2nd July Tuesday Update on Young Love


Policemen coming to Saurabh’s house and arrest him on the charges of Rape of Saachi. Saurabh tells her parents that the girl is lying. His father says, he can’t do anything. Saurabh asks him mom to call her brother, Vivek Kabra. His mom calls him and asks him to do something. Dadisaa is reading newspaper, Collector comes and greets her. She asks him to sit. Sumitra looks on. Dadisaa asks him to get water for him. She asks about his purpose of his visit. Collector says, I came to apologize to you, whatever happened was not right. I flowed by greed. Dadisaa says, you are greedy as well as egoistic. Collector says, I agree with you. I am suspended as CM saheb has set an enquiry for me. I will do repeat my mistake. Dadisaa asks him to have water. She makes it clear that Shivraj Shekhar is very honest and will not take your side infront of CM. I will not support him. She gets angry on him. Collector leaves. Dadisaa tells Sumitra that one will get the fruit of their doings.

Ira asks about Saachi. Anandi says she is shaken but she promised me to take care of herself. Shiv says, I will talk to the lawyer. Shiv calls Vivek Kabra and says I want to meet you regarding the case. Vivek asks him to come to his office in one hour. Alok says, it will be difficult for Saachi to repeat the horrific day. Shiv says, Saachi can meet later, now we will go and meet him. Anandi asks Ira to take care of Saachi.

Saurabh tells Vivek that he didn’t do anything and he don’t know why she accused him. He badmouths about Saachi and tells her characterless. His brother asks him to calm down and promises to free him soon. Saurabh tells him that he didn’t do anything. Vivek says, don’t worry. Saurabh says, you will be ruined Saachi.

Dadisaa comes to the new lady collector. She greets him. Dadisaa tells her about the college land. Collector says, I know everything. She says, Media has hype everything but we are not getting sanctioned papers of the college. Sarpanch asks her to check the papers. She says, Shivraj Shekhar has mentioned about the paper but we have to follow the procedure to make sure everything goes well. She asks them to keep the new sanctioned papers. Dadisaa says, you are right. New collector praises Dadisaa. She says, you have really impressed me. Dadisaa says, I raised my voice for our girl’s education. She promises to support them.

Shiv, Anandi and Alok comes to the lawyer Vivek Kabra. He introduces himself. Shiv says, you have fought a case against Saanchi. He says, I remembered. I need to go to court. Shiv says, we want you to fight the case. He tells everything. He says, that guy molested his sister and recorded everything. Shiv says, we want to get justice. He shows FIR papers. Vivek refuses to take the case. Anandi asks, why? Didn’t it is wrong from your point of view. Vivek says, it was proved in Jagdish’s case that Saachi is a attention seeker and a liar. Anandi says, she has changed a lot. Shiv says, Saachi suggested your name as she feels you are a good lawyer. Shiv asks him to have a look at the FIR.

Vivek reads the papers and is shocked to see Saurabh’s name as the accused. He asks, what is his surname? Shiv says, we don’t know but if you want I can ask with the Inspector. Vivek says, no need. He says Saurabh Roshan Kabra. He is my brother. I can’t take this fraud case. Everyone are shocked.

Vivek Kabra informing Shiv that Saurabh is his brother and he can’t take the fake case. He says, I have trust on my brother. Now I came to know that my brother is trapped after knowing Saachi’s involvement. He warns them to take the case back else they have to suffer with her. Alok says, shame on you. Shiv says, I am giving you warning. You have the right to reject the case but you can’t insult my sister. Vivek asks them to leave. Shiv says, we won’t give our case to you as we know who will win. I will see you in court. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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