30th May Thursday Update on This is Love

Pihu insisting Raman and Ishita to play with her. Ishita agrees to join them. Simmi and Mihika see them coming. Simmi asks Mihika to see, how Ishita is playing games, she is using a little kid to get an entry here, she will make you out of here, you think she is a divine entity, no one will respect you, if you want this, you can see what to do. She asks Mihika is she listening, its time to save respect, get control on her, if this keeps going on, everything will end. She thinks I got a new pawn against Ishita, congrats.

Raman, Ishita and Pihu play. Raman wins. Pihu feels hungry. He says have your meal and sleep. Pihu asks can Ishita dine with us, please. Raman and Ishita see each other. Raman says okay, come. They smile. Neelu serves food. Pihu says I want to eat Palak paneer made by Ishita. Raman asks when did you had it. Pihu says you like it a lot, you don’t know she cooks palak paneer so well. Ishita says I took some for her when she was in hostel. Aaliya and Ruhi smile. Raman says we will order it. Ishita says I really enjoy cooking, I will make it, I need some help. Raman says Neelu will help you.

Aaliya and Ruhi call Neelu for help. Pihu asks Raman to help. Raman agrees. Raman and Ishita cook together. She thanks him for taking counsellor’s words seriously, Pihu looks relaxed and happy. She thinks Pihu is my daughter, I like to spend such moments with her. Simmi asks Mihika to see, Ishita is preparing food in kitchen, she can control the house, she will make Raman against you.
Mr. Bhalla also joins Pihu. He asks Mihika and Simmi to come for dinner. Pihu likes the dish. Aaliya comes and says great, everyone is dining together. Pihu asks Ishita to read bed time stories for her. Raman asks Ishita to stay back. Ishita agrees. Raman, Ishita and Pihu go to the room. Simmi gets angry. Ishita makes Pihu sleep.

Parmeet asks Simmi how can she let this happen. Simmi says I can’t do anything, Ishita can blame me for beating Pihu, I have someone who will never let Ishita and Raman get together. Raman says I don’t know why Pihu loves you so much. Ishita says Pihu is my daughter, I love her, so maybe she feels so attached to me. He says whenever I m with you, I feel this has occurred before, like playing carom, its strange. She smiles and says yes, just think why this happens, I will leave, you should stay with Pihu. She leaves. She sees the family pics and says they have ousted me from pics too, don’t know when will I return in this house. She cries.

Mihika asks are you leaving so soon. Ishita saks what happened. Mihika says I thought you will spend more time with Raman. Ishita says whatever I did was for your betterment, we will talk tomorrow, its late, everyone is sleeping. Mr. Bhalla comes. Simmi and Parmeet smile. Mihika goes after Ishita and starts scolding her. She says you have gone against me to support Romi, what was your problem if I got alimony, you had to support the man who cheated me. Romi comes and asks her how is she talking to Ishita. Mihika says you are blind, she is using you. She asks Ishita to prove that she is right, will she support her. Ishita says no. Parmeet says you did a good job Simmi. Mihika says I will see how you come back to this house.

Romi raises hand on Mihika. Mr. Bhalla stops Romi and slaps him. He asks him to control his anger. He asks them to go and sleep. He sends Romi out. Romi leaves. Ishita sees Simmi and goes. Simmi says so sorry, I had no idea that Ishita will behave badly, its good you have seen her true face. Mihika cries. Simmi consoles her.

YIts morning, Simmi tells Adi and Aaliya that Mihika is resting. Raman asks why did you not tell us. She says this is happening because of Ishita. Raman asks where is dad. Simmi says mumma will manage everything now. Raman says mum went to Patiala for some time, I will see dad. He goes to Mr. Bhalla. He asks him to tell the entire matter, he will sort out. Adi asks what, did Mihika say this. Simmi says yes, Ishita has hurt her. Mr. Bhalla says I m fed up, we will give Mihika the amount, I decided to sell our old house, we will get a good amount. Raman says no, you don’t need to sell the house. Neelu hears them. Mr. Bhalla says I think when we give money to Mihika, they will resolve their problems, don’t tell anyone about selling the house.

Ishita asking Neelu is Mr. Bhalla selling the house, I can’t talk to Raman, ask Romi to meet me. Romi comes to meet her. He says I will stay in my friend’s house, I can’t bear this nonsense. She says I want you both to sort it out, if anything happens to Papa ji, he wants to sell his ancestral house so that he can give money to Mihika, solve your problems, swear on me, you will talk to Mihika. Mihika comes and taunts Ishita. Romi asks her to shut up. Mihika says I have come here to talk to Ishita, we have no relation from now on, we don’t know each other. They all get shocked. Mihika says I will never forgive you for this, you have proved that your children and husband matter to you, your sister doesn’t matter.

Ishita says we were talking about Papa ji, not you. Mihika asks Appa and Amma will they support her or not. Amma asks her to hear Ishita once. Mihika doesn’t listen. Simmi smiles. Mihika says when Romi cheated me, Ishita didn’t say anything, now I m being blamed, why, isn’t this double standard, I don’t care what people say about me. Ishita says Romi did mistakes, do you want to make a mistake, you both love each other. Mihika asks who are you to constantly say this, you don’t interfere in my life, you have no relations with Bhalla family, Raman knows I m bahu of that house, he doesn’t recognize you, you are just Ashok’s mistress, you are nothing. Ishita slaps her. They all get shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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