30th July Tuesday Update on Young Love

Vivek’s mom telling her husband that Vivek is getting married to this girl. She blames Saachi for the misfortunes at her house. She asks her husband to stop Vivek. Her husband says, we don’t have any right on him. He is not the first man in her life. She will throw him out of her life when she is done with him. Anandi gets angry and tries to stop Roshan. Saachi assures them that she won’t trouble Vivek as they are getting married with their own wish. She invites them for their wedding for Vivek’s sake. Vivek’s mom shouts at Saachi and asks her to get out else she will kick her out. Anandi takes Saachi and leaves.

Rakhi asks, can we go for Vivek bhai? Her mom says, I will throw you out if you speaks on his behalf. She shouts saying this marriage can’t happen. Dadisaa tells Gehna and Basant to leave for Saachi’s wedding. Basant says, we don’t want to go. Dadisaa says, Mannu will leave tomorrow. Basant gets emotional. Dadisaa asks him to fulfill the relations and attend Saachi’s marriage. She asks him to meet Mannu before leaving.

Vivek asks Saachi, why did you go there? Saachi says, I want your parents to bless us and they have the right to attend our wedding. Vivek says, I too want that but it can’t happen. Anandi says, it is not bad if we try atleast. She asks him to be happy as Saachi thought about his happiness. Vivek says, I appreciates Saachi but I can’t bear her insult. Anandi says, you can’t break relations with your parents. Vivek says, you are behind the changed Saachi. Saachi says, Anandi is the reason for her changed behavior. She promises to clear his parents misunderstandings. Vivek says, I will drop you home.

Ganga feeds Mannu. Basant, Gehna and Dadisaa come to meet Mannu. Gehna says, we are going to Udaipur. Basant takes Mannu in his hands and gifts him cap. He blesses him. Gehna too blesses him. Dadisaa asks them to go now. Ganga gets emotional.

Ratan Singh is back in Jail. He talks with his friend Gunjan and says I am happy that my son will be living with me all his life. He says, I did all the paper formalities. Gunjan congrats him. Ratan Singh smiles. He says, I am laughing thinking about Mannu’s marriage.

Haldi ceremony starts for Saachi’s marriage. Meenu and Anandi perform the rituals. Some ladies sing the traditional song. Gehna comes and applies haldi on Saachi’s face. Daddu says, everyone should have come. Ganga and Jagya spend their last moments with Mannu. Ganga cries. Jagya consoles her. Dadisaa prays to Devimaa. She sees Mannu in Lord’s attire. She hugs him. It was her imagination. She starts crying. Mannu comes to Nandu and makes him eat sweets. Nandu hugs him. It was also his imagination. Nandu gets sad. Sumitra too imagines Mannu.

Ratan Singh drinks wine with Gunjan. He asks, how you manage to get liquor? Ratan Singh, one can buy anything if have money. He says, today is the happiest day of my life. He sees the jailor coming and informs Gunjan that he is shifting him to another cell. He tells Gunjan about a 19 year old boy who murdered someone. Gunjan is shocked to see his face. It turns out to be Gunjan’s own son Shankar.

He tells Ratan that he is his son Shankar. He tells the official that his son can’t commit any crime. Shankar says, he is saying right. I have murdered someone. Gunjan slaps him. He asks, how can you steal or murder? Shankar slaps him back. He says, I am walking on your path. I would have been living a good life if you are on the right path. You are responsible for my condition. Gunjan is shifted to another cell. Shankar is kept with Ratan Singh in the other cell. Ratan Singh is shocked to see Shankar’s hatred towards his father Gunjan.

Ira asks Anandi about Saachi. Anandi says, she might be in her room. They come to her room and can’t find Saachi. They gets shocked.

Saachi calling Rakhi and requests her to bring her parents for her wedding with Vivek. Rakhi accuses her for snatching Vivek from them. Saachi says, he is very sensible and praises him. She says, he is all alone now. You should be with him. He told me about his family’s wishes attached to his marriage. He loves his family a lot and miss them. She asks her to attend her wedding atleast for Vivek’s happiness. Rakhi gets emotional. Saachi says, if you attend the wedding then it will be a gift for your brother. Rakhi cries and disconnects the call. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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