30th August Friday Update on This is Love


30th August Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla saying this is your room now, Pihu will come back and stay in Ruhi’s room. Amma asks Roshni to take some rest, her leg has swelling. She asks Kiran to get massage oil. Aaliya comes. Mrs. Bhalla says massage will ease you. Aaliya says I m here to take care of her. She asks Roshni to have coconut water, her BP is high so she has swelling in feet. She asks them to rest, she will look after Roshni. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla go. Kiran gets oil. Aaliya says you also go, I will apply the oil. Ruhi asks Raman to vacate the cupboard, this section will be for Ishita. She says Ishimaa, he always does this, he did the same when you both got married, we forced him that time. He says yes, that’s why I had give in that time, but not now, enough….

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Roshni says I want to say sorry, I never wanted to come between you and Adi, I don’t know how I felt weak in that moment, trust me, I want to apologize to you by heart, sorry, forgive me. Aaliya says I won’t forgive you, you snatched Adi and Ishita, Ishita has chosen your baby, when I needed her the most, she wasn’t with me, she was with you, you have snatched my loved ones, guess what, its my turn now, like you took away Adi, I will take away your baby, but right in front of you, I will shower much love on baby, he won’t see anything else in front of my love, I will do it openly and with love, I want you to experience the same pain, just call me if you need anything. She goes. Roshni says what you want will happen now. She asks the baby to see Aaliya, she is his mum now, she will take much care of you. Ruhi says Ishimaa will be with us like before.

Raman asks what. Ruhi asks them to come for dinner. She goes. He says I can’t behave normal. Ishita says its tough for me also, we have to do this, we will tolerate this till Roshni’s deliver, I will try not to come in your way. He says fine. He says you told me you won’t come in my way. He goes. Simmi talks to Parmeet on call. Neelu comes. Simmi goes out. She calls Pooja and asks for the face reader Vijay Diwan. She says please fix my meeting with him, thanks. Amma hears her and says Vijay Diwan. She goes to Kiran and asks her to search and give her all details of astrologer Vijay. Kiran asks why. Amma says I m getting late, just do this. Kiran gets the details for her and asks her to say now. Amma calls Vijay.

Ishita sees Aaliya in kitchen. She says I wanted to talk to you, I m sorry, I know you feel I betrayed you, I didn’t wish to support Roshni, I was helpless, I had to support that baby, I couldn’t leave Roshni alone, I didn’t wish her to come here, but we were helpless, we didn’t want to hurt you, I m really sorry, do you trust me. Aaliya says I know, the baby isn’t at fault, you have come here for the baby’s sake, I accepted this, I have no problem with it, its better not to discuss this again, trust me, I m okay with it. She asks Neelu to call everyone for dinner. She says its less often that everyone dines together. She asks Roshni to sit.

Raman says Ishita can’t come here, what should I tell her, I will say this is my room, please… no why am I requesting, I will say, you can’t stay here as this is my bed and I don’t want a woman sleeping on my room, no its so cheap, I can say, its my room, look Ishita, I can’t sleep with you, no… its looking really cheap to say. Ishita comes and looks on. She says I can’t stay in your room, we both won’t like it, I will sleep in hall after everyone sleeps. She goes. He says I was saying the same. He rests to sleep. Ishita sleeps in the hall. Raman wakes up and checks for AC. He feels hot and thinks where to go, all the rooms are occupied. Ruhi sees Ishita and says why is she here, dad would have done something. Roshni says let her sleep, we have to give them more time. Raman comes there. He says this is called heaven AC. He sees Ishita and says this is hell. He jokes on her and lies on the sofa. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

Raman pulling the pillow. Ishita gets up and asks what is he doing. He says I need a pillow. She asks him to sleep on the ground, he will get back, its for his good. Raman says its my house, my wish, I will sleep on couch, sleep quietly now. They argue. Ruhi and Roshni look on and smile. Roshni says Ishita and Raman are destined to be together, we don’t have to do anything. Ruhi says yes, I just hope that all their problems get solved soon. Roshni says this child will get them closer. Ruhi goes. Roshni thinks when I leave from here, they will look after my baby. She goes. Ishita sees Raman and smiles. Raman turns to see her. She acts to be sleeping. She controls her smile. He asks are you playing hide and seek, sleep, why are you staring. She says why are you staring, CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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