30th May Thursday Update on Young Love

The warden saying that you can adopt Anuja after the formalities are done. One couple comes and claims Anuja as their baby. Anuja’s mom apologizes to Anuja saying I thrown you in the garbage. Anuja’s dad says, we are not married and that’s why Anuja’s mom vent out her anger on Anuja. When we enquire about her, we came to know she is here and requests the warden to return the baby. Shiv scolds the couple saying you did a big mistake and you should be ashamed of your act. Shiv asks the warden to call the police. Anuja’s mom pleads with him saying we are not married and it may effect the baby. Anandi tells Shiv that they are repenting for their actions. Warden says we have to get done the genetic test and then only we will give the baby to them. Anuja’s mom agrees to go through the test. Shiv asks the warden to enquire about the authencity of the couple claiming to be Anuja’s parents.

Warden says sorry and says, I will inform you if another baby comes for adoption. She says it would be painful for you as you had decided to adopt her. Anandi says I am happy for Anuja as she got her real mom. Ganga looks in the mirror and recalls Jagya’s words to get her check up done. Ganga says, Doctor saheb said I am looking weak. She thinks to eat iron tablets else Jagya will take her for getting the test done. Jagya comes and holds her romantically while praising her beauty. Jagya tells her that you understands me well. He gets closer to her. Ganga thinks I am going through a weak phase of pregnancy. I can’t go near him. She asks him to wait for 3-4 days. Jagya says I will sleep close to you in your embrace. Ganga feels sorry.

Sumitra asks Makhan Kaka to distribute the new born clothes to the people. Dadisaa stops her and asks, you kept this for Jagya’s baby. Sumitra says, there is no hope as Ganga can’t become a mother. Dadisaa asks her to have faith on Devimaa and says may be they will become parents. She asks her not to lose hope. Sumitra asks, did it can happen? Dadisaa says,anything can happen if we have faith. She says, I have faith on my Devimaa. Dadisaa asks her to keep it safe.

Meenu is cutting the vegetables and watching TV. She sees Pasha’s photo on the news channel. She comes to her room and compares Anoop photo with that of Pasha. Shiv reaches the commissioner office. Meenu eyes the photo surprisingly. Shiv is passing by Pasha and his mobile phone falls on the ground. Shiv bends down to pick his phone. Pasha keeps his hand on Shiv’s hand and blesses him indirectly. Shiv is surprised. Meenu makes beard on Anoop’s photo and is shocked to see him alive. Pasha asks Shiv, are you fine? Shiv says yes and says sorry. Pasha says I faced everything that I couldn’t feel anything. Shiv greets his colleague. Pasha is taken away by the army personnel.

Meenu cries happily saying Anoop is alive. Alok asks Anandi, did Shiv reached Delhi. Anandi says,yes. Ira asks about Meenu. Daddu tells her that vegetable was kept when I came here. Anandi serves tea to Mahi. Meenu comes running and says photo…She cries and hugs Daddu. Ira asks her to tell. Meenu tells Daddu that Anoop is alive. Everyone are shocked. Daddu says, how can it be possible. He left 25 years ago, he became a martyr in a fight. Meenu shows the sketch and newspaper photo. Daddu shows the photo to everyone. everyone get tears in their eyes with happiness. Daddu says, Anoop is alive. Alok says, Pasha is Anoop. Ira hugs Meenu and Alok hugs Daddu. Mahi cries happily hugging his mom. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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