5th December Thursday Update on Young Love


5th December Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa waking up Jagya and Ganga in the night. Jagya opens the door shockingly and asks her to come in. Dadisaa informs them that Gehna agreed to marry Niranjan. Ganga asks, how? Did you talk to her. Dadisaa says I can’t tell else I will get emotional again. She agreed. Jagya and Ganga get happy. Jagya asks did Niranjan ji know about it. Dadisaa says she will talk to him in the morning. Ganga and Jagya smiles.

Anoop talks to his friend and says he liked the idea about his business. He says we will talk in club and disconnects the call. He gets shocked to see Anandi and Shiv. Shiv says we came just now. Anoop asks what do you want to talk. Shiv says actually we feel we shall stop Daddu from taking a decision of partition. I am sure if you and Alok Papa convince Daddu that you both want partition. Anoop says we didn’t force him to take the decision. Let me do what he wants. Shiv is shocked. Daddu says his sons are not competent to take up the responsibility as said by Alok.

Shiv says he just said. Anoop says partition will be only on papers and will stay under one roof. He says I have decided to start my own business. When Papaji told his decision then I got happy. I needn’t have to take loan now. Anandi says Daddu is broken and unhappy. Anoop says he will be happy when he see me as a successful man. He leaves. Anandi recalls Daddu eyeing Anoop. She tells Shiv that may be it is Anoop’s wish and not Daddu’s. Shiv gets tensed.

Ganga gives tiffin and books to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks did he do the work. Jagya comes. Dadisaa asks did you inform Niranjan. Jagya says I went to meet him, but his door was locked. Dadisaa says I should have told him in the night itself. Ganga says Jagya will talk to him in the night. Jagya promises. Dadisaa goes to school.

Daddu informs his family that lawyer completed all the legal formalities and got papers ready. Lawyer tells Prem Kishore Ji divided his property amongst his two sons Anoop and Alok Shekhar. He announces that this haveli will belongs to Prem Kishore ji only. Shiv asks Daddu to cancel the partition. Daddu says no. Everyone has to go one day. He says I am happy as I am giving something to my kids. I have divided everything equally. He gives the files to his sons.

Anoop takes it happily while Alok gets teary eyed while taking the file. Subhadra looks evilly and smiles. Alok says I am getting wrong share. Subhadra says how can you say that before opening the file. Alok says this is not mine. This is Papaji’s hard earned property. I don’t have any right on this. He keeps the file on the table. Anoop thinks Alok wants to be called as adarsh son and wants to let him down. Subhadra says Bhaiyya might be feeling proud of you. This is just legal formality. Nothing will change. I think Anoop took the papers as Bhaiyya wished else Anoop is not greedy. Daddu tells Alok and Anoop that his blessings are always with him and asks Alok to take the papers. Alok takes it hesitantly. Daddu says no one will talk about it. I wants my family to be happy always. Anoop smiles while everyone gets sad. Daddu goes to his room. Everyone get teary eyed.

Doctor asks Amol to do the exercise. Amol says I can’t do this. Anandi tells Doctor that Amol played tiger in school annual function. Amol says I can’t do this exercise as it is paining. Anandi says we want your legs to get fine soon. We want you to stand on your feet leaving this wheel chair. Amol says I wants the same, but will do this exercise next time. Anandi says I try to make sure that he does his exercise on time. Doctor leaves.

Jagya comes home and meets Niranjan. He tells him that Gehna agreed for marriage and congrats him. Niranjan gets happy and says he is happy with Gehna’s decision. Jagya says Dadisaa is very happy and wants the marriage to be solemnised soon. Niranjan says he wants to talk to Gehna once. Jagya says sure. Nandu overhears it and says how can it happen. He gets teary eyed and cries. Jagya tries to make him understand but he runs inside.

Jagya and Ganga coming to Nandu. Ganga asks him to have breakfast. Nandu refuses to eat as he is sad. Ganga says it won’t look good if I take full plate. Nandu asks her to go. Ganga says ok. She tells him that once Mannu don’t want to eat and stayed unhappy, but when she got married to Jagya then Mannu got happy as he got love from Jagya. Nandu says you means that there is nothing wrong with step dad. Ganga says they were happy now as Mannu plays with Jagya and spends as much time as possible. Nandu tells her that he heard Jagya talking to Niranjan Chachu. Ganga explains to him that they feel Gehna shall marry Niranjan for their happiness. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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