31 October Thursday Update on Young Love


31 October Thursday Update on Young Love

Shiv and Anandi on the way to Dayanand Vaid along with Subhadra. Subhadra apologizes to them. Shiv says, you didn’t think about Anandi and family. He accuses her for playing with Daddu’s life. Subhadra thinks what will Shiv do if he comes to know about the truth.

Teacher writes on board. A girl student opens gems packet and eats it. Dadisaa sees her. She offers gems to Dadisaa. Dadisaa refuses. A boy student throws paper on Dadisaa. Dadisaa turns and looks at him angrily. The boy smiles. Dadisaa looks at the paper and tells Teacher that this boy threw the paper ball on her. Teacher scolds Gopal. Gopal stands up and says he didn’t do it. She is lying. Other girl student tells teacher that Gopal is lying. Teacher scolds him and says she will call his parents. She asks him to apologize to Dadisaa. Gopal apologizes to her. Dadisaa sits down on her bench.

Police reaches to Dayanand’s shop with Anandi, Shiv and Subhadra. Shiv asks, where is he? Subhadra tells them that she met him here only. Shiv asks, do you remember correctly. Subhadra says yes. They start searching for Dayanand. Inspector says, he received some wrappers of ayurvedic medicines. Shiv asks him to search him. Subhadra thinks, she did the right thing by informing Dayanand about it. She thinks it is good that he left the place. She thanks God.

Dadisaa sits with her class girls to have food. Girls start teasing her and laughs. They ask her to do what they have done. Dadisaa asks her to give gems and tries to keep it in her mouth, but fails. Girls laugh. Dadisaa says, one learns after doing mistakes and goes on trying. Girls asks her to let it be, you can’t do. Dadisaa says, she will try for last time. She throws the gems in her mouth and it falls inside the mouth. She gets happy. All the girls clap and says you will be in our gang now.

Ira asks Alok about going to office. Alok tells her about his old client. Just then he gets a call from him. His client says, he is really disappointed and shocked. He rejects the order. Alok gets shocked and says how can consignment be wrong. Client says, he is in problem now. Alok says, I don’t know how it happened. Client says, he is rejecting and returning the consignment. Alok is shocked and tensed. Ira asks, how can it be wrong. It doesn’t happen before. Alok says, I don’t know. He starts thinking and says this consignment is delivered by Anoop.

Alok runs to the hall and asks Anoop to keep the phone down. Anoop cuts the call and asks what happened. Alok says, he suffered a loss of 25 lakhs rupees, client loss and his reputation. Anoop asks, what did I do? Alok says, you sent him wrong consignment. Anoop says, your staff did the packing and your supervisor confirmed the order. They argue. Anoop says, I didn’t check as you haven’t ask me. Daddu interferes and asks them to think how to solve the issue. Anoop says, he will pay him the amount.

Anoop talks on phone and asks his friend to arrange 25 lakhs loan. Meenu comes and asks with whom you were talking. Anoop says, he was talking to his friend to get a loan to pay Alok. Meenu asks him not to take Alok’s words on heart. Anoop asks, what did I get in return. I learnt a lesson that I shall think from mind. Nobody cares for emotions. Let me do what I am doing. Daddu asks Alok to keep control on the emotions. Alok says, his anger is justified. Ira says, this is not the right way.

Subhadra says, Anoop should realize his mistake and apologize to Alok. Alok goes to message to his client. Daddu asks Subhadra not to increase their troubles. Subhadra says, why don’t you tell straightly. I will keep my mouth shut. Meenu comes downstairs. Daddu says, Meenu. Meenu says, he is very upset. Amol says, I have an idea to make them happy again. Anandi asks about his idea.

Jagya comes to school to pick Dadisaa. Nandu comes to him. Jagya looks at Dadisaa. All her classmates waves her bye. Nandu smiles. Jagya looks surprised. Nandu says, you made friends in a day. Dadisaa says, I am good at maths. Teacher is impressed with me. Jagya smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW

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