29 October Wednesday Update on True Love


29 October Wednesday Update on True Love

Lawyer informing Tej that he’s become half owner of the property then informing him that half of that share now goes to his wife according to his wishes.
Tej gets really angry, and says what are you saying?
He says, you sent me the papers… it’s your thumbprint…
Tej sees the papers and is shocked to see his thumbprint.
Tapasya says from behind, that greed is a bad thing.
She comes up to them and folds her hands for the lawyer. The lawyer leaves quickly.
Tej shows her the papers then throws them on the floor saying, you deceived me this way?
Tapasya picks them up and says, you named half your property in my name last night. Tej remembers putting his thumbprint while he was drunk.
Tapasya smiles and fixes his coat… she says, you love me so much!
Gunwanti claps from behind and says, Congratulations Tej Singh… you got what you deserved. A con got married to a thief. Like husband, like wife. Now stay happy, have a long life. She smiles and leaves.
Tapasya says, didn’t you hear what she said? You got what you deserved.
Tej twists Tapasya’s hair and says if I don’t kill you, then my name is not Tej Singh.
He leaves the hair and says, it’s a man’s word… don’t take it as a joke. Your time is now finished.
Tapasya pushes his finger away and says, go do as much as you talk. She gives him the papers and says, now go and celebrate this too.
They both stare at each other. Tapasya leaves him standing there while he crushes the papers in his hands… tears them off and throws them. He screams really loudly.

Mukta comes and wakes up Meethi for college. Meethi says, 5 more minutes… Mukta says, please get up… I am leaving for college myself.
Meethi gets up and goes to her wardrobe for a dress. She sees a black dress in there that she remembers wearing when Vishnu saved her from the fire. She has a flashback of that… then a
flashback of Vishnu trying to commit suicide and then her name on Vishnu’s hands… and finally Vishnu’s declaration of love for her.
She closes the cupboard and remembers Mukta’s words about not losing the love.

Gunwanti mixing the medicine in milk again… Amla comes and sees her stirring something. She says, what are you mixing in the milk?
Gunwanti drops the glass of milk and says you startled me. Amla says, what was there to be scared of? You got scared as if you’re mixing poison in it?
Gunwanti says, the milk had medicine for Lalla, you ruined it once more…
Amla says, but all his medicines are in his room?
Gunwanti says, since he came back from the hospital… he needs more strength to get better quickly and regain his health faster.
Amla says, give me that responsibility. I will make sure I give him the medicine in his milk every day.
Gunwanti says, please spare me… who knows? Maybe you will drink the milk yourself for strength.
Amla leaves the room saying, I’m not crazy!

Tapasya sitting in the park on a bench having flashbacks of her childhood with Jogi.
She thinks, I hope I could do all this for my daughter Mukta. I couldn’t do anything for my daughter.
Mukta comes to her and calls her Maa.
Tapasya hugs her and they both get emotional.
Mukta asks how she is?
Tapasya says I’m fine. How’s everyone at home? Maa, Papa, Ammo, Icha?
Mukta says, they’re all well, but they all miss you.
Tapasya says, I also miss them… please forgive me, I couldn’t be with you on your court case day.
Mukta says, I got the prasad you sent with Papa.. so I got your blessings.
She says, when will Papa come back?
Tapasya says, it will take a little bit of time for him to come back. He talks to you every day… he can’t stay without his princess!
Mukta gives her something and she smells it and says these are parathey made by Maa. She has a taste of them and cries saying, they taste the same as they did at that time.
Mukta asks her not to cry. You have to eat parathey made by Barey Papa one day. They may not be as tasty, but he feeds you with a lot of love.
Mukta gives kheer to Tapasya and she recognizes it as the one made by Damini. She says, she still makes food with so much love.
Mukta lightens the mood a little bit, by joking about Rohini.
Mukta says, only Meethi hasn’t tasted food made by her mother.
Tapasya says, there are lots of ups and downs in life but at the right time everything becomes alright. Just like the distances between both of us have been removed, same way, everything between Icha Ma and Meethi will be alright one day. I asked you to bring something, did you bring it?
Mukta brings out an album and they both see the photos together.
Mukta tells her about the photos – it’s Mukta’s childhood photos.
Tapasya says, whenever Papa used to play with me when I was a child, he used to become one of us. I love him very much.

Mukta hugs her and says, he’s exactly the same.
Mukta gets worried about Meethi again and Tapasya says I will fulfil the promise I made you. Everything will be alright.
Mukta says, I’m scared for you… that Tej Singh is dangerous.
Tapasya says, you don’t have to worry about all this. You just pay attention to your studies and just be happy. I want to see you happy. As for him, I know exactly how to keep Tej Singh under control.

Meethi/Mukta sleeping in their bedroom. Meethi wakes up and remembers Vishnu’s words. Vishnu comes in her bedroom. Meethi says what are you doing here? Go away from here… Mukta will wake up.
Vishnu says, the further away you go from me, the closer you’ll find me…
Meethi looks at Mukta and says, go away from here…
Mukta wakes up and sees Meethi talking to herself. She turns the light on and says who’re you talking to?
Meethi says, just now… and she sees there’s no one in the room anymore.
Mukta says, are you okay? Did you have a bad dream?
Meethi says, he came here… I want to forget him, but I can’t.
Mukta says, because you’re not listening to your heart… that’s why. Remember I told you to ask your heart? And do what it tells you to do? Now go to sleep.
Meethi looks at the window again and Mukta tells her there’s no one there.

Tej counts the stairs coming down in Bundela house and pours some oil on the 15th step…
He says, when you get massaged with the oil in the head, then you get peace and calm… and when the same oil comes under your feet, then it’s havoc. Game finished. Tapasya rani, tomorrow morning this oil will greet you. You deceived me?? I will punish you with death… and the law will think it’s an accident.



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