29th July Monday Update on This Is Love

The Episode starts with Adi seeing Aaliya ready. Ruhi compliments Aaliya. Adi takes his tiffin and leaves. Ruhi feeds curd and sugar to Aaliya. She says Ishimaa tells we should have curd and sugar before starting a good work. She asks where did Adi go. Aaliya says maybe he is busy. Amma gets ready and sings. Appa asks for coffee. Amma says sorry, I m going out with Ishu, you make coffee today. Bala compliments her. Amma says Ishita retired, I thought to retire too. Kiran says I will make coffee for Appa. Amma says no, come with us, Bala and Appa has to make lunch. They happily go. Bala asks do you know making rotis. Appa says what to do now. Mihika says Shagun, Amma and Ishita went out, they were happy, how did you call. Shagun says I had to go for NGO work, Ishita said she would like to join me, never mind, let her enjoy, would you like to come. Mihika agrees. She leaves. Her card falls down. Parmeet picks it and smiles. He leaves.

The lady tells Shagun that people are getting aware and coming for treatment. Shagun says it will be a pleasure if we can come. Mihika says I have to take a tour. The lady says you may find it disturbing, some patients are new. Mihika hears sound and goes to see. She sees Bhavna and gets shocked. She asks what are you doing here, are you okay. Bhavna holds her hand and says she has come, Sonakshi’s spirit will not leave Ishita. Mihika says leave me. Bhavna says save Ishita. Shagun and the lady pull Mihika away. Shagun takes Mihika and asks do you know her. Mihika says no. Shagun says I felt she knows you, what was she saying. Mihika says finish your work, I don’t feel good, I will go. Shagun says my work is over, we shall leave. Mihika thinks what happened to Bhavna that she has come here.

Parmeet gives a card to Shravan. Shravan asks what’s this, it has no name. Parmeet says its a gift card, it doesn’t have name, use this credit card to spend money or give treat to friends. Shravan thanks him and goes. He praises Parmeet in front of his friends. Parmeet says if Bala gets the card, Mihika will think Shravan has stolen it, Bala will think Mihika is spoiling Shravan. He smiles.

Amma says Vishwa has no interest in movies. Ishita laughs talking to her. She thanks Amma that they joined her. Ishita says I feel so relaxed, tension free, different, its a beautiful feeling. Raman calls for Mr. Venkatesh. The man comes and says I got late at home. Raman says sit, since when are you working here, you are part of my family, what’s the problem, ask me if you need help. The man says no one can help me, my wife took voluntarily retirement. Raman says you should be happy. The man says no, I have to manage work, she said she won’t cook food, she will live her life and do anything she wants, she joined yoga, I have to go with her everywhere, else she gets emotional, she says I don’t value her and fight with me.

Raman says she shouts, fights and makes it a mess, is she a Tamilian. The man says yes. Raman says I can understand your pain, do one thing, its better that you come office late or come alternate days, your problem is big. The man says you called me for work. Raman says no, you are already doing much work, go. The man thanks and goes. Raman says if this happens to me, no, think something, I will message Amma to leave Ishita alone. Amma and Ishita are at spa. Amma gets the message. Amma says we have to go for shopping, you enjoy, I will go with Kiran. They leave. Ishita goes in. Amma says I planned a surprise for Ishu. She shows message to Kiran. Kiran says how cute…..

Raman goes to Ishita and massages her neck. Ishita says perfect, keep going. A lady says wow, I also need the same massage. Ishita gets up and sees Raman. She asks you. Raman says I thought to make her break enjoyable. The lady calls him handsome and asks him to give a massage to her. Ishita says back off, he is my husband, he won’t do this, he is a big CEO. Raman says my wife is jealous type, I can’t do till she is here. The lady says you can come my home. Ishita scolds the lady and asks Raman to come. The lady and Raman sign each other. Ishita says stop it, are you having fun, will you do this in front of me. He says I m honest, I don’t do anything behind your back. She says don’t take anyone’s number. He says I m thinking to take address directly. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Mihika thinks of Bhavna and cries. Romi comes and asks what happened, why are you crying. She says I saw Bhavna, she said Sonakshi’s spirit is back, Ishita is in danger. He says she is safe, don’t tell anyone, Bhavna is not mentally fine. She says Bhavna came here, she was good, something happened with her that night when I called. He says we completed a puja in London, Ishita is safe, don’t stress her, we will keep an eye on Bhavna, Ishita shouldn’t know this, don’t cry. He hugs her.



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