31st May Friday Update on Young Love

Pasha saying I identified you and says we collided with each other naa before. Shiv tells his name as Shiv Raj Shekhar and tells his family member’s name as well. Pasha tries to recall after hearing Meenu’s name. Shiv says you are Anoop Shekhar, an army officer who we thought have died in the fight. Shiv asks, do you remember anything. Anoop is restless. Shiv tells Rajeev that he reacted on hearing Meenu’s name but then he couldn’t recollect anything. Rajeev says, he will recall everything soon. Alok calls Shiv and says, Daddu, Mahi and Meenu will reach army headquarters soon. Shiv says, I was thinking the same thing. Alok asks, did you meet Alok. Shiv replies, my meeting with him is one sided as he didn’t remember me and family. He has forgetten every memory related to us. Alok hopes, he will remember everything soon.

Dadisaa tells Bhairov that we will leave early morning. Ganga comes and gives her sweater and shawl. Dadisaa praises her and says you do before I think anything. Sumitra gives sweets, other things to Dadisaa and says if possible give it to Anandi. Dadisaa says, we will surely go to meet her. Bhairov says, I will call and inform her. Dadisaa says, we will surprise her.

Daddu, Mahi and Meenu arrives. Shiv hugs them. He asks them to come. Shiv, Meenu, Mahi and Daddu enters Anoop’s room. Shiv says, your family came to meet you, could you identity them now. Daddu hugs him emotionally and cries out of happiness. Anoop looks at him as if he is a stranger to him. Daddu asks, did you forget me son….Meenu bends down and touches his feet and asks him to give blessings saying I am your wife. Anoop is taken aback as he couldn’t remember them. Meenu cries and tells Shiv that Anoop didn’t recognise me and forgot everything. Shiv asks her to have strength and says he will remember everything.

Rajeev takes them to meet the army chief. He introduces them and says they have recognised him as Anoop Shekhar and they are his family. Chief says, we are happy that you have recognised him and asks for a legal proof for the identification. Meenu gives the marriage photo, his passport and ration card. Shiv says, I think this is enough proofs. Meenu requests him to let them take Anoop home. Daddu requests him saying I am not requesting as a common man. Chief says, I understand your emotions but we have to take permission of defense ministry and we have to give them a detailed report. We have to do DNA test and also other formalities. Daddu gets angry and says, my blood is flowing in his veins, why you need other proofs. Meenu asks, when we can take him home? Chief says, it can take 2-3 months. Meenu is tensed.

Doctor tells, Anoop’s report have come. He has many internal injuries plus he had been given high doses of medicines because of which he lost his memory. Chief introduces Meenu to the doctor. Doctor says, your presence can help in his recovery. Shiv says, we tried but. Doctor says, we have to have hope.

Meenu is talking emotionally and says why don’t anyone realises when he is about to kill someone that he is also someone’s husband, son, father etc. Daddu says, it happens in fight. Meenu asks, why can’t everyone live happily united. Daddu says, everyone doesn’t think like you. Whenever our nation needs a son like Anoop to fight back. Shiv wipes her tears and asks her to tell the tears that it is not needed in the eyes. He says, my chote papa has returned. Meenu says, he came but he didn’t recognised us. I will be happy when he regains his memory back. She fears, if she could see him like before.

Ira tells Alok and Anandi that we have been asked by Shiv to wait for DNA report to come. Dadisaa and Bhairov come, Anandi greets them and takes their blessings. Ira welcomes them and greets. Anandi says,you didn’t inform me before telling, Dadisaa says if we would have informed you then we could not see the smile which you have it now.

Anandi greeting Dadisaa and Bhairov. Ira asks them to sit and says we felt happy to see you. Anandi says, you didn’t inform me on phone that you are coming. Dadisaa says if we would have informed you then we could not have seen your smile which you have it now. Dadisaa says, are we guests to inform every time we come. Ira says, this is your house, you can come at any time. Bhairov says we went for darshan and thought to meet you while returning. Dadisaa gives the prasad. Dadisaa looks at the house and asks about other family members? She asks, did they went somewhere? Anandi says Delhi and Alok says Jaipur. Anandi says everyone have went to Jaipur and then will go to Delhi. Shiv calls Alok and says reports have come and it is medically proved that chote papa is a member of our family. Alok is happy and smiles. Alok breaks the news that DNA test reports proved him true. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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