2nd October Wednesday Update on This is Love


2nd October Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with doctor saying just Sudha can call Rajat. He calls Sudha. Rajat is at hotel. He wakes up by Sudha’s call. He says it will happen as you say, I will manage everything, I will not spoil hospital name. He ends call and shouts why, why can’t I control myself, why do I drink much wine. He takes a shower and gets ready. He calls for manager. Manager asks is there any problem. Rajat says my presence records will be wiped out. Manager says its illegal, we can’t do this. Rajat pays him. Raman, Ruhi and Ishita come there and ask for Rajat. The lady and manager refuse to give Rajat’s info. Ishita says I have seen Rajat here, why are you lying. Manager says you can’t put allegations on us, we have no booking by his name. Ishita answers Rajat’s call and scolds him. He asks what did I do, did anyone instigate you, I will come and meet you. She says I will come at hospital. He says send me address, I will come. She says just reach at address, I will send it.

Simmi says let Rajat come, he got Raman on this wheelchair, I will put him on wheelchair. Raman says let him come and talk. Ishita says we will give him chance to accept mistake. Neelu gets a call and asks what, I won a lucky draw worth 1 crore, I don’t remember, thanks a lot. She goes to tell Mrs. Bhalla and thinks they are worried, I will tell them later. Ishita says if Rajat doesn’t come, we will find him. Neelu gets a cal and says what, you are not getting the flat, I will just come. Rajat comes home. The lady says you have killed my husband, I won’t leave you. Rajat says so sorry for your loss, maybe you gave him wrong injection. Ishita says don’t act innocent, we all know you are the reason for his death, you are alcoholic, you aren’t allowed to do surgeries. Rajat asks what, don’t false accuse me. Raman says stop your nonsense, you are a liar, I swear, if I know you are reason for my state, I will not leave you. Rajat says I think you need a psychiatrist. Ishita says stop you shameless man. Rajat says mind your language, what proof do you have that this lady’s husband died by my mistake and Raman got paralyzed. The lady gets post mortem report and says this states that my husband died because of your mistake. Ishita says you thought evidence has ended by final rites, her husband’s body is still in govt. hospital.

Rajat asks are you sure, I m coming from that crematorium ground, her husband’s final rites are done. They get shocked. He asks the lady to call her brother in law and ask. The lady makes a call and asks what is Rajat saying, you did the final rites. The man says yes, you left my brother’s body there, we got him here and did his final rites. She says he is murdered. He says what nonsense, there is no such report, maybe you got a false report, I have a report, it states that he died by heart attack, no one killed him. Raman says how is this possible.

Doctor gives money to Neelu and says you are lucky to get such a big prize. Neelu thanks him. Rajat says I came to clear your misunderstanding. Raman says you are so mean, you have changed the reports to get saved. Neelu comes home. Media comes and asks do you want to blackmail Rajat. Ishita asks who called you all. Rajat says I called them here, my reputation is at stake, Raman and Ishita are blaming and blackmailing me, they are lying by making false post mortem report, they are saying I m responsible for Raman’s state, they want money, they just demanded one crore. Ishita says he is saying nonsense. Rajat gets bag from Neelu and shows the money.

They all get shocked. Rajat says they are clever people and sent servant to collet money, I called media here to expose their truth. Ruhi asks how much will you lie. Reporter asks did you really blackmail Rajat, how did this money come, answer us. Simmi asks what happened. Neelu says they got trapped because of me, that man called me. Simmi asks who. Ishita says he is lying, we are saying truth. Raman says we were exposing him, he made patients’ lives a joke. Simmi says show me messages. Neelu says that man asked me to delete all messages, how did I become a big fool. She cries. Simmi says stop crying, its a plan against us, you will have that number. Neelu shows number. Simmi calls. Mani says stop it, get out. Media asks them to answer. Ishita says we don’t know about money. Raman asks Rajat does he have any shame or not. Rajat asks him to mind his language. Neelu says its my mistake. Simmi says come with me. Amma and Appa come with Bala.

They ask media to leave. Reporter asks did you get money for this too. Ishita says how dare you talk to her like that. Simmi gets Neelu and asks them to calm down. She says I will tell the truth, this proof is fake, Neelu got a call. Neelu tells everything. Rajat says you mean she got one crore lottery, really, who asked her to lie. Neelu says this is truth. Raman says she is part of our family, we trust her a lot. Rajat says fine, we will call your lottery man. Raman says put it on speaker. Rajat calls. The doctor asks did you get the money Ishita ji. She asks what money. The doctor says I m Rajat’s assistant, you asked for money, I have sent it, Rajat won’t let hospital reputation spoil, you told me to send money via Neelu, showing it as lottery amount. Rajat says I called you all here to expose them. Reporters ask Raman to answer them, what’s the truth.

Raman saying Rajat is a alcoholic, our therapist is same. He asks Rajat is he saying a lie. Reporters ask Rajat to say. Rajat says yes, he is right, but I m taking care of myself, I m perfectly fine to do surgeries. Ishita says how can he perform surgeries, the lady’s husband died because of him, he was lying and hiding in a five star hotel. Rajat says I go there when I m stressed, I m fine and allowed to do surgeries. Simmi asks him to get out. Rajat and media leave. The man meets them and thanks Rajat for helping him get his brother’s body. He tells media that his brother died by heart attack, Raman and Ishita have filled poison in my Bhabhi’s mind, we have no complaints with Rajat.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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