29th November Friday Update on Young Love


29th November Friday Update on Young Love

Subhadra wondering about Anoop’s mood. Anoop yells at Meenu and says he didn’t get sleep until he shouts at other. He tells her that he is going to terrace to have some peace. Subhadra smirks and thinks to provoke him against Anandi. Anoop is sitting on the terrace and recalls Anandi’s words that she can’t go against rules. He gets angry and feels insulted. Subhadra comes there and asks what were you doing here. She tells him that she can understand his pain and says I was against your decision of working under Anandi. I know her nature well. Anoop asks why didn’t you tell me before. Subhadra says I have to keep quiet as I was alone. Did you remember that all family members support her. Anoop says I told Anandi that I won’t work with her.

Subhadra asks him to start his own business and says job doesn’t suit you. Anoop says I don’t have money to do business. Subhadra asks him to think carefully. She tells him that you have share in Bhaiyya’s property. Anoop says you are asking me to have partition. Subhadra says partition. What I have told. I am really sorry. She pretends to have said by mistake and goes. Anoop gets thinking. Subhadra smirks and thinks I sow seed in your mind. She smiles happily. She says sorry to Daddu and says she is doing this because of Anandi.

Jagya makes Abhimanyu sleep. He says I have to thank you Maa specially. Ganga says he will sleep fast. Jagya takes Mannu in his lap and asks him to sleep. Mannu takes out money from Jagya’s pocket and says he will buy ball for Mannu and him. Jagya and Ganga smiles. Ganga says she will get balls for them. Jagya gets romantic and holds Ganga’s hand.

Anoop continues to argue with Meenu and says Anandi insulted me. Anandi comes and says it is not like that. I didn’t want to raise that issue. Anoop says you wants to say that I was wrong. Shiv asks him to listen to Anandi. Anoop says Anandi insulted me for just Rs 50. Anandi says it is not about money. They are our old client and trusts our product. They keep only NGO’s spices in their shop. Anoop asks what would have happened if we increased the money. Why you are giving so much importance to one customer at the cost of my insult. This is not fair. I won’t step in the NGO again. Anandi and Shiv get sad.

Jagya and Ganga come to school. Jagya tells the students that Principal called them for teach students on sex education. Ganga says we will tell a story of little girl Dimpy. Jagya starts telling the story. Ganga tells that Bhola touches Dimpy and threatens to complain to her parents. Whenever they play, Bhola used to touch her. When her mum scolds her daughter for playing. Dimpy gets scared and looked worried. Once her mum catched Bhola red handed. She informed the police and asked her daughter why you didn’t inform us. Dimpy said she was scared. Her mum hugged her listening to her daughter.

Ganga says Dimpy’s mum explained to her that no one has the right to touch you on some body parts. Jagya tells about the good touch and bad touch. Ganga shows the body parts. One boy starts crying. Jagya goes to him and asks why you are crying. Principal asks why you are crying. Jagya insists to talk to him alone. Jagya asks him about it. The boy tells him that his mama used to touch him like that and he used to blackmail me. He is very bad. I can’t complain to my mum. Ganga comforts him. Dadisaa says today I came to know that even boys are victims to the devils. Jagya says he will talk to his parents.

Saachi keeping an envelope on the dining table. Vivek comes and sits to have breakfast. Rakhi comes and opens the envelope. She gets excited to know that she got admission in the London Institute. She tells Saachi that her scholarship was rejected last time. Saachi says you didn’t need scholarship now as your bhai and bhabhi will sponsoring it. Rakhi thanks her and goes to show the letter to her parents. Vivek asks Saachi who is sponsoring her education, you or me. He says I can’t afford as I am not favorite marketing officer of a top firm. Saachi gets tensed.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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