1st July Monday Update on This Is Love

Mihika hugging Ishita. Amma, Ruhi and everyone smile. Mihika says this was all planned, sorry I had to behave so bad. Ishita says you are so good, you had to become stone hearted. Mihika apologizes and hugs Amma. Aaliya says sorry, we thought so wrong for you. Pihu hugs Mihika. Mihika asks how did you like my drama, you thought you could actually get between us, its not easy, the day you thought we can separate me and Ishita, you made a mistake, Amma has fed us with same hand, you don’t know sisters’ love. Simmi says I won’t leave you. Romi says don’t try to raise hand on my wife, you must be wondering how did this happen. Mihika says Ishita came to court at the time of divorce hearing and gave statement against me.

FB shows Mihika sees Pooja outside the court. Ishita says I called Pooja. Pooja says nothing happened between me and Romi, I was very lonely, I didn’t get true love in my life, I saw Romi in lounge, I thought to talk to him, we started chatting, we had drink, we was not in senses, I took advantage of this, I took him to hotel room, then he just passed out, the next day, when he woke up, I lied to him that something happened between us. Mihika asks why will I believe you. Pooja says this is the truth, I wanted to make relation with him, I blackmailed him else I would reveal the secret, but we never had any relation, when he was not in senses, he was just taking your name, I was fed of this forced relation so I dumped him, like he loves you, he can’t love me.

Ishita says I didn’t stand against you, I m with you, I don’t want your relation to break, I know how much you both love each other. Mihika cries. Ishita thanks Pooja for confessing to save someone’s relation. Pooja says sorry Mihika and goes. Ishita calls out Romi. Ishita says Romi did this to hide his fault, but he never made any mistake, he deserves this chance, he loves you a lot, he is really feeling sorry, trust is imp, see Raman and my relation, he doesn’t remember I m his wife, but I remember, I will try my best to keep our love, Simmi and Parmeet are trying to end our relation, I won’t give up, Romi is also not giving up as he loves you a lot, give this a second chance, a good relation is made by hard work of many years. Romi says I m not an ideal husband but I love you a lot. Mihika says I want to give another chance to our relation. He thanks her and Ishita. Ishita hugs them.

Mihika and Romi say we will help you too. Ishita says I find it strange to say, will you marry Raman. They get shocked and ask what are you saying. Ishita says you know my situation, I m trying to remind Raman that I m his wife, Simmi is giving him pills, his life is in danger, I have to come back in that house, why don’t I remarry him, I want you to marry him but I will sit in mandap. Mihika asks why will Simmi believe me. Ishita says you get against me, we have to make them believe that you hate me, no one should know you both patched up, do whatever it takes, fight with me, you an hurt me, show Simmi that you are against me, win her trust, tell her Raman should remarry and you will be best one to become his bride, we will change bride in last min. Mihika says its not easy. Ishita says yes, we can’t forget this fact that its about Raman’s life. Romi asks Mihika to do this for Ishita’s sake. Mihika says we have to get Raman’s sign on divorce papers. Ishita says Simmi and Parmeet will do anything to take my signs too, you both have to make fake divorce certificate, Amma, Appa, kids, no one should know this. Romi and Mihika agree to help. Ishita hugs them. FB ends.

Mihika says I told you intentionally that I want to wear taali instead sindoor, you should have known its Ishita’s taali, thank God Ishita came to my room on time. FB shows Ishita hugging Mihika and crying. Mihika asks where were you, I was so scared. Ishita says sorry. They change clothes. Mihika compliments her. Ishita apologizes. Someone knocks door. Mihika hides. Ishita dons the ghunghat. FB ends. Shagun says amazing…. what a plan, I can’t believe that, you are married to Raman. Ishita smiles. Shagun taunts Simmi and asks her to shut up. She says its Ishita’s goodness you are still here, I would have kicked you out of Bhalla house, actually, its not so late. She slaps Parmeet. She scolds him.

Ishita says don’t talk to him. She says Simmi I can’t believe you are hurting own family, you hate me, but you are taking revenge from Raman, I had to hide identity and come home because of you, I lost many times as I was planning bigger defeat for you, do you remember, 14th Feb, valentines day, Raman and Ishita got married many years before, and even this year same thing happened, we will always be ahead of you. They smile.

Mihika saying Ishita will come home. Shagun asks what about engagement. Mihika says engagement didn’t happen, we didn’t exchange rings around ring finger, no one knew anything, I did all that in haste. Ishita says we have hurt you all a lot, I used to feel terrible, I couldn’t even tell you all this, so sorry. Amma hugs her. Ishita hugs them all and says we are lucky to get understanding family. Simmi asks Ruhi to move away, Ishita is no one. Ishita says you get away from my children. She slaps Simmi and says I m back now, my children are with me, my husband will be with me soon. Simmi says Raman is in my control, if he doesn’t accept you as wife, I challenge you, win him and show. Ishita accepts challenge. CONTINUE READING NEXYT PAGE 2 BELOW



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