31st May Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with the man giving papers to Ishita. She thanks him and goes. She asks Raman did he get his file. He says you did an amazing work, Jhansi ki rani. She asks Jhansi ki rani? He says I told this before. She asks him whom did he call this before, maybe his GF. He says don’t know and goes. She says I hope you recall me soon. Simmi says Raman and Ishita can’t help. Raman comes home and asks Mr. Bhalla what did he do, that house is mortgaged. They get shocked. Simmi asks when did this happen. Raman says I got to know this at registrar office. Mr. Bhalla checks the papers and says who did this. Raman asks Simmi does she not know about this, don’t worry, I will find out. Simmi says someone from family did this. Ishita says who can do this. Raman says don’t know.

Simmi comes and says I need to talk to you in private. He asks her to say in front of Ishita, dad trusts her. Simmi says I don’t trust her. He asks her does she have to say anything or not. She says I think Romi has stolen the papers, he has signed divorce papers and said he will arrange alimony. Raman and Ishita say Romi can’t do this. Simmi says we know he can stoop to any level for his motive. Raman says I will not leave him. He asks where is Romi. Romi comes and asks what’s the matter. Raman asks did you mortgage the house papers, yes or no. Romi says I didn’t. Raman says you did this to give alimony to Mihika. Romi asks why will I do this, who told this to you. Raman says Simmi. Romi scolds Simmi. They argue. Romi says Simmi and Parmeet are fooling you to get everything in their hands. Parmeet asks did I do this, you mean I have mortgaged the house. Romi says Parmeet has the papers. Parmeet says okay, prove it, I won’t let anyone insult me.

Simmi defends Parmeet. Parmeet says I want to know who did this, we will know this. Romi asks him to do whatever he feels like. Adi says wait….no need to ask anyone, I have mortgaged the house. They all get shocked. Romi asks what are you saying. Raman slaps Adi. He scolds Adi. Aaliya asks Ishita to stop Raman, Adi is saving her. Ishita asks you. Aaliya says I had mortgaged the house, I needed a loan, I got addicted to gambling. Ishita gets shocked. She says you didn’t share this with me. Aaliya says stop Raman, I will tell you everything. Ishita stops Raman. Raman shouts on Adi. Ishita says I will talk to Adi, he will give me the details. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita is right, we need to stop the person from doing registration on his name. Raman says I will talk to my lawyer. Ishita takes Adi along.

Aaliya says its not Adi’s fault. Ishita scolds her. Aaliya says sorry, I didn’t wish to do this, it wasn’t serious, I wanted to distract myself as Adi didn’t had time for me, he didn’t ask me my interested, my friends used to say my luck is good, I didn’t know I will get addicted, I had to borrow a loan, I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I m really sorry Adi. Ishita asks will anyone sort out by crying, you know your big mistake, Adi why weren’t you able to stop Aaliya. Adi says she promised me every time and did same thing, who could have I informed, you know the situation, Raman isn’t well, I have taken much loan and sold her jewelry too, Mani helped us in repaying loans. Ishita gets angry on them. Simmi comes to taunt Ishita. Ishita says I have to help children. She asks them not to discuss this with anyone. She leaves. Simmi asks them and doesn’t get any answer.

Shagun and Mani come to meet. Shagun asks is everything fine. Ishita asks her to ask Mani, he didn’t tell about Aaliya’s matter, how could he encourage it, Aaliya is into gambling, she has taken big loans. Shagun asks Mani why didn’t he tell her. Mani says I thought this matter has ended. Ishita says matter went out of hands, Aaliya has kept Mr. Bhalla’s ancestral house mortgaged. Shagun says I thought Adi has an affair, he was meeting that girl for money, why didn’t you inform me Mani. Raman and Romi come. Ishita says I need to say something.

Aaliya apologizes. Adi says we have to clear this mess, we can take Ishita’s help, come, stop crying. Raman says how dare they do this. Mani says please help me in solving this matter, think well, we need to unite. Ishita says they have realized their mistake, we need the papers back, we have to find a way. Adi and Aaliya come. Ishita says sorry, I had to tell them, they will also help. Aaliya says sorry. Shagun scolds her. Adi says my wife is in trouble, I will always be there for her. Ishita says we have to get the papers back. Aaliya tells her about her friend’s party where they can meet that man. Ishita and Shagun ask her to call her friend. Aaliya messages her friend and says she replied, she is sorry, she can’t invite me in the party, the party has a limited guests list, maybe they know I don’t have money to gamble. Ishita says I have an idea.

Simmi asking Mr. Bhalla to have food. She taunts Adi and Aaliya. They leave. Simmi gets angry. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi not to say so. Mihika says Simmi is right, you shouldn’t have forgiven them easily. Romi and Raman also leave. Ishita says we will execute our plan, Adi you have to get these things. He asks do you think this will work. She says yes. Raman and Adi leave. Aaliya come and tells about Simmi creating a nuisance. Ishita says we just have to do this. They leave. Amma thinks something is going on.

Mini talks to the guests and says I have surprises for everyone, enjoy. Romi and Adi take disguise and come playing dhol. Mini says I didn’t call for punjabi dhol, did they come at wrong address. Ishita and Aaliya take disguise and enters the party with the dancers. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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