says everything is fine.

Sumitra asks, is everything fine there? Dadisaa says yes. Sumitra asks her to have milk. Dadisaa thinks Ira might be worried and they are hiding sometime. Dadisaa says I have felt she is hiding something. Sumitra says we should be proud of her. Dadisaa gets worried about Anandi. Sumitra says I will talk to her. Daddu says we should talk to Ira as we can’t see her suffocated. And also Meenu is hurt as Ira is not speaking with her. Alok says Ira doesn’t want to listen. Anandi says she has shaken and needs time to overcome this. She says Shiv is same as before. Daddu says Anandi is right, we have to wait as the time heals everything. He says there is a deep relation between Ira and Meenu and they can’t stay away from each other for long.

Ira recalls Meenu’s concern for Shiv and thinks Meenu might have felt bad to see her son in someone else’s lap but she lived all these years with patience. She recalls Meenu and Alok words. She says everything is entangled. I should be thankful to Meenu but I punished her. She thinks to apologize to Meenu. Daddu says Ira have to understand that nothing has changed and she should love Meenu even more now. Meenu comes and says I came to talk water. Anandi says I will bring water. Ira comes, Saachi says, mom if you want anything, you should have ask me? Ira says nobody can give me what I wanted. She says I took long time to take this initiative. She folds her hand and apologizes to Meenu saying please forgive your big sister. She asks, can we live like before. Meenu holds her hand and says I need your love, faith and support like before. They hug and make up. Everyone feels happy except Saachi.

Ira apologizing to Meenu saying please forgive your big sister. She folds her hands. She asks, can we live like before. Meenu holds her hand and says I have not complaint to you. I need your love, faith and support like before. They hug and make up. Everyone feels happy except Saachi. Ira says sorry to her again. She asks, why did you do a big sacrifise for me. I would have been fine. She says, you would have felt difficult to stay away from his own child. Meenu says you always took care of me as a elder sister and I couldn’t see your pain. I was sure that you will love Shiv very much. He was infront of my eyes and that was enough for me. Shiv goes to his mothers and hugs them. They cries. Anandi smiles with teary eyes while Saachi is shocked.

Ganga sleeps and gets dreams of the goons attacked on the hospital. She wakes up scared. Jagya asks, what happened? Ganga says I saw a dream and got scared. Jagya gives her water to drink. Ganga asks him to sleep. In the morning,Jagya wakes up and finds Ganga holding his hand in sleep. Ganga asks about Pasha. Jagya says he will be saved now as Army took him to Delhi for further enquiry. Those goons came from other country and it is a matter of nation’s safety. Ganga prays for Pasha’s memory to come back and says I will get ready to go to the hospital. Jagya asks her to take rest today. Ganga says I was closed in balwadi but you have fighted with the goons. Jagya says I am also taking off today. Ganga smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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