2nd December Monday Update on Young Love


2nd December Monday Update on Young Love

Andu hurriedly coming home. Gehna asks what happened? Milk vendor comes and scolds Nandu for making his milk fall on the ground. He tells Gehna about what had happened. Nandu says I didn’t do anything. I pulled the rope but Gopal……Gehna doesn’t listen to him and scolds him. Gehna pays the money. Nandu gets angry and goes to Niranjan.

Saachi thinks to go home early and calls Vivek. Vivek do not pick her call. Saachi message him. She gets a reply as No. She gets tensed. Niranjan consoles Nandu. Gehna comes and asks him to come home. Niranjan tells Gehna that it was done by Gopal. Nandu was unaware of his doings. Please don’t get angry. Gehna says ok and asks Nandu to come with her. Niranjan thinks what has happened to Gehna.

Gehna apologizes to Nandu and asks for forgiveness. Nandu says I didn’t know that Gopal would do such a mischief with me. He hugs her. Gehna says I will get milk for you and then will teach you. Nandu says he will study with Niranjan. Gehna refuses to let him go there. Nandu insists and asks why can’t I study with him. He shouts and gets slapped by her. Gehna says I told you not to go there. Nandu runs to Niranjan’s outhouse. Gehna cries.

Niranjan asks Nandu what happened. Nandu says nothing. I don’t want to go home. Niranjan asks what’s the matter. Nandu says Maa told me that she will teach me and said no need to learn from you. Gehna comes. Nandu asks her to leave. Niranjan asks him to go home. Nandu leaves. Niranjan asks Gehna about the reason. Gehna tells him that she would be grateful if you leave from this haveli for forever. Niranjan asks did I do any mistake or did I hurt you. I will go from here, just tell me what is my mistake. Gehna says my family did a mistake. They have seen a dream which is a sin for me. Niranjan gets shocked.

Ganga tells Jagya that Niranjan went to sleep after drinking milk and refused to have dinner. Jagya says lets start the dinner. Dadisaa tells Jagya that she shall get taught by niranjan as well. Gehna tells her that she has decided to teach Nandu. Dadisaa says Nandu has shown tremendous change because of Niranjan. Gehna says I don’t want Nandu to depend fully on Niranjan. Dadisaa says ok and asks Nandu to eat food.

Saachi awaits for Vivek and thinks to wake up Suman. Just then Vivek comes in an inebriated condition. Saachi gets shocked. Vivek tells her that he doesn’t have any other option than to come home. Saachi asks why did you drink alcohol. Vivek tells that you are inebriated because of your job, boss and colleagues. He laughs and sleeps on the bed. Saachi gets tensed.

Nandu takes out his bag in the early morning and goes. Nandu comes to Niranjan’s house and calls for Niranjan. He opens his cupboard and finds nothing inside. He tells that Niranjan chacha has gone. He reads a letter left by him and says you can’t go leaving me.

Jagya comes to Dadisaa and tells her that he got a letter left by Niranjan and also shows Nandu’s bag. They get tensed. Ganga tells why Nandu didn’t come home. Where did he go then? Dadisaa asks them to search for Nandu.

Saachi wakes up Vivek in the morning. Vivek asks her not to disturb him. Saachi thinks what happened to him. Everyone search for Nandu, but couldn’t find him. Gehna starts crying. Dadisaa gets tensed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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