2nd September Monday Update on Young Love


2nd September Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Jagya calling everyone to come to go to mela as he took a day off. He gets a call from his assistant about the labour’s accident. Jagya tells Dadisaa that labourers got injured while making road. Ganga asks him to go. Nandu looks on sad. Dadisaa asks him to help the injured people. Gehna says, we will take the kids to the Mela. Ganga says, I will go to the hospital directy from Mela.

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Ram Singh comes to Rasika’s house and asks her husband to give the letter to Rasika. Her husband thinks it is an apology letter from Shiv. Rasika is shocked to read the suspension letter. Her husband gets shocked and tells Ram Singh that Rasika doesn’t accept this.

He gets annoyed with Shiv. He tells Rasika that he wants to scare us. Rasika says, he is very powerful. He can do anything. I am helpless and weak woman. Her husband says, I am with you. Rasika says, he knows that I am in need of this job. He wants to show that I will lose everything. Her husband says, we will get him punished. Rasika says, we can’t afford. She says, we shall leave this city. He tries to convince Narendra. Narendra says, we shouldn’t be ashamed and scared. Rasika says, we are small infront of him.

Narendra says, we are simple person, but not weak. We have to prove that a simple man can do anything. He assures Rasika. Rasika smiles. She says, I can make a simple man, special. My husband is ready to fight with you. You rejected me. What will happen with you?

Ganga gives the medicines to some patient. Someone calls Jagya and disconnects the call. Narendra comes to Shiv’s office and starts protesting. He says, Shiv tried to molest my wife. He says, Shiv has been eyeing my wife since day one and now he suspend her.

Shiv asks him to shut his mouth. He asks Ram Singh to throw him out. Ganga sees someone calling Jagya. Nurse says, some lady wants to talk to Jagya. Ganga asks who are you? She asks her to tell what is her problem. She says, her 10 years old girl is getting married and asks Ganga to save her. Ganga notes down her address. She calls Jagya, but his number is out of reach. Ganga thinks to do something.

She calls the police and asks them to stop the child marriage. Constable says, everyone went to the accident site. Ganga decides to go to the village. Narendra brings media to his house. rasika says, it was not needed. Narendra says, it was needed. She says, we would have gone to court and fight the case. Narendra convinces her.

Ganga takes the lift and leaves. Narendra introduces Rasika to the media. Rasika gives interview againts Shiv. She gives the statement that Shiv tried to molest her. Rasika says, I thought I would get a chance to work with a good man, but I was wrong. She says, he thinks he can do anything with the power he has. No one can stop him from sexually harassing female employees. She says, when he rejected his advances then he blamed her. She says, he suspended me. I will do the proper investigation and will fight for my right. I will get him punished. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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