30th August Friday Update on Young Love


30th August Friday Update on Young Love

Episode starts with Shiv telling Anandi that she is misunderstanding him as he was consoling Rasika who was beaten up by her husband. But Anandi tells that she trusts him. Jagya returns after seeing the land with Shyamalbhai while Ganga waits on him. Next morning Ganga tells Jagya not to trust Shyamalbhai so soon but Jagya tells her not to interfere in his work. Ganga tells Dadisa about doubting Shyamalbhai. Amol requests Anandi to feed him with her hand so she obliges. So Shiv also insists to be fed with her hand. Subhadra taunts them again. Saurabh holds Sanchi’s hand when she is drying clothes. Vivek tells his mother that Sanchi was trying to get close to him. Rasika confesses her love to Shiv but he refuses her. Shiv slaps Rasika so she tears her clothes and tells her colleagues that he molested her.

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Dadisaa telling Shyam Lal’s P. A that he can go and complete his works when Jagdish will return she will tell him . The P.A says fine and is about to leave when Jagya comes home and is surprised to see Shyam Lal’s P.A in his home . The P.A greets Jagya and when Jagya asks him he is here ? , The P.A answers Shyam lal bhai has send some sweets for him to thank him for his favor in helping him getting a land approved for his factory by CM . Jagya smiles and says congratulate Shyam Lal Bhai from me . The P.A says sure and takes permission to leave . The P.A leaves . Jagya is about to go to his room when Dadisaa stops him and asks him to sit with her .

Jagya sits with Dadisaa and asks her what happened ? Dadisaa asks him you tell me what happened to you from last four or five days ? Jagya is confused and asks her what happened ? what are you talking about ? Dadisaa says don’t act like you don’t know anything . Listen to me if next time you broke heart of my Ganga then i will make you a rooster and make you run around whole haveli Gehna standing there laughs hearing this . Jagya still does not understand and asks what did i do? Dadisaa says still you are behaving like you don’t know anything .After marriage a husband is everything for wife , she shares whats in her heart only with him if husband won’t listen to her and go away after getting angry at her then how she will feel ? i am saying to you show your MLA attitude outside haveli but inside the house you are no MLA but a husband , father , son , grandson, nephew , elder brother if fulfilling one responsibility you faltered anywhere i will pull your ears and reprimand you Ganga can tolerate but i cannot

Jagya understands now and says O you are talking about this morning Dadisaa i know i shouldn’t have talked like this with Ganga but somethings even Ganga needs to understand She has no knowledge of these matters so her doubts are only her assumptions and she needs to understand in somethings i can take decisions Rest i can never break Ganga’s heart or hurt her in any way she knows that herself very well

Dadisaa says then how you made me understand so nicely, go make her understand too in same way she will understand . Jagya goes

Rasika’s husband is angry that how Shiv can do this cheap act with her . Rasika is doing victim drama in front of him that she cannot think a man like Shiv who shows himself so much honest and good in front of others , is a husband of a beautiful wife and is a father of a son , he actually has so much cheapness in him He misbehaved with her in front of everyone , people were looking at her in such wrong way .Rasika’s husband is very angry hearing this and wants to file report on Shiv in police station telling Rasika they cannot stay quiet Being collector of Udaipur does not give him right to misbehave with others like this and get away .Hearing police’s name Rasika gets scared and thinks to herself if this case reached police and they investigated , in that her lie can get caught .

Rasika ‘s husband is about to go to police station but Rasika stops him and does another drama Shiv is collector , much more powerful than them They have no chance to stand against him He can twists the facts and prove her the culprit and what about her job ? She might lose this job and they are not in this financial condition to afford to lose this job so she has to do this job She will try to protect herself so that next time Shiv cannot harm her . Her husband says why we need to do same mistake again after once facing so much . Rasika tries to pacify him by saying sometimes people have to compromise with difficult circumstances despite not wanting to . Her husband is very angry and storms out of house while Rasika keeps calling him and then gets angry saying hope this idiot won’t mess up everything .

Jagya in his room is playing with Abhimanyu . Mannu who is drawing sitting with him shows his drawing to his Bapusaa saying Bapusaa see i drew a lion Jagya praises it wow and corrects Mannu’s pronunciation too how to speak lion and telling its hindi meaning too Lion means Sher. Mannu pronounces as Jagya says Sher . Jagya tells Mannu to color it yellow Mannu starts doing so . Ganga comes in room Jagya looks at her feeling a bit guilty.Ganga is also guilty she thinks she has offended him . Ganga tells Jagya an emergency case came in hospital thats why she got late . Jagya says no problem Is that patient stable now .? Ganga says yes . Mannu shows his drawing to his maa telling her see maa i drew a lion . Ganga smiles and sees it appreciating Mannu wow this you made Even i cannot draw lion so nicely like you Now you color it and also tell me did you eat your dinner ? i will bring it for you

Mannu says Bapusaa has fed him . Ganga then says ok i will bring milk for Abhimanyu but then sees empty milk bottle on table and asks Jagya Abhimanyu has drunk milk already ? Did Taisaa fed him ? Mannu answers no Bapusaa did . Ganga then says to Jagya i will bring tea for you Jagya asks her to stop and goes towards her Jagya says sorry to Ganga He should n’t have talked to her like the way he did in the morning . Ganga says you don’t need to apologize to me i have forgot about that already . Jagya says even i want to forget that ,thats why apologizing to you . Jagya calls his P.A and tells him to cancel all his meetings . appointments for tomorrow . Ganga asks him why are you doing this , Jagya tells her i want to repent for my mistake by staying all day with you and kids tomorrow . Ganga becomes very happy hearing this and hugs Jagya . Both are happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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