2nd October Wednesday Update on Young Love


2nd October Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Saachi thinking about Vivek’s words that he did a mistake by trusting her. She looks at Vivek. She gets Meenu’s call informing her about Basant’s death. Saachi gets shocked and asks how he died. Meenu tells her that it was an accident. Anandi is there to be at their side. Saachi says, she will talk to Anandi and Jagya tomorrow. Meenu disconnects the call.

Dadisaa remembers her son and gets emotional. She recalls of the bad dream and looks at his photo. She says, she forgot the rules of God. She hugs his photo. Gehna couldn’t sleep and recalls Basant’s words. She recalls Basant gifting her bangles during her baby shower. She thinks of his words that he wants her to live life on her own terms. She cries miserably.

Dadisaa gets up and imagines her son Basant. She gets emotional. She sees Jagya sitting sadly and asks why he is sitting there. Jagya says, he couldn’t stop his tears any longer. He can’t bear anymore and cries hugging her.

Next morning, Anandi asks Dadisaa about Gehna. Ganga brings her. Nandu comes and looks tearfully at his father’s photo frame. He calls him and cries. Ganga and Dadisaa call him. He looks at his weeping mother and goes inside the room. Gehna asks Ganga to let him fight with his pain to accept the truth.

Dadisaa tells them that when Jagya went to city for studies, then she felt bad and thought she couldn’t live without him. She says, my Basant went to the place from where he can’t come back. Shiv says, it is truth now. We won’t let Nandu and Bhairavi feel their father’s absence. Nandu comes and applies bindi on Gehna’s forehead. Gehna gets shocked and gets angry on him. Dadisaa asks her why she is shouting on him. Gehna says, God has snatched her right to dressed up well as she has become a widow. Nandu apologizes to her and tells her that she doesn’t look good without bindi. Jagya takes him outside. Dadisaa says to Gehna to have bindi for Nandu’s happiness. She tells her that Basant’s last wish was to see everyone happy.

She says, when he was with us, we didn’t miss him. Now he is with us as we are recalling him now and then. She asks her not to hurt Nandu and live for her kids. She says, you are their only support now. Gehna goes to her room.

Hardik asks Gulli to tell him what happened. Gulli says, she wanted to go to Jaitsar for seeing Basant for the last time, but…Hardik says, lets go. Gulli says, she can’t as Dadisaa asked her not to come. Hardik asks her to come and says I am sure that she will understand. Gulli says, she can’t forget Dadisaa’s orders. Subhadra listens to them.

Jagya comes back home after bringing Basant’s kalash. He says, it is still hot. Dadisaa tells everyone to pray for him.

Dadisaa telling that they will have the prayers today for Basant. Gehna comes wearing the pink saree with bindi on her forehead. Everyone look at her. Nandu gets teary eyed. She apologizes to her son for hurting him. Nandu says, bhaisaa explained to me everything. Gehna says, people blamed the widow women for her husband’s death. She says, she will live the life happily with her husband’s memories. She asks him to be like his father. Nandu says, ok and asks her to apply bindi on her forehead always. They have a hug. Dadisaa smiles. They sit for the prayers. People start gossiping about Basant’s death.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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