29th November Friday Update on This is Love


29th November Friday Update on This is Love

Parmeet calling Raman and saying Ishita is with me, this time you can’t find her. Raman shouts on him. Parmeet says you keep your money and just see how I kill her, you can’t save her, just do what you want. He ends call. Raman calls back and gets number switched off. He says I will kill you Raman. Parmeet points gun at goons and asks who will die first. Goons apologize. He says if you let Ishita escape, you guys will also die. He threatens them. Ruhi asks are we doing right. Simmi says yes, we all want to get rid of this problem. Aaliya says yes, we want to lessen Raman and Ishita’s stress. Sudha asks did they sign divorce papers, fine, I will come, Rohan is innocent, I will ruin Raman. Inspector asks what are you saying.

Raman says Parmeet called me,

actually Ishita had called me there but Parmeet reached her first and changed her location. Inspector says how did you hide this from me. Raman says I had taken my dad’s phone and called the goon, Ishita convinced kidnappers to leave her by taking money, I was warned not to tell you. Inspector asks why did you act smart, this had to happen. Sudha comes. Raman scolds her for helping Parmeet. They go to check. Doctor says we had done his surgery. Raman says maybe he runs from OT. Inspector says we have to check your OT. Sudha asks what, are you believing him. Inspector says no, we have to just check.

Sudha asks Raman to check, if there is any door or tunnel. She asks Raman to go, she is leaving him as he is in stress, else she would have sued him. Sudha goes to meet Rohan and sees her with Simmi. Simmi says I can’t be here to talk to you. She asks Rohan to come. Sudha checks papers. Rohan sees Sudha’s manager and goes back to see. Sudha says I will not lose 100 crores easily. Rohan has gone mad being with Bhallas, I will not change my plan, I will destroy Raman, when he learns his daughters have signed on 100 crores clause. Rohan gets shocked. He thinks mom has played a big game, I won’t let her succeed. He goes to her and says Simmi took me out, I wanted to hug you, I miss you. He hugs her and makes tea fall over the papers. She asks have you lost it. He says so sorry, make papers again, I will ask Aaliya and Ruhi to sign papers again. He goes.

Simmi asks Rohan to come. He cries and says sorry. She asks why. He says you trusted me blindly and I trusted mom, she has used her own son as a pawn in her plan. He tells everything and asks are you angry with me. She signs no. He says we shall go home now, if Raman comes home first, it will be a problem. Raman and Mr. Bhalla come home and make excuse. Simmi and Rohan come home. Simmi says Rohan is unwell, I took him to doctor. Raman says you know he is Sudha’s son. He angrily goes and thinks of Ishita, seeing her pic. He says where are you, I will find you. Its morning, Aaliya says Raman should know, Sudha will come to take her sons. Simmi says no, I have torn the papers, Rohan said it was Sudha’s plan, he had warned me. Aaliya says how did he change. Simmi says he has changed being with us.

Raman comes and asks are you mad, you know Rohan is Sudha’s son. Mrs. Bhalla calms Raman down. Simmi asks did you find about Ishita. Raman says no, else I would have told. He asks for tea. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to worry. Simmi gets tea. Raman shouts and says tea has gone cold. Simmi says I got hot tea. He asks am I mad. He throws the cup. He says Rohan is Sudha’s son. Sudha has hidden that devil, your husband Parmeet, he has troubled this family, even you did this. She says enough, you are comparing me with Parmeet. He says you forgot what you did with me, Ishita and I are mad to trust you. She asks what did I do now. He says you have just troubled this family and now Sudha is doing this, these guys have ruined my daughters’ lives, biggest truth is Parmeet and you are mean. She says he is not my husband.

Raman saying you are equally mean like your husband. Simmi shouts shut up, Parmeet is not my husband. Raman says fine, you are his informer. She says you mean I m informing you, you are making a big accusation. Raman says Ishita contacted me, I was reaching her but Parmeet reached before me, you went to meet him. Simmi says I have done a lot for you all, I don’t deserve this insult, I would have supported Parmeet if I wanted. Raman says Ishita would have been with me if Parmeet didn’t come back. Simmi says you had to become hero, you have much ego, go and ask police to find Ishita, if she dies, you will be responsible. Raman slaps her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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